Everyone knows the ordinary Japanese ninjas. With soundless shoes and surprising skills, ninjas will destroy anything in their path. But a new show on Nick is changing all you knew about ninjas. This new show is basically a teen action-dramedy that has begun two days ago.

It’s titled Supah Ninjas. Not Super Ninjas or Supa Ninjas or Superninjas, SuperNinjas or…you get the point. That Supah is only there to make it seem more gangster-like and “cool”, so it will attract more viewers. *Sigh.* Nick is so desperate these days…

This show is about these two pals named Owen Reynolds and Mike Fukanaga. But when Mike surprisingly finds out his destiny after an encounter with his dead grandfather, Owen and Mike turn into ninjas and fight evil and stuff like that…or something. The pilot episode premiered two days ago, and it’s not too late to hop onto the couch and see a rerun, hopefully. And remember, it’s changing everything you know about ninjas.

Catch Supah Ninjas on Nickelodeon before IT catches YOU…

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