If you’re a fan of Dan Gutman, especially if you’re younger, you’d love his My Weird School series. If you’re not exactly picking up what I am putting down, here are some titles:

This series follows A.J., Ryan, Michael, and even A.J.’s nemesis, Andrea, and her “crybaby” friend Emily, through a series of one weird teacher after another at Ella Mentry School. Miss Daisy barely knows how to teach second grade. Mr. Hynde raps. Mr. Docker got his hair caught on fire. The weirdness could not stop. My Weird School was acclaimed so much, Dan decided to give it a sequel series in 2008! This series is known now as My Weird School Daze with teachers as weird as…

Mr. Granite is actually an alien humanoid residing of the planet Etinarg. Mrs. Jafee gives their students tests underwater. The weirdness didn’t stop; it just evolved into bigger and bigger things. Heck, I wouldn’t be shocked if a film adaptation of this came out in 2013. But then, as 2010 ends and 2011 begins, Dan has decided to cook up ANOTHER new series called My Weirder School.

The only known working titles are Miss Child Has Gone Wild!, Mr. Harrison is Embarrassin’!, and Mrs. Lilly is Silly! You can find out about other forthcoming Dan Gutman books at Dan Gutman’s own site. The series, according to the site, is scheduled to be alive from 2011-2013.

A.J. is probably still a third grader like the rest of the cast, but look forward for publications of My Weirder School titles in the future!

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