Hey guys, guess what? I made a blog featuring two fails way back in summer 2010.

Well, would you ever know that it would return to fail again? That’s right. The sequel to The Fail BLOG Pt. 1 and the trigger of a new FAIL series on Sammwak, here comes…a wonderland of failures!

Like always, every FAIL post is dedicated to Fail Blog, dedicated to fails. Because the images I’m about to upload right now are powered by none other than Fail Blog, or anything else licensed to fail. But, before I tell you this, I have to warn you: the images you are about to see may or may not be recommended for those who don’t like knee-slapping, gut-busting, laugh-rising, uproarious, too-good-to-be-true, show-stopping, hilariously epic images (aka the Debby Downers). And each one of them contain captions that are AS JUST gut-busting, laugh-rising, uproarious, too-good-to-be-true, show-stopping, hilariously epic.

Oh, and each post has a certain theme the fails fit in. This post’s theme…none other than CARS!

Without further ado, keep a fail in your heart and on with the fails!

Yo dawg, I herd u liek cars so I put a car in ur car so u can drive while u drive...srsly.

You made Mr. T mad again, didn't you, Ralph?...

Get me out of this cavern or I'll cave in...no, really. The car's caving in!

Ohhh...THAT'S what you meant by carpooling?

The wheels on the car go...naw, they're too lazy.

I guess this wonder must come to an end. But stay tuned for more uproarious fails like these, and in February, I might just make another!

Sincerely yours,