Do you like chameleons? Do you like Johnny Depp? Do you like goofy CGI comedies? Fans and fanatics, meet the perfect blend of these three…

Johnny Depp portrays his literal first animated-comedy role as Rango, an aspiring chameleon fresh off the terrarium. He finds himself removed from American southwest surroundings and instead in an Old West town called Dirt, where every desert critter roughly adds to the characteristics of a Spaghetti Western. Rango’s always aspired to be the hero, so he establishes himself as the lawman, strolling the streets like it’s a sheriff’s business. But little does he know that the good guy role doesn’t go well here in Dirt, and if he ain’t seeing THAT coming, he can check out the cemetery full of good guys in Dirt…well, they WERE in Dirt. But Rango’s not quitting now, and he just wants to merge into his surroundings, no matter how much struggle unfolds. But at a certain point, Rango will come to question everything about himself.

Rango has Nick Movies, Blink Wink, GK Films, and Industrial Lights & Magic as studios, and the screenplay by John Logan, who has been reponsible for movies like The Aviator and such. This movie comes to life on March 4, 2011 and no, it will not be 3D. Sorry to bust a bubble, but maybe Gnomeo & Juliet would do better for 3D fans and fanatics.

Rango will be PG and a site is also already out, at If you still want more goods, wait for 10 days and eventually, your time will come. Jeez oh Pete.

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