Have you read the bestselling book Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Have you seen the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Have you read the book’s sequel, Rodrick Rules? Well, now…

…you get the movie! That’s right, fans and fanatics and super-crazy-psycho fanatics. Rodrick Rules finally has its own movie. In this sequel, as Greg enters seventh grade, he and his older brother – and chief tormentor – Rodrick must deal with their parents’ misguided attempts to have them bond.

And but of course Greg, Rowley, Fregley, Rodrick, Mrs. Heffley, Mr. Heffley, Manny, Chirag, Patty, and Coach Malone are reprising their roles as they did in the first film. Although, there is one new actress coming with the movie…yes, it’s a new female…

Has anyone seen this familiar face? This face belongs to none other than List, Peyton R. List. She’s starred in such movies and shows like Gossip Girl, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Now, she is portraying Greg’s new crush, the daughter of Heather Hills, Holly Hills.

But that’s not all! The trailer is out and it can be seen right here!:


Like Rango, this movie’s set to release in March. Late, late March. March 25, to be exact. So, if you’re wimpy but cool, start pestering your parents to get some good seats when March 25 comes!

You can even check out the site if you click HERE!

So I guess that’s all the beans I spilled and must spill. Wimpy kids out there, be on the lookout for more info on Rodrick Rules!

Sincerely yours,