I’m sorry that I haven’t released a Game n Vote in months’ time, but I’ll make it up to you with a load of new games for voting this week! The first one is a Cartoon Network that I truly enjoy. I even have a couple badges for it, too. This is for those who are fans of Regular Show.

The climax of the entire game, respectively.

So, you are Mordecai or Rigby, and you need to pick up enough trash (apple cores, pieces of paper, etc.) to proceed to the next level. But there are obstacles in your way that grow bigger within every level. At first, you’re stuck trying to dodge the lawn mowers. If you get mowed, you fall into a black puddle. But if you click elsewhere, you’re back up and running again. If you pick up 5 pieces of trash, you either receive a marble worth 50 (be careful, it rolls!), or–even BETTER–Skips. All you need is to collect the whistle to blow it, and Skips will zigzag through the entire landscape, stunning all of the obstacles (except for volcanoes).

If you have enough, you can even plant stink bombs, that detonate on contact with a lawn mower or unicorn and such. Yeah, unicorns are TOO obstacles. You can even get badges for this game, for there aren’t a lot. I can even list them:

A badge for clearing level 3.

A badge for clearing level 4.

A badge for clearing level 5.

A badge for clearing level 7.

A badge for picking up 100 pieces of trash.

..And a final badge for getting all the others!

If you want to play for these badges, log in (or if you don’t have a profile, GET ONE) and start picking up some TRASH! I can’t tell you MY username and password, but if you see Amusing Chip Shuriken anywhere, on the homepage, on Fan Talk threads…that’s yours truly.


Happy trashing!


So you’ve been defeated. Now, I got a couple questions to ask…

Check back for more Game n Votes throughout the week!

Sincerely yours,