Hey guys it’s Sam and I’m really honored about something. We’re already at 5.7 THOUSAND hits since April 2010! That means people are actually LIKING my blog and coming to view it more! So that’s a big honor to me and my blog, guys.

I’ve decided to start a book reviewing segment. Why? Because I FELT LIKE IT!!! And besides, I’ve been tearing down Google Books with reviews and I’m willing to repeat at my blog here. The first post is a book that isn’t too good, but is still a “Goosebumps classic.” Halloweeners and Halloweenies…

Attack of the Jack-o’-Lanterns was the forty-eighth horror novella in R.L. Stine’s popular and paranormal Goosebumps book series, released in October 1996. I bought this book from the local thrift store and believe me, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be. It’s about Drew “Elf” Brockman and her friends Walker Parkes, and twin siblings Shane and Shana Martin hope to get revenge on the pranksters of the neighborhood, Tabitha “Little-Miss-Perfect” Weiss and Lee Winston after they sabotaged two Halloweens IN A ROW for Drew, Walker, Shane, and Shana. It involves two pumpkin heads. But the pumpkins look a little too realistic and creepy with peculiar hisses and flames shooting out of their faces. Little do Drew, Walker, Shane, Shana, AND Tabby and Lee know that they are all in for the most frightening night AND Halloween of their lives…

First of all, the horror fiction is smeared, like it is in almost every book. And every chapter ends with something that seems frightening, but the next chapter shows that it’s just a prank or something. And the jack-o-lantern psychos aren’t all that scary. So they force you into a neighborhood of infinite trick-or-treating and force you to get more candy at every block. If it were werewolves forcing you into a neighborhood of monstrous creatures–THAT is scary.

Second, the horror is interrupted more likely by a douse of sweet humor. Usually this happens with all the horror novellas, but I mean like Halloween humor. For example, if you were to see people forced to eat candy, you’d probably laugh out loud. And you still would in this novella. You need to read the book to find out.

All I can say about it is: It may seem like the Halloween find, but Attack of the Jack-o’-Lanterns dims the horror and the features aren’t all that scary, and the narratives aren’t top dogs.

I’ll star it at 3 out of 5. What? Too snarky?

This has been a book review by Samuel Mwakasisi. Check back for more throughout February!

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