Hello, all and I’m starting a new segment that I was planning long ago, but scrapped. But now, I’m fishing it out of the trash and putting it here on Sammwak! This segment is “Pic of the Day”, a segment where I put up a humorous image, and request you to comment on it and vote on the polls for their opinions. Today’s pic is powered from annoyingorange.com, where you can get hilarious fan photos 24/7. This post’s pic of the day is…

This was a hilarious find because it was the perfect spoof of Plants vs. Zombies, but with a fruity twist! If you were as prone as me, you’d be doubling over. You would be LOL. You would be ROTFL. You would be LMAO. You would be ROTFLOL. You’d be OMGWTFBBQ by now. But anyways, if you’re as prone as me still, please do leave a comment about this image, because it was either this or Paranormal Fruitivity.

Also feel free to vote:

That, my friend, is the pic of the day. If I’m not too lazy, check back for a post every day. Because no opinion is the fact.

Sincerely yours,