Hello, fellows. It’s Sam and I have a second Pic of the Day for all! If you’ve seen the first one, you know the routine. See, Laugh, Comment, Vote, or the SLCV method. This pic is also powered by annoyingorange.com apparently, still the home of funny fan photos 24/7. Like it wasn’t BEFORE…

Without further ado, we give to all of the aspiring hungry desperate viewers…


Remember those Wazzup commercials with the wasabi and Bonsai tree and stuff? Well, take a magically good film and mix it with the simple “Wazzup” and out pops Wazz UP! Also add a slight pinch of Annoying Orange.

Are you LOL? ROTFL? LMAO? ROTFLOL? Well, are you? Because you can always leave a comment to tell me whether you enjoyed the humor or hated it. And also feel free to vote in this poll. Don’t be fearful to cast your honest opinion:

Well, I guess that was the Pic of the Day fellas. Run along and check back tomorrow for a fresh-squeezed Pic of the Day!

Sincerely yours,