Hello kids and adults. Kids, have you successfully made waffles or cereal? Parents, have you successfully made scrambled eggs or pancakes? Congratulations! You’re both cooks. But you can’t just hop into a five-star restaurant, learn how to cook ambrosia, and become a five-star chef. To become a top chef takes years of practice, I bet. For aspiring parents who want to upgrade cooking skills, Food Network is the place to go. Food Network has lots of shows where all you do is cook, like Barefoot Contessa, Ten-Dollar Dinners, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. But also, a good percentage of Food Network shows are cooking competitions, like Chopped or Next Food Network Star. There’s one cooking contest on Food Network, and I praise the Lord that it’s still airing. Why? It’s not just a cook show. It’s a FUNNY cook show. It’s when two celeb chefs go neck-and-neck in hopes of demolishing each other’s team to bits. Cooks and chefs, welcome to…

Burnt omelets, too much vinegar, undercooked chicken, oh my! In Worst Cooks in America, twelve of America’s actual worst cooks are taken, split into two teams (red and blue), and put to the test for Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine (of the 2nd season) to see who will evolve from rowdy kitchen zeroes to righteous kitchen heroes. And who will remain…the worst cooks in America.

This show is a perfect combination of cooking, competition, and comedy. Is there anything funnier than watching someone light their stove on fire, or watching someone give themselves an overdose of oil? Worst Cooks in America has it all, and it has been since January 2010. You can grab some popcorn, slump on the couch, and laugh so hard soda ricochets out of your nose! What’s not to love?

I guess this post is worthy for both kids AND adults, again.

Sincerely yours,


p.s. Happy cooking, cooks and chefs!