Everyone can’t forget last night’s Super Bowl XLV. It was bit more outstanding than expected (especially to me), but it was still just a football game. The Packers are now the champions of the 2010 season, while the Steelers sit in the corner and eat their Pops. We don’t all have similar tastes (or do we?…), so how was the Bowl in your opinion?

Didn’t everybody love the HALFTIME SHOW now? Even though my dad was constantly ranting on the Black Eyed Peas’ performance, saying stuff like Fergie can’t sing, it wasn’t too bad after all. But then SLASH had to pop out of the ground and start playing “Sweet Child o’ Mine” (if you’ve played GH2, you’d know that song). And then Fergie just has to start singing. Not to be snarky, Stacy, but I think Axl should stick to his recording.

And then everyone can’t get enough of the Super Bowl commercials for some reason. Hey if you want to go and vote for the best one, you can…

But enough mishmash, let’s rate their performance!

I hope this was a good party, sporty fans! Now, check back for more sporty posts about sporty events like the next Olympics or the 2014 World Cup!

Sincerely yours,