Hey guys it’s Sam! Sorry I haven’t been on Sammwak lately, but luckily I have some good reasons…:

1. Schooling. Doesn’t spelling homework ALWAYS get you down?

2. Reading. Trying to finish The City of Ember, and Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles (the spinoff series). Also, I must make daily entries in my Diary of a Wimpy Kid do-it-yourself.

3. Procrastination, or just plain laziness.

Now, I got a big break recently. I finally went to Celebration! Cinema to see one of the most dazzling sci-fi movies I’ve seen…wait, it’s the ONLY sci-fi movie I’ve seen! Fans, The Game Has Changed.

Tron Legacy was a rather impressive sci-fi flick and a worthy sequel to the 80s film Tron, which even got its own 3 video games! In this eye-popping adventure, Sam Flynn loses his father Kevin (CEO of ENCOM International) in 1989. 20 years later (aka 2009) Sam becomes ENCOM’s controlling shareholder after his dad mysteriously vanishes. In spite of this, Sam treats his company like a big joke, even pulling a prank on them. Way to go, Flynn!!

Sam is later on urged to investigate a strange page from Flynn’s arcade. While exploring that arcade, Sam finds a computer lab and unintentionally transports himself to the Grid, a virtual world inside of that computer. The Grid is populated with programs engaging in gladiatorial games to the deaths, but Sam is much rather a User.

Enough mishmash, question is: In this world where deaths and other consequences are around the corners, can Sam make it through disc wars, Lightcycle battles, and more complications to finally rescue his captured father?

This movie was much more of a sci-fi comedy, because if you have lean eyes, you’ll find some lean hilarity in this. Honestly, this movie was surprisingly far from perfect, but it’s still around the accepting line somewhere. Here is one thing I was outraged about:

  • Programs? DINING? AND DRINKING DRINKS? REALLY?!? You might as well just feed them holographic meatloaf and holographic wine!
  • SO WHAT you read Jules Verne, Quorra! There’s more to life than science-fiction, okay?

The movie wasn’t all that bad overall. Language, I guess, DOES get dirty about four times. But the film score was recorded by Daft Punk, and WHO CAN SAY NO TO THAT?

Also, Tron: Legacy toys are out at stores for purchase. It’s not just a game, fellow programs and Users.

I guess that’s all I have for you guys. Goodbye now.

Your User,