Hey guys. Now, you know there is that extremely gruesome fighting tournament, Mortal Kombat. Well, guess what? There’s ANOTHER tournament that is pretty gruesome, but not so gruesome blood spatters out of every punch. I mean it’s just gruesome, 5 out of 10 gruesome. This series has been alive since late summer 1987. It is a tournament to determine the greatest fighter of the world in a battle of sweat, tears, but no blood. Fans…are you the Street Fighter?

You may not be desiring to become the greatest fighter on the face of Earth, but these ambitious dreamers are. Meet Ryu (pronounced ryoo, ry-yoo, rie-yoo, etc.), the Japanese hero who is the main character of the entire series, possibly along with American rival friend Ken. Meet Vega, the Spanish ninjitsu bullfighter who refuses to be blemished. Or Chun-Li, the Chinese girl who has superhuman legs. At 23 years old, Street Fighter is still in search of the perfect fighter…and they have a new game out to prove it.

Super Street Fighter IV is the most recent installment in the series, the updated edition of 2008’s Street Fighter IV. If there’s one thing SSF4 has, it’s new/recurring characters. Those who were lost amidst SSF2, Alpha, and SF3 return in this game, as well as two new Final Fight men from their Alpha iterations.

But there’s also the lady that’s actually making a DEBUT (first appearance) in this game from fan requests. Fans and fanatics, meet Juri Han, the nasty and evil new villainess working for Seth at S.I.N., Shadaloo’s weapon division. She is the first South Korean character, as well as the first true villainess, of Street Fighter alone. That’s a first.

The second new character is the Turkish Yagli gures wrestler, Hakan. Yagli gures basically means oil wrestling, which is wrestling while drenched in olive oil. Yeah, it’s that bizarre. If you want specific looks of this guy, you can either look him up on Street Fighter Wiki, OR…

An arcade version has also been announced, with some extra tweaks, along with the appearances of Hongkongese twins Yun and Yang. Evil Ryu and Oni are also secret bosses. Also, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is soon to release for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. And WHO CAN SAY NO TO THAT?

Super Street Fighter IV is available for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 otherwise. You can even stop by GameStop and pick up the pre-owned version for $25, or if you’re a real cheeky one, you’ll hitch on the new version for $30. Hey, if the critics say it’s EPIC, it’s EPIC!

Later, gators. In a while, crocodiles. See you soon, raccoons.

p.s. I can’t let you go NOW! Take the time to listen to some EPIC tunes from the OST!