Hi, guys. Sorry about my little hiatus/break. I’ve just been plain dumb lazy along with a Science Fair project. That’s right, fans. I’ve finally put the S of SAM back into SCIENCE.

Well, I’m a little late. But, what the hey? HAPPY FAT TUESDAY, GUYS! Ah, the great old day to celebrate fat and gaining it prior to the fasting season of Lent (you’d know that if you actually went to church), the season from Ash Wednesday to Easter. I personally did not celebrate it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a quarter of you. Maybe I shouldn’t even ask and use polls:

But the real specialty of Fat Tuesday is…WHAT DID YOU EAT THAT MADE YOU FATTER? Mardi Gras isn’t Mardi Gras without the fat that makes the day special! Maybe you totally wrecked McDonald’s for a heavy burger bonanza! Or maybe there’s the possibility it was cake and donuts all day for you! Don’t bombard me with comments, bombard this poll instead:

You CAN however, comment me about YOUR Fat Tuesday, and allow me to see how epic getting fat was! Not that I’m saying you should follow like yo mama, but as a heavy, heavy apology for being gone so much, I’LL bombard YOU with NEW POSTS this weekend and week! AND WHO CAN SAY NO TO THAT?

Get ready for hilarious jokes, juicy news, and even a video game review! All that and more at Sammwak, where the 24/7 epicness BEGINS…

– Sam