Hey guys it’s Sam and as you know, I haven’t really been to the cinemas since Tron: Legacy. And I don’t feel like it either. Well along with the new movie Beastly, there’s another computer-animated western comedy that I’ve already made a post on…

Yep. That’s right, spaghetti Western  junkies. That pesky old chameleon Rango is now in theaters in his own movie of the same name, and now that guy’s blowing up, and by blowing up, I mean “Whip My Hair” blowing up. Critics are raving this thing, even Rotten Tomatoes with a 88% rating! He’s even in the newspaper in the Movies section under the article There’s a New Sheriff In Town, And He’s a Rootin’-Tootin’ Reptile. And only the most worthy movies get in there. But here’s the thing that is a total tick-off…it gets its own game!!! And along with its Shaky Shooter on Nick.com, Rango may be blowing up in a little too much places. Oh, but here’s where the real jealousy builds…IT GETS AN ONLINE GAME!!! I know what you’d say about now…LUCKY!!! But seriously, is THIS worthy enough of both a video game and an online one?

Okay maybe it is, but what do YOU say?:

AND check out this cool featurette showing what they did to set in the actors! Plus, it’s in HD! When has Clevver EVER let us down?