Hey guys it’s Sam and I’ve decided to start my own other segment on Sammwak! Also, have you heard of Know Your Meme? It’s this cool place on the Interwebs where you get a thorough description of Internet memes, like “Shoop da Whoop” and the Keyboard Cat. Well, it’s also talked about this Internet meme that grew and sparked on the 4chan board where it got its attention. It was in this animated comedy TV series in the 90s (1995-1997, to be exact). It was called Freakazoid!, or a longer title, Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid!. That’s right, Mr. Spielberg created this show along with Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Man, that show had stuff like fourth walls, slapstick, parodies and surreal humor, even pop cultural referencing. And for a show about a superhero, that’s pretty epic.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why is an Internet meme supposed to be a SHOW?” Don’t worry, it’s NOT. If you got some good eyes, you saw that this meme is IN the show. And it’s so dangerous, I can’t even utter its own name. So, I’ll refer to him as __________.

Now, __________ is a villain in the show, a supernatural one with a burlap sack over his head. No wonder he’s called the Bogeyman. He resorts to abducting anyone who dares to say his name and roping them up. (That’s the meme!) So that’s why everyone’s fearing this dude. It’s like Voldemort, almost; no one dares to speak HIS name.

But, this is pretty whack, but this guy’s weakness is PIE. No lie. Just PIE. So, the meme is that the user says __________’s name, but then stops typing mid-sentence, implying that __________ captured them! Here are some examples of such usage:

“Who is Candlejack anywa-”

“All these Candlejack jokes aren’t fu-”

“Candlejack. There, I said it, and nothing ha-”

“Candlejack’s gonna need a lot more ro-”

See? It’s terrifying. It’s funny. It’s TERRIFYING. So, now that you know for the day, in grave caution: When you’re ever in the Freakazoid! world, DON’T SAY __________!!!

But it’s nice to say Candlejack NOW, since he doesn’t even exi-

– Sam

p.s. Check out Know Your Meme’s Candlejack page here, but proceed with extreme cau-


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