Hey guys it’s Sam, and I need to ask you a question: did you catch the 2011 Nick Kids’ Choice Awards last night? Vote right now, no exceptions, no hesitations:

As you see here of Johnny Depp, Favorite Movie Actor, bombarding the crowd in slippery green slurp, it really was a HOOT full of orange, green, and–I got to say–MORE GREEN! But don’t get sad and envious quite yet! You wanted the KCA 2011, I’ll GIVE you the KCA 2011 through some HANDY HIGHLIGHTS! (Please, thank me later, fans.)

  • SpongeBob SquarePants continues its unconquerable streak as Favorite Cartoon through its eighth consecutive win since 2003! Now THAT’S a fair and “square” win!
  • We all wonder what the next iCarly episode’s gonna be called*…how about, “iWon Again”? The cast took home their second blimp for Favorite TV Show since 2008! Talk about tangled in the web!
  • Suite Life star Dylan Sprouse continues his streak as Favorite TV Actor through his fourth consecutive win since 2008, destroying both Joe AND Nick Jonas! Sorry guys; maybe next year! 😛
  • Despicable Me (miraculously, over Toy Story 3) takes home the blimp for Favorite Animated Movie! Maybe that will encourage Gru to finish his Shrink Ray!
  • The Karate Kid claims the blimp for Favorite ACTUAL Movie! As Jaden himself said at the ceremony, “Never say never!”
  • Like eating black eyed peas for dinner? Well, what if they took home a blimp for Favorite Music Group? Because that’s exactly what happened!
  • Justin Bieber’s hit single, “Baby”, as well as Justin himself, win for both Favorite Song and Favorite Male Singer! Talk about double trouble!
  • Miley Cyrus admits in the pre-show, Countdown to Kids Choice, that’s she’s NEVER been slimed at a show! Come on, Miles, just one drop?

There were also plenty of musical performances. Don’t worry, I got those on lock too!

  • In the pre-show, Victoria Justice performs her Victorious single, “Beggin’ On Your Knees”. Coincidentally, a Victorious episode of the same name premiered right after the big award show!
  • Big Time Rush performs their song, “Boyfriend” with Snoop Dogg, but right after the performance Snoop gets a shower of raining slime! Hey, anybody have a sponge for scrubs?
  • Willow Smith is lifted up high over the crowd singing “21st Century Girl”, and whips her hair afterward!
  • Train performs “Hey, Soul Sister” in the pre-show–rather coincidental, since it was also a nominee for Favorite Song!
  • The Black Eyed Peas start up the crowd with a medley of “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “The Time (Dirty Bit)”, and also have Jack Black sing “I Gotta Feeling” through a choreographed dance at the beginning of the show!

And there is always that big and memorable SLIME STUNT! This year, Jack Black’s 14-ft-tall KCA monster truck, aka “baby”, got driven off a ramp, launched over a gigantic Nick blimp, and landed into a sea of slimy green slurp! But I just make it look interesting because I’m a professional blogger at most. But, luckily, if you want to see it, be Nickelodeon’s guest!

First Katy Perry, now Heidi Klum getting the slimy jack-in-the-box pwn!

Catch the final slimedown that left everyone soaked in green!

Catch the juice as Jeff Sutphen, host of BrainSurge, meets the 21st century hair-whipping girl!

Po the Kung Fu Panda, you know better than to interrupt the KCAs!

And, just for laughs, who wants to see the Olsen twins go out in a blaze of goo-lory at the 2004 show?!?!?

Check out this cool gallery of gooey pics and more!

What a great and gooey way to end the show!

If that envelope could talk, it'd say to Heidi, "You just got PUNK'D!"

Willow, I'm not exactly sure how you can whip your hair like that...

Love that blimp all you want, Miley...just make sure you don't eat it!

The Statue of Karate!

She may be all white, but she's no milkmaid!

Jim Carrey serves some peace after taking the slime-bath like a champ!

The B.E.P. got a new band member...jack.i.am!

What should the next BTR episode be called?...How about, "Big Time Orange Carpet"?


Of course, there’s a lot more juicy goodies, but it’d take you HOURS to read them all! Catch them on Nick through this specific link! If you want more KCA wins, click here!

Well, those are some pretty natural highlights, eh? Okay, NOW you can thank me. Just let it all in. Because you’re welcome. Like Ben Franklin said himself, “Well done is better than well said.”

Yours truly,


p.s. * Speaking of the next iCarly episode, get ready for next Saturday! The brand-new episode “iOMG” premieres on April 9, 2011! Could Sam be in love with Brad, Gibby, or–possibilities, people!–FREDDIE?