Hey guys it’s Sam and I have some great news coming out for ya! It’s incredibly big, and it happened just yesterday. Yep, it’s pretty darn recent. It’s already the talk of the town now. Here are some good hints for ya: Big…electronic…gladiatorial…Daft Punk!


That’s right, fans. The science-fictional must-see of the decade is now on DVD, Blu-Ray, and even digital download! Also, a 5-disc box-set called The Ultimate Tron Experience contains the digital, Blu-Ray, DVD, and Blu-Ray 3D copies of the movie, alongside the 80s predecessor itself, Tron: The Original Classic in collectible packaging. The Tron 2-Movie Collection also has all this but not in collectible packaging. There’s also a 4-disc box set also produced with the Blu-Ray 3D. Also, Tron Legacy is packaged as a 2-disc combo pack with DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as the single-disc DVD version. It will be released as a digital download in high-def or standard-def including editions with or without the extras.

And, one thing else. Do you all love Disney XD? Zeke and Luther, Kick Buttowski, stuff like that? You’re probably asking me, “Sam, why are you talking about Disney XD when Tron Legacy is on DVD?” Well, viewer(s), I’m talking about this subject because a preview of the 10-part animated series, Tron Uprising (coming soon to Disney XD), is featured in the home media release! I bet THAT’S the answer to your question, hmm? :/

Another bonus piece in the Blu-Ray editions is The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed, explaining what happened after the end of Tron Legacy, A maybe like an epilogue. Disney Second Screen is also alongside the piece. The movie will become the 2nd Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release in Disney Second Screen, a feature accessed through a computer or iPad app download that adds additional content as the user watches the movie.

Are you pumped for Tron Legacy NOW? Find DVD or Blu-Ray copies at your local store, like Best Buy or something! Go figure.

– Sam