Hey guys, it’s Sam back from a long, rough computer ban! (Don’t ask why.) Sorry for being absent otherwise, but I have a juicy post in store for YOU! And–I can’t help it!–I LOVE TO DANCE! I’m a dancer. I got the dancing parasite, and there’s only one cure…busting moves! And, according to the city, that’s why people bought the Kinect.

You know why? People, including me, were hype for the new game Dance Central and its first jump into full-body gaming. People already proclaim it the best game of its kind. But there’s also this other new video game coming out. A video game that makes the second jump into full-body gaming. I can’t say it all now, but here’s one thing–it’s a real experience!


That’s right. Michael Jackson: The Experience is the next gas station on the road of the Kinect’s brand-new full-body dancing formula. It’s playable for the Kinect, the Wii, the PSP, and even the DS and PS3. It got mixed to positive critical feedback, and contains a bunch of Michael Jackson’s plentiful hits, such as “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal”, and “Dirty Diana”. Every launch of the game will even come with a replica of Michael’s sequined glove! Who wouldn’t want to dance without his glove?

I’m also mad for one part. You know why? The Experience thinks the Kinect is some joke! I have proof!

  • In the Kinect edition, you play as some weird ghostly dancer with some weird ghostly backups!
  • In the Wii edition, you actually get to BE Michael Jackson with REAL backups!
  • In the Kinect edition, you’re only limited to one player at a time!
  • In the Wii edition, you get to go up to FOUR players!
  • In the Kinect edition, you can sing along to songs!
  • In the Wii edition, you can actually PUT UP the lyrics!
  • In the Kinect edition, the sensor tracks your whole body!
  • In the Wii edition, it tracks you, but PUTS YOU UP in your own MJ video!
  • The Kinect edition was developed by Ubisoft Montreal!
  • The Wii edition was developed by Ubisoft Montpelier and PARIS!

See what I mean? The Wii is trying to beat out the Kinect. I know! It’s revenge for poor sales and a defeat to the Xbox 360! It’s simple math! And another thing is that the Wii version is already out RIGHT NOW and has been since November 2010! The Kinect version is still “hanging in there” until this coming Wednesday! How unfair is that? Looks like we’re going to have to protest to Ubisoft Montreal. This, my friend, is why.

And I’m going to end this war once and for all. YOU will vote for your favorite version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, and we’ll see who gets the supremacy! (You may want to deepen your experience on YouTube. :D)

We’ll come back to declare the real experience! The impostor will crawl on its belly and eat dust for all the days of its life! 😡 (What, I can’t talk Bible?)

With all due respect,

Sam the Decider

p.s. Did you know that in the DS version, there’s a PIRATE VERSION? When this is detected, the game won’t display any notes and a vuvuzela sound loop will play with the music? The case was finally cracked within 24 hours of release. Talk about WORLD CUP FEVER! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ;D