There were those times where adult TV simply lacked entertainment. I mean, who wants to see jewelry anyways? But then it got a huge boost nearing the 2000’s and in the 2000’s. It ranged from brain-dead comedies to tearjerker dramas, from eye-popping science-fictions to the horror film we now call reality shows. I’d call it the adult invasion. And one of the channels in this great invasion were the National Broadcasting Company, more commonly referred to as NBC.

Launched July 1938, NBC has ever been the channel of adult television that’s “more colorful”. Broadcasting shows like The Biggest Loser and The Office, there is no time when NBC isn’t entertaining. And a newly-aired show has just begun on that network. It’s a cooking competition, yes. But here’s the whimsical new concept: Contestants have to pitch in THEIR concepts in hopes of being invested. And if they’re lucky, their concept will become America’s next great restaurant, opening in 3 cities across America: Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York City!

Some ideas are actually pretty worthy, like the classical meatball cuisine, grilled cheese, and woods, wings, and waffles. But others were just plain frightening, like the idea of a drug store cafe.

The investors are “burger connoisseur” Bobby Flay, Australian celeb chef Curtis Stone, Chipotle founder Steve Ells (You hear that? There would be no Chipotle if it wasn’t for this man!), and chef Lorena Garcia.

Here’s a list of some of the remaining contestants on ANGR:

  • Joey Galluzzi of Brooklyn, NY for Saucy Balls. No one can resist the fine taste of meatballs, and that’s what Joey G.’s implying on. Inspired by Gramma’s meatballs, Joey will stop at nothing to have his concept invested. But will that concept really go far when he insists on the classic “gangster” concept, even going so far to try to get a prop gun for a photo shoot? And will Joey’s meatballs be lucky enough to get tasty immunity?
  • Sandy DiGiovanni of Kansas City, MO for Limbo/Sinners & Saints. Going with the angels-and-devils kind of concept, Sandy garners a creative way to sell food. For example, a Monster Burger on the sinner side, and a turkey burger on the saint side. Will her angels and devils fly their way to immunity?
  • Stephenie Park of Chicago, IL for Compleat/Harvest Sol. Hogging up the sun-ripened foods in her restaurant, Stephenie serves up a rather Mediterranean competition for contestants. But will she harvest the immunity of tonight?
  • Sudhir Kandula of New York City, NY for The Tiffin Box/Spice Coast. Earning immunity in the fourth episode, this New Yorker is ready to make customers put their money where their mouth is! Running the classic Indian restaurant, can Sudhir’s spices blaze on over to immunity?
  • Jamawn Woods of Detroit, MI for W3’s/Soul Daddy. Sticking with the Motown-like soul food concept, this fashionably fair fellow is about to kick up some delicious foods! But will his style, sync, and soul boogie him to immunity?

The show is only up to its sixth episode, airing tonight at 8:00 at NBC. And, honestly, this is actually literally more like a comedy than a cooking contest. Yep, there are some pretty epic Fails on here. But here’s a “taste” of what to expect:

Be on the lookout for more ANGR as well as the sixth episode premiering in 21 minutes on NBC!

Yours truly,