Hey guys it’s Sam, and do you know how there are those animated movies no matter how hard you try, you just can’t forget? Let’s take The Lion King as an example. A drop-dead Disney classic, a critic’s love at first sight, and an award-winning score from Hans Zimmer. Let’s go with an example a little more recent. For instance, another Disney success, Up. A down-to-earth heartwarming adventure that had critics on their feet. But now, in 2011, another revision of a classic animated movie is coming this month. Here are some hints: It’s black, white, and AWESOME all over!

Ska2oosh! From the success of 2008’s martial arts action comedy Kung Fu Panda, comes the return of awesomeness in 2011: Kung Fu Panda 2. Picking up where the original left off, Po is now a kung-fu master fighting to protect the Valley of Peace alongside Master Shifu and the Furious 5. When a new shadow of evil arrives in the form of an emperor albino peacock named Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), here to take over China with a treacherous weapon so powerful it threatens the art of kung fu itself, Po and the Furious Five set out to vanquish Shen with the help of four other masters in kung fu. But first, he must confront his own mysterious past in order to find the succeeding strength.

Jack Black returns as Master Po, and Angelina Jolie revises her role as the Master Tigress. Jackie Chan is back as Master Monkey, and Charlie’s angel Lucy Liu returns as Master Viper. Seth Rogen, the BOB Blob, is back as Master Mantis. David Cross and James Hong revise roles as Master Crane and Mr. Ping. Some newbies in the cast are Michelle Yeoh as the Soothsayer goat, Victor Garber as Master Thundering Rhino (the second Javan Rhino behind Kung Fu Panda‘s Commander Vachir), Dennis Haybert as Master Storming Ox, and Danny McBride as Wolf Boss.

Kung Fu Panda 2 is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (I’m actually not joking on that “Yuh”), produced by Melissa Cobb (who grows movies, not corn), and written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger (they’re just waiting for you to take a bite out of the movie). With music from the returning team of the legendary Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception, Rango, etc.) and the not-that-legendary John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon), this kick-butt action comedy is set to release tomorrow in Real D 3D and digital 3D! 😀 But before you get all wound up, check out a few promotions:

“Adventure Gets Freakin’ Awesome” trailer in HD

“Kung Fu Staring Contest” trailer in HD

“Super Bowl Spot”/”We Will Wok You” trailer in HD

So, I guess pandemonium begins tomorrow. The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it. If you shall complete your training, use your Zen skills to claim some tickets for some good seats of the premiere. If you shall watch it, and cast a negative or positive vote in thee’s poll, some Blogger Points lie ahead.

Ticket Take – Get tickets for the premiere, and watch the movie. Bathroom breaks or refills do not count, because thee is so nice. (15 BP)

Negative Nancy – Some fans have hearts of gold, while others have hearts of cold. Cast a negative vote in thee’s poll, and this demerit shall lay ahead on thee’s path. (20 BP)

Positive Patty – Some fans have hearts of cold, while others have hearts of gold. Cast a positive vote in thee’s poll, and this shall replenish you on your path. (22 BP)

Average Abby – Some fans have hearts of cold, hearts of gold, and hearts that are just in between. Cast an average vote in thee’s poll, and this thumb to thee side, and this shall give you a clearer image on thee’s path.

Well, I’m gonna stop talking Zen talk and display this poll after you’ve had a tummy full of popcorn.

Wait…am I forward in time? The movie hasn’t come out yet, and I’m asking you how’d you like it! Well, I guess today is Thursday instead of Wednesday, and it’s the 26th, not the 25th. So I’ll see you guys next time on Sammwak yesterday, which of course will be today.

– Sam

p.s. Here are some fighting facts:

Did you know that the concept for a “kung fu panda” was around since at least 1993, although work on the film didn’t begin till 2004?

Did you know that Kung Fu Panda was originally going to be a parody?

Probably for inspiration for his Kung Fu Panda film score, did you know that Hans Zimmer even traveled to China to “absorb the culture” and get to know the China National Symphony Orchestra as part of his preparation?

😀 😉