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Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

Hey guys it’s Sam, and as you know, I’ve already expressed my interests in the Street Fighter series. And just yesterday, my brother found these videos, and displayed them for us. And I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. So impressed, I actually got MAD when the last video ended. They were from Thousand Pounds Action Company (whoops. Thought it was Action Comedy.), a pretty darn good stage fighting team that released a handful of stage fighting videos that actually looked like the real thing (Pfff. That’s what stage fighting’s SUPPOSED to do.) So today, I’m sharing with you, the videos that I marveled at and loved, and guarantee that you will too. The series features a first video, a second (“Femme Fatales”), and a third (“Final Round”). “Femme Fatales” scooped up the most views with over 1,000,000 of them. Video one would go second at over 800,000, and ‘Final Round” last with over a poor 400,000. Remember…no gore intended. đŸ˜‰

WARNING: Rated  T for Teen for kinda-inappropriate content, language, alcohol reference, and violence.

And since we FINALLY made it to over 27,000 hits, I’ll throw in an extra to give you thanks for your commitments…

So, how are those flying fists, corrupt kicks, and superior smackdowns to you?

Well, as the French say: see you later on Sammwak! Stay in school, don’t do drugs, scream at the sky, and shampoo a squirrel.

– Sam

p.s. Locate the company at ThousandPoundsTeam@gmail.com.

p.p.s. Look forward to my Super Street Fighter IV review coming soon!

p.p.s.s. Why are you still looking at my postscripts? The post’s over!