Hey guys, it’s me again, Sam. I know that I haven’t given you a chance to delve deep inside the iPhone lately (my most recent time to delve was the kitchen carnage), and now that I’ve gotten my hands on a certain app, I can be able to tell you about it. Over 3.1 million copies of this game have been downloaded to date! And it also features a 1.1.1 version! This will change the life of IQ forever. The app is none other than the brain-teasing Glow Puzzle.

The tenth level provides a challenge that isn't too fair and "square."

No need to take an IQ test now! A brain-stretcher from Nexx Studios, Glow Puzzle requires super keen intelligence, as you try and make your way through a neon shape continuously, without reusing any paths you already took. It may look like a simple premise, but the gameplay is awfully hard and complicated even for the top-notch puzzlers. I got my brain cracking around the third level, and even for a smart guy like me, this game is nothing close to that of GD Swarm. They might share the same blackened environment and be illuminated with bright color, but their premises tear them apart at the seams. However, it does have Solutions for stumped players, and it’s iOS 4-supported. Here are some forthcoming features for the game:
– ‘Retina Display’ graphics – Completed
– iPod music support – Completed
– Universal app (iPhone 4, iPad) – 40% completed
– OpenFeint and Game Center Achievement – 80% completed
– Puzzle theme option – Completed
– Improved animation effect
– Level editor – In development

While all of those sum up for a thorough and enticing app, there is also a huge downside. This game is heartbreakingly cheeky from its head-spinning puzzles, and would not be a recommendation to anyone who lacks some strong intelligence. And I love a good challenge, but Glow Puzzle took it way too far. And to date, I remain baffled of how it received positive feedback. >:/ And how it got on peoples’ Androids? And Windows 7? Lies, I tell you! They’re ALL lies!

Someone trying their hand at Glow Puzzle.

Although it does boast some pretty good features, Glow Puzzle‘s final verdict is a 3 out of 5. And on the chart, that’s a Bad. ­čśŽ No one wants a Bad app. So if they ever do release these new gadgets, or even a sequel to follow, maybe Nexx Studios can pick up their pace, slap themselves a few times, and start impressing us.

Well, that’s all from Sam today! (Awwww…) Hey, calm down, guys! I’ll be releasing them every other day, starting today! (Yay?…) Which means I won’t be that lazy anymore! (YAY! :D) Hah! Don’t you just love scheduling posts?

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p.p.s. Ha, you fell for it again! Heh heh…:D (If you don’t get the joke, then go back a post!)