I’m a good fan of Mario, I have to say. I play his games, I marvel at his success. So I usually follow his site full of fun Mario-oriented games from time to time (mariogame.info). And I looked at this one game on that site, and I wondered at it. I thought of how I could put that into a Game n Vote. But it just wasn’t enough, so it had to “evolve” to the all new Gamecritic. (It’s like Game n Vote, but we get critical. >:D) So, here it is…my next post of gaming and voting, with today’s game, the demo v0.7 version of Super Smash Flash 2.

A sequel, I guess, to the game Super Smash Flash (which I never really saw on the site), this game continues its online remaking of the Super Smash Bros. series, with a lot of characters from the original, as well as some new familiar faces on and off the face of Nintendo’s work, like introducing Goku from Dragon Ball. With basically the same moves and abilities from the video game series, Super Smash Flash 2 also has awesomely illustrated fighting arenas, mostly even from the original series itself, allowing you to train and face off against CPUs. All of these make pretty good feats for Super Smash Flash 2 to boast about…so I kind of enjoyed the game at these elements, but I didn’t love it. Why?…because down at the deep core of the game…it has its flaws.

  • Loading up audio, and extra resources, will take forever.
  • Not a lot of characters to enjoy. Okay, so it has two more fighters than the original (14), but not enough, plus the newbies.
  • Speaking of newbies, why do sucky newcomers have to come and kick out old favorites? Captain Falcon and Luigi are gone towards a bunch of Japanese wannabes? SON, I AM DISAPPOINT.
  • Not a lot of experiences to endure. Then again, it is the demo v0.7 version!
  • Visuals overall can be a little sketchy.
  • Importing data takes about five seconds before you can actually import something!
  • Controls are awfully hard to get used to, causing an awfully steep learning curve. It took me minutes to try and get good with Kirby. It should never take me more than 10 seconds to do so.
  • No story mode?!?! Unacceptable! You can’t just have your characters popping out this way and that without some good backstories to cover! Even if it is just the demo, you should have a good background or two. And I don’t mean arenas.
  • The game only lets you train in Solo! And it won’t let you out when you get in, which is also a bad habit the game endures!
  • No multiplayer Brawling?!?! Sure you can have Brawl alone, but you can only verse CPU fighters! What if you feel lonely and need to verse a friend or three? Nope! This demo isn’t letting you do that!
  • The voice acting is terrible. Like, terrible. Mario sounds like a Brazilian teenager, while Kirby’s voice could compensate with a four-year old.
  • If you have this game on highest volume, music will blare.
  • Lack of innovation, good innovation, is what the game deeply suffers. Sure there are plenty of new characters, but are they worthy of fighting with? To me, not really.

This is the supposed beta of SSF2. I thought it was a rigged version of DBZ Budokai 3.

See what I mean? Those are a little too much flaws, if you ask the average blogger. But do you want to suffer the pain I had to endure? If you’re still skeptical, you can. If you aren’t, you can just skip over the following link below….


Not-so-happy fighting!


Told you so. You rolled the dice, now you paid the price. Express yourself….

Sonic has a nose for looking good in front of the camera.

My final verdict for Super Smash Flash 2 is a “Poor” 4.0. I swear, I’d recommend the original series alone rather than this mishap. “Though it has superior fighting and beautifully crafted arenas, Super Smash Flash 2 suffers from almost everything otherwise, like a small roster and a lack of experiences.” Now it’s your turn to vote! And we’ll see what “voter score” awaits this game. And let’s also see what demerits this disappointment deserves.

Bad Sequel – Games are routinely the only medium in which the sequel is better than the starter. But when games want high hopes for this merit, tweaking good controls to bad and adding one or two unworthy moves won’t be enough. When game makers really blow it during production, they earn our “Bad Sequel” award.

Steep Learning Curve – This game just takes way too much effort to crack.  Perhaps a better tutorial or a softer difficulty slope would’ve helped out.

Bad Controls – It can differ to overly hard control to overly unresponsive abilities, but something in that controller/joystick/whatever is so jacked up, that you just might want to say, “Controller/joystick/whatever, meet wall!”

Disappointing – The ordinary mediocre game can be shaken off in a matter of time. But when games really don’t live up to the potential markets, gamers, and retailers alike, they earn this demerit for their trouble.

Looooong Load Times – There are some games that take so long to load everything, that you might as well put down the controller/get up from your computer and go make some lunch. Make me some…seriously, I’m starving.

Shallow – Some games make up the “negative extreme”, and others reach new lows of that negative extreme. When it just varies to mashing the same thing for a couple minutes, or having to repeat every action from start to finish, you might be playing a Shallow game.

Bad Voice Acting – You never know what comes out of a game’s voice roster. Are you going to play with some wannabe has-been who turns in lines with the enthusiasm of a hospital patient on his way to surgery, or with a chipmunk that sounds like Barack Obama? Games that receive this demerits have one, if not more, cases of bad voicing.

Busted, Broken, and Bland – The 3 B’s that cast the darkest of shadows upon games obviously shipped in unfinished states. Maybe a patch will come out of nowhere and fix the situation, but maybe it will be tarnished that way forever.


– Sam

p.s. Check back for more Gamecritical posts throughout the rest of the week! 😉