Ever since Nintendo was founded in 1889 at Kyoto, Japan, they’ve been responsible for the crafting of electronic goodies…as well as infectiously memorable heroes…that have shaken the world of video gaming itself. Some examples of hit Nintendo characters are Mario from the series of the same name, Kirby from the series of the same name, Link from The Legend of Zelda, and Samus Aran from Metroid. Some of Nintendo’s bestselling consoles are the Entertainment System duo (NES and SNES), the Game Boy saga (regular, Color, Advance) and especially the rather recent Nintendo DS saga. (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS) And after the release of the Nintendo Wii five years ago, destined to break the record for the bestselling console, Nintendo hasn’t been up to anything dealing with main consoles (just selling handheld after handheld)…until now. The Wii has really been sagging in sales and likings, victimized by the success of the Xbox 360 Kinect. But as you know, that console resembles the word “We”. As in “A good time we had with this console” or “The fun we endured with this console”. And strangely enough, Wii is right in the name of Nintendo’s new console. :/ Nintendo fans everywhere…from the coast of the Golden State to the faces of Japan…welcome to the Wii U.

Also known by its codename, Project Cafe. Even I don’t know how this snapped in CEO Satoru Iwata’s brain. They said they chose “U” for their new console. But not only is it just that. Is it unique, maybe even utopia? You bet it is. This is the beginning of Nintendo’s 1080p HD graphics providing. And yes, the new controller is touchscreen. 😀 You can do everything–and I mean everything–with the new Wii U. You can video-chat with it. You can transfer it from the TV to just yourself. It supports games with Wii peripherals, like the regular Wii Remote and Balance Board. You can draw on the Wii U (via uDraw). You can use motion to control with the Wii U. You can still stay fit with the Wii U. You can take aim, play across the controller and the TV, browse, share, the list goes on. See I told y’all you can do everything with the new controller.

The size of the Wii U is approximately almost 2 inches tall, almost 7 inches wide, and 10 1/2 inches long. Some video output formats are composite, HDMI, component, and S-Video. It has speakers, a camera, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, an HDMI out port, a Sensor Bar power port, and many other ports. If you want that translated in English, it has lots of electronics. 😉 Sorry to bust your bubble, but the Wii U isn’t scheduled to hit stores until next year. But until then, let’s see if Nintendo can win back the success and likings that the X360 and PS3 are heavily stealing!

Super Mario with your own Miis?...our prayers are getting answered!

But what’s that I hear? Some Wii U titles are already underway? 😀 Some games to expect when you hitch up your Wii U are the fourth and currently untitled Super Smash Bros. game, the second sequel to 2001’s Pikmin (Pikmin 3), and a treat from Traveller’s Tales…LEGO City Stories. There’s also a whole other list full of third-party titles out there, shown with clips taken from PS3 and X360 versions. 😉

So let me clear up my message again: “Nintendo fans everywhere…from the coast of the Golden State to the face of Japan…be looking forward to the new console…made just for U.”

With all due respect,