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Daily Archives: June 19, 2011

Hey guys it’s Sam, and as you should know, I provide lots of YouTube videos here. And I also like scavenging randomly and absentmindedly on other videos. People make plenty of crazy videos on YouTube, many supported by some famous whatchamacallits: the green/blue screen chroma key, a huge whatchamacallit in the entertainment industry, making you appear someplace like the Oval Office without actually going there, and Adobe After Effects, the biggest whatchamacallit for surreal moments like bullet hits or explosions. Well, YouTube is mostly not only for celebrity gossiping, but for people’s entertainment. And they have reached that milestone greatly. That’s why I’m launching a new segment on Sammwak based on the cool videos I find on everyday YouTube. In our pilot, you remember the 5.3 million hit-wonder of Justin Bieber getting smacked upside the head with that “water bottle”, right?

Well, some YouTuber named BartBaKer took that footage, and Autotuned it into a remixed song! It’s only gotten past 4.2 million views with over 25,000 likes, but I think it should go higher. Can we make that happen? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

Like the videos? Then like this post down below, please! (d^_^b)

And don’t forget to check back for more YouTube Treasures on Sammwak! Want one of your top ROFLCopter videos (ones that make you ROFL) on my next post? Comment me your suggestions, and you could be responsible for the next YouTube Treasure!

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p.s. Justin Bieber was never hit with a water bottle at all. That “bottle” was actually a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and a T-shirt wrapped in Christmas paper, according to BartBaKer. πŸ˜€

p.p.s. Happy Father’s Day to any daddy out there reading this! Baba siku ya furaha! (Swahili) Feliz dia del padre! (Spanish) Padre felice del giorno! (Italian) Heureux pΓ¨re de jour! (French) May YouTube bless you and shine upon you every day you live, and give you peace. Amen. πŸ˜‰

p.p.s.s. The post isn’t over yet. Since these pesky videos wouldn’t cooperate with me up there, let alone in a whole group, I’m gonna have to put one down here. These were made by the channel FunnyOrDie (I have a microscopic knowledge of them.) and they might be the feature of the show! Today, Bieber stars in the best five seconds of the world, which sparked more than 6 million views and 10,000 likes!



Hey guys it’s Sam, and after an experience with my brother’s iPhone last night, I took a look at the list of achievements, and got a little inspired. Like a literal light bulb was lit over my head. And I’m here today to share that idea, inspiration, or “light bulb” with you today! No, despite the title, it is not another look iNSiDE the iPhone. (but stay tuned for those on Sammwak! :D) It’s something even better…a whole list of achievements for the brain-munching iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies to not only feed on the taste of success, but on more blogger points! If you don’t have an iPhone, then…pffff….just invest in $428.00! πŸ˜‰


boldfaced – ones from the real iPhone version

Note: Not all of the achievements. And sprinkled with the Sam Mwakasisi Loves This (SMLT) seal of approval!

Home Lawn Security – Complete adventure mode. (30 BP)

Spudow! – Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine. (5 BP)

Explodonator – Blow up ten zombies with a single Cherry Bomb. (15 BP)

Morticulturalist/Master of Morticulture – Collect all forty-nine types of plants (including those from Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies). (25 BP)

Don’t Pea in the Pool – Complete a daytime pool level without using Peashooters of any kind. (20 BP)

Roll Some Heads – Bowl over five zombies with a single Wallnut in Wallnut Bowling. (20 BP)

Grounded – Complete a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants. (25 BP)

Zombologist – Discover the Zombie Yeti. (15 BP)

Penny Pincher – Collect thirty coins in a single level without letting one disappear. (18 BP)

Popcorn Party – Defeat two Gargantuars with Corn Cob Missiles in a single level. (22 BP)

Good Morning – Complete a daytime level planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans. (20 BP)

No Fungus Among Us – Complete a nighttime level without planting Mushrooms. (18 BP)

Last Mown Standing – Defeat the final zombie in a level with a lawnmower. (15 BP)

20 Below Zero – Immobilize twenty zombies with a single Iceshroom. (24 BP)

Flower Power – Keep ten Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level. (16 BP)

Pyromaniac – Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies. (18 BP)

Lawn Mower Man – Kill ten zombies with a single lawnmower. (16 BP)

Chill Out – Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you’ve got a level to destroy 3 Bobsleds, it’s Jalapeno time! (20 BP)

Defcorn 5 – Build five Cob Cannons in a single level. (16 BP)

Monster Mash – Crush five zombies with a single Squash. (24 BP)


But that’s not all the achievements! Check back this week for more brain-dead accomplishments, and more ways to get a full plate of blogger points! What…what’s that?…well, you don’t say! πŸ˜€ You want a couple more achievements just to fill your stomach? 2 more achievements, coming up, with a special side serving of two tablespoons of the Sam Mwakasisi Loves This (SMLT) seal of approval!

Blind Faith – Complete an extremely foggy level without planting Planterns or Blovers. (28 BP)

Pool’s Closed – Complete a pool level without using water plants. (25 BP)


Check back for the humor that fans loved, the achievements that zombies crave, and more on Sammwak, where E = Β mc2 is my formula for awesomeness!

– Sam

p.s. Help donate to the Inside iPhone Fund to help raise money, power, and courage to make another delve inside the iPhone. With your subscription, we can change the world. Every action starts a chain reaction. One million begins with one.