Hey guys it’s Sam, and sorry for the delay, I am back from my trip and have been getting smitten over my new laptop! So now, I don’t have to wait so long for my sister in order to reach you! And today, we’re digging up another YouTube treasure! (if you didn’t see the last one, click here!) And this comes in a whole series of really awesome videos! Calling all children out there…you probably know your reactions to the funniest YouTube videos! Well, what if you evaluated how kids (from youngsters to teens) reacted to videos, from viral ones to YouTube stars? That’s what the Fine brothers’ show, Kids React, is all about! Watch them with videos from the classics, like Keyboard Cat and David After Dentist, to ones like the creepy Snickers Halloween commercial and Freddie Wong, and that guy you saw the other day teaching you the Double Dream Hands dance. It has a chronological series of eighteen videos, and I’ll show you half of them! Here goes…

And if you thought those were hilarious, there are actually nine more of them left to see! 😀 Next time these guys appear, we’ll see their reaction to the 8-bit cutie Nyan Cat, the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 trailer, and more! And if you like these videos, subscribe to the Fine Bros to see new videos first and like this post, please! I guess that is all for today! Goodbye from Sammwak (check back Friday for a new treasure, mateys!), and remember: Stay in school, don’t do drugs, share a cherry with a chipmunk, give a monkey a shower, and butter an ant.

– Sam

p.s. Hey, you thought this post was over? HA! You’re wrong, bub! >:) No one’s going anywhere until you see the latest video released today!