OMG, I have a great breakthrough to announce! Sammwak has finally made it to over thirty thousand hits since April 2010! I thank every viewer out there for the support and time put into reading my blog, inside and out, and I especially thank my family and closest friends for endless courage and motivation. 😉 Without all of y’all, there would be no Sammwak. And you’ve been there for me so much, I’ve decided to give you a special treat.

Will you remember where you were the day my blog hit 30,000 hits? At a restaurant, getting chow? At the arcade, dominating at Pac-Man? Or plain at home, watching TV on a couch with a bag of potato chips? And I’m very, very, very excited to announce something that will change Sammwak forever! Better than fried chicken and ketchup! Better than chicken nuggets and honey!…I’m launching a second blog!

That’s right. A new blog will be launching, and it’s called My Life As Fick! It depicts the life of home school student Ficklesberg D. “Fick” Bananabrains (the D stands for Dimwit), 10 years old, as he makes entries in his “diary” from his own perspective, tracked on the blog as posts. When he needs to make a tough decision, it’s your decision to vote for the answer with polls! He has a Dalmatian named Buster, who lives his own cool life driving his Ferrari to his doghouse. Read Fick’s misadventures as he deals with friendship, love, betrayal, and more on his new blog! Check out the big premiere on July 1! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Check out Fick at! If you’re ever looking for a one-stop shop for hazardously hilarious humor, Fick’s blog is the place to go! The early blog catches the laughs! A patriotic July debut that will independently change the face of WordPress forever.

Don’t miss it!

– Sam

p.s. Remember the URL!: 😉