Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve gotten into a little curveball on blogging schedules. I haven’t exactly been up with schedules to date. Why? Because I’ve been sick. With Bieber fe–no, seriously. I’m not joking. My nose is running like the Niagara, and my throat hurts more than an iron maiden torture device. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating on that, but I’m under legitimate illness. (Take a pause to sneeze) Sorry.

And since the 2011-2012 school year has begun, Sammwak is falling under its biggest shadow….one post a week! Sorry folks, but what a father says happens. And to think that I released five posts a day when I started this blog. So starting today, Sammwak is breaking down to one post a week, and one post only. Still really sorry. But you can still check back to Sammwak every Monday for “more where that came from!”

– Sam

p.s. This blog was shown to some of my aunt’s hospital workers, and they don’t believe that this is by just a 10-year old! Fight the power of the writing curriculum, baby!