Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve just recently got my hands on another juicy Nintendo Power issue for more buzz from there to here! It talked about upcoming excitements such as the 25th Sonic anniversary reunion with modern and classic, Sonic Generations, the third Olympian battle between speed and style, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and an old 3DS revisit to a classic in-your-face ninja adventure, Shinobi.

Sadly, that’s not what I’m entirely talking about (which doesn’t mean I’m spilling no beans at all). There’s always one page in every NP issue in the “Pulse” section that looks at the fans instead of the games. This page is called “The Score”: what Nintendo fans think, want, and do. Racked with percentages or opinions from fans, this page has some pretty surprising juice on it. Check out this page from last month’s issue:

If you’re not a fan of tiny print, I’ll break it down to you. Did you know that:

  • 40% of people first played Ocarina of Time on the N64?
  • The most people selected gray as their primary N64 controller color?
  • 48% of fans played the original Super Smash Bros. for over 2 days?
  • 32% more of you like Polygonal Mario over Paper Mario?
  • 44% of you know the DK Rap?
  • According to a pie chart, people think the best N64 wrestling game is WWF Wrestlemania 2000?
  • 14% more of you think that repeating days in LoZ (Legend of Zelda): Majora’s Mask was pure genius?
  • 2% more of you (against Super Mario 64‘s percentage and GoldenEye 007‘s percentage combined) think that the original Ocarina of Time made the most lasting impact?

See, I told you it was fascinating. Here are a couple of fan-determined facts from my Score…

  • The best way to fly is by raccoon tail (Super Mario Bros. 3) according to 46% of you.
  • When asked which 3DS virtual console game library was the most anticipated, fans decided that the Game Boy Color‘s library was the most anticipating.
  • 89% more people would be a Koopa, for a Bowser lackey, instead of a Goomba.
  • 58% of gamers hoard RPG items instead of using them frequently.
  • People believe that they could go either way when questioned if Pilotwings‘ Wuhu Island should return in future games.
  • Speaking of Pilotwings, people say the best in-game vehicle is the plane. Duh.
  • A surprisingly tough 53% of you play horror games with the lights off
  • 36% more people think that the power glove Link acquires in A Link To The Past is better than the NES peripheral’s.

And now the beans that you’ve all been wanting me to spill….new upcoming games more exciting than you can shake a tail feather at!

Mario, my dear plumbing friend, I'm not a toiletologist, but I recommend you don't step in that.

Link had his time to shine in 3D this year with Ocarina of Time 3D, so what about Mario? Don’t worry. He has a great new 3DS adventure of his own, now officially entitled Super Mario 3D Land. Flying into stores November 13, this game mixes itself into classic 2D side-scrolling Mario games, and modern free-roam 3D Mario games. Wikipedia describes: “The game offers a number of traditional Mario items, such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman, along with new power-ups that bestow a special suit onto Mario that grants him new abilities. Some revealed power-ups include the Super Leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3 which allows him to turn into Tanooki Mario and attack with his raccoon-like tail and float in the air, and the Propeller Box, which acts similarly to the Propeller Block and the Propeller Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, allowing Mario to reach high places.” Does it sound juicy enough? This game features a 3DS autostereoscopic technology that bestows players with depth gazing at the screen. Although it’s a band fit for one man, look forward to this game as something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Straining yourself choosing between green eyes or potbellies? Traditional platforming or unbridled speed? Well, with the 25th anniversary of Sega’s fast-n’-famous hedgehog, you don’t have to choose. We’re going back in time while still staying in the future with Sonic Generations, where modern and classic speeds of sound reunite. Sonic and company get sucked into a “time hole” during their 25th anniversary celebration, scattering everyone across time. As Sonic begins searching for his pals, he stumbles upon his old 1991 self that made the Genesis so popular, Classic Sonic. The two race through history to find their friends and mend the time stream. But this isn’t just a 3DS-exclusive..it’s also heading for the Xbox 360, PS3, and even the PC. Are you feeling a need for speed across 3 eras in 20 years of adventure (Classic, Dreamcast, and Modern)? Do you want to see your idolized hedgehog skateboard? Do you want to get your money’s worth after 6 months of announcement? Then this is the game changer for you.

If there's one warrior who can make a seriously Chinese entrance, it's Samurai Jack.

And if there’s one game this year that will have you singing a different toon, it’s Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion. Busting up retail stores on the 8th of November (although the 3DS edition was released at the start of June 2011), this game may literally be the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe of the animated kiddie world…except everyone’s from the same company. Crossing over characters from the boss to the confusingly accepted, such as Samurai Jack (pictured above), the Powerpuff Girls, Chowder, Flapjack, Ben “Ben 10” Tennyson, and Dexter from his laboratory. The plot is so ridiculous and confusing, it hurts my brain trying to decipher it all on this post: but to make a long story short, the Announcer decides to watch Cartoon Network on a day off, but he realizes that all these shows are facing utter destruction. When I first saw this game, I was mad out of my wits. I was so angry, I made a bull in a rodeo look gentle. It was because there were no new (and actually important) people that had just started their lives on Cartoon Network. Mordecai, Rigby, Finn, Jake, all off the roster? Son, I wanted to sue Papaya Studio. But discovering that they were actually going to return for the Xbox and PS3 editions, I decided to cool my jets a little. And why does everyone love parodying Super Smash Bros. now? First Super Monkey Ball 3D included Monkey Fight, now this stealing the original format? And there’s still not some sort of interactive law against this…


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