Yes, it’s finally come, folks. The big part of the year I’ve been nagging at you all month for. This is the first-ever-5:00 premiere (opposed to our usual 1:00 timing) of Sammwak’s second annual Halloween special! Last Halloween, I barely gave you any spirit. But in 2011, I’m totally gonna make your bones quiver! Carve your pumpkins, buy your candy, and change your underpants…this holiday special is about to begin.

These dogs really know how to choose their food fashion.

As a fact I stated in our 2010 special, Halloween was started during around the 1880s. Since then, the entire world has given up this one day to doing things like trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, playing pranks, etc. What am I going to be doing? Celebrating my best of the best friend’s 7th birthday, rationing out my stash of fall harvest party candy, stuff like that. And lots of channels are celebrating Halloween by releasing creepy episodes. Disney Channel has been celebrating “Monstober” since the start of the month, and Cartoon Network’s animated shows are releasing at least one scary episode. I saw Regular Show‘s, and it is surprisingly awesome.


  • Make good invites for people. An attention-grabbing invitation will encourage them to come.
  • Afterwards, make a guest list. A good party has a capacity of a good twenty people.
  • Decide the snacks, party favors, and drinks. It’s a good idea to be willing to include cake.
  • Decorate your house, but make it good. Any old papier-mâché ghosts or stuff scrawled on paper simply won’t cut it, and your party will be a total bust. Buy your own decorations that are creepy and cheap…they’re cheapy.
  • Make sure your food is prepared before people arrive. If half of your capacity is already attending the party and you only have a bag of pretzels willing to be eaten, the party-goers won’t have much of a strong appetite, and the chances they might hoof it will rise. Make sure you got food, and food that guests would want to eat.
  •  Try and dress up in a costume yourself. If you host a creepy Halloween party in just a shirt, khakis and a cardigan sweater, you’ll be the center of the audience, yes, but not in an entirely good way. You can leave out this tip if you want, but if you want to blend into your surroundings, try and buy your own costume. Don’t make it too scary, because you might leave a visual scar if half of your attending guests are kids.
  • Tidy up the house. I don’t mean to sound like I’m quoting something your dad would probably say inside your room, but a good party has a clean atmosphere. If your guests are noticing junk like empty bags of Doritos behind the couches, or colonies of dust bunnies, you, and your party, will probably look like a slob.
  • Decide where, when, and directions. This is the most important part of a Halloween party. Don’t tell your guests unsure sentences like, “Uh…I honestly don’t know”, because this is the biggest chance that they’ll bail out. Maybe hand out flyers of your party, and have every necessary detail on them, location, date, and address. This makes sure that they’ll know where to come, why they’re coming, and the time they’re expected.
  • Is the party going to be outdoors or indoors? Another important tip. Make sure if your party is going to be out or in. And make sure everybody gets the same information, because people will be arguing if they get different info. If you plan to have an outdoor party, set up tables and chairs. If indoors, set up stuff like food and décor.


You’re Invited – The simple phrase that makes an invitation an invitation. This phrase sets the tone and lets people know, instead of jumping out and slapping them across the face with other detail. “You’re invited” is merely what an invitation cannot lack.

Where, When, and Why – Another essential invitation detail. Attending guests need to know where they’re going, why they’re headed there, and when they’re expected. Without these details, your invited guest will be more baffled than a half-brained kid taking a MEAP test. Also, be on the safe side and put your number on your ads if guests don’t have invitations, because they gotta reach the host/hostess somehow.

(optional) RSVP – Translated from the classic French phrase repondéz s’il vous plaît, RSVP means “reply please” or “please respond”. This is so that guests can respond to you with “Yes, I can come” or “No, I cannot come” as a response.


  • Adam K. Horowitz, also known as the Beastie Boy, King Ad-Rock or just Ad-Rock. This some-of-everything man (music, acting, producing, guitar-playing, and rapping) came from New Jersey from a mom named Doris and a play-writing father named Israel. Beginning his musical passion in the punk rock band, The Young and the Useless, he became the Beastie Boys’ replacement guitarist in 1982, when the original one quit. He has been a piece of the pie since, although he has an epilepsy diagnosis and a 5-year marriage with riot grrrl artist Kathleen Hanna. He is celebrating his 45th birthday today. Happy birthday, King!
  • Robert M. Van Winkle, also known as Vanilla Ice. This extreme athletic rapping home improvement TV personality pioneered Billboard chart-topping songs with his timeless summer 1990 single, “Ice Ice Baby”. Currently signed to Psychopathic Records (do mass murderers rap there?), he began hosting The Vanilla Ice Project since October 2010 (that’s his home improvement show), and has even survived his own suicidal attempt, as well as surviving a major 3-year fame fall. Today he is turning 44. Happy birthday, Ice!
  • Willow C.R. Smith is turning 11 today. Better known as Willow Smith, or mononymously as Willow, she encouraged the music junkies of pre-Halloween 2010 to whip their hair like 21st-century girls. The song was only number eleven on the Billboard chart, but it’s been part of meme lore ever since. She’s also dipped her hand into the jar of acting, starring as Robert Neville (played by her own father)’s daughter in I Am Legend and also as the hobo jungle resident Countee in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Happy birthday, Willow! And make sure to whip that hair real good!
  • Sir Peter R. Jackson, known for directing all 3 Lord of the Rings movies, alongside the 2005 revival of King Kong, is turning 50 today. To me, 50 is a big number of age, but the 50-60 area is recently the most prone death area. No offense, Sir Jackson (I’m not a fortune teller), but just be aware. This New Zealander scored global attention by churning out “splatstick” horror comedies such as Bad Taste and Braindead. I’ve seen a little of one of his movies, and all I have to say is: Awesome directing, Pete. Although sometimes he did slip under the line, such as with The Lovely Bones. No offense, but happy birthday, Sir!

The Grim Reaper, the angel of darkness. Or should I say, the Grim Ripper (in this situation), an old-school Guitar Hero.

Anyway, I’m hosting Sammwak’s first-ever Bone Chill test: Think you’re strong enough to outdo these horrifying pictures? Prove so by taking a long look of horror at these pictures of terror from the video above. After you’re done screaming, please vote in the poll and determine which picture is the scariest…

Done screaming? Want to know what these pictures are of? These are all characters from different Cartoon Network animated shows: from left to right, would be Gumball from his amazing world, Hi-5 Ghost from Regular Show, Marceline from Adventure Time, and Festro from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. You can see all these pics excluding Festro in the video above. Now, it’s time to vote!

Pretty good Halloween special so far? Not if I show you this hilarious video from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, starring Festro and his amazing bonehead trying to determine if “Hmm” means everything’s cool, or everything’s cool. (weak amount of views. But then again, it was released Oct 7.)

And have I told you that YouTube may be turning into 3DTube? I was watching a Regular Show video with the ability to be converted into legit 3D…but you need actually lame red and cyan old-schooled glasses to pull it off. (*groan*) Unfortunately, that video got deleted before I could show it to you. (*double groan*) But fortunately I’ll dish about a couple of games that are releasing this era of the year. (*triple gr….wait, what?*)

  • Spider-Man: Edge of Time shot its spiderweb at retail stores on the 4th, and it’s depicted Spidey like never before: across the face of time. From the modern Spidey to the Spidey of the future, Peter Parker’s trying to keep future events from occuring, while the Spidey of 2099 is trying to fight for his life while keeping his preceding hero out of jeopardy. (Wii, DS, and N3DS.)
  • The horrifying dance craze began in 2009 when Ubisoft totally took the Wii’s motion controls for granted with the first Just Dance game. Then it somehow returned to retail store shelves last year with Just Dance 2, and now, they’ve finally moved onto the X360 Kinect and PS3 Move sensing controls in Just Dance 3. Some songs on the list include B.o.B’s “Airplanes”, Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, and the classic hip-hop groove, “Everybody Dance Now”. Wii and Kinect owners can already stock in on the game since the 7th, but PS3 owners will have to wait until the very end of the year (12/11/11, specifically) to get their share. (Wii, PS3, and X360.)
  • The word “Sim” has been part of life-simulating lore since 1989 introduced the SimCity series. Then EA evolved that into the Sims series, each main entry getting several additional games known as “expansion packs”. Now, The Sims 3 has gotten its fifth expansion, The Sims 3: Pets. What seems to be based off the 2006 disaster of The Sims 2: Pets, the game introduced chances to raise pets from dogs to horses. Will you raise your pet in a peaceful and gentle state, or will you live in the garden with your pets, after having your house destroyed?
So that’s my amazing new celebration, coming to an end! Speaking of which, come back October 31, 2012 for our 3rd Halloween special! And come back the same day on 2013 for our 4th, 2014 for our fifth, and so on. Anyway, do you have some Halloween-like ideas and stuff? Tell me and I might put them to good use one day!
– Sam