Hey guys it’s Sam. I know what you’re probably thinking: “Uh, Sam, you’re supposed to come out with a new post every Monday.” Well, if I break those own rules that I wrote (your argument is invalid), then you and I know that something is very important. And it is. After one unsuccessful blog on Blogger, I have mustered the power to make another one. And I like the way it turned out, and when you see it, you’ll like it even more. That’s right…I’m starting a new blog off WordPress turf! Let us all celebrate!

My new blog is officially called Media Monster, and it’s about—you guessed it—everything media! It’s like Sammwak, except strictly about media, like how Wii Play Games was strictly about games. I call myself a Media Monster since I just tromp onto everything media-related, like a beast! Now, completely under my structured control, my blog has:

  • A blog archive
  • A small peep at my profile
  • A list that tracks every daring follower
  • A counter of hits/popularity
  • A search engine powered by Google
  • A weekly poll
  • A list of my tastes
  • An official “powered by Blogger” logo

If you think that’s a lot, tune in every Saturday (may vary depending on the schedule) and see that you ain’t seen nothing yet! The URL is sam-mediamonster.blogspot.com, and that’s all there is to it. Give me some thumbs for a fresh new blog! d(^_^)b

– Sam

p.s. My new post on Media Monster: