Hey guys it’s Sam, and if you remember the stuff I keep forgetting about but then unexpectedly revamp later on, you wouldn’t be surprised that I did that exact thing with YouTube Treasures. The last post I made in that series was probably, like, summer 2011. Summer 2011! And as a gift of apology, I’ve decided to bring one of our most beloved series back with a new and hilarious subject. If you love the geniuses behind CollegeHumor, wait until you see their next creation…

Link went through all eight dungeons, losing and finding new hearts, and going through a heck of a lot of Octoroks, just to find out that Zelda's got another man. Okay, now I feel bad for Link instead of Zelda!

The concept for Dorkly actually came round at the start of 2007, and ever since all of the videos have garnered over 35 million views with almost 45,000 people liking its Facebook page. The premise that makes Dorkly such a hit is the manipulation upon our loved video game characters, whether known (Mario, Link, Mega Man, etc.) or not known (Popo and Nana from Ice Climber, for example), making themselves move and talk in various ways, such as trying to get a good deal on a bike, trying to be tutored, or even hanging off the edge of a cliff. This is what made Dorkly the sensation that it is today in the first place. Dorkly is classified as a “video game humor site”, and that’s the best description you can find, since these vids are godtear funny (that’s “swag talk” for “super funny”). Have you wondered what it would be like if you could pay for DLC for the most classic of games with “NES points”? Have you wondered what Legend of Zelda would be like if Link found a Portal gun? Have you ever wanted to see the worst way to open a barrel in Donkey Kong Country? You, my friend, are going to find out.

If Classic Games Had DLC“, released near the end of Nov 2011 with over 80,000 hits, visualizes the question, “What if classic games had DLC?” What if you could use “NES points” to buy stuff like cheesy Yoshi armor, a knife at a bare-knuckle (and chi) brawl, the fourth sacred Tri-force piece, a Mario Kart banana on the go, and even a second Sonic (but as we all know, that’s already taken). Enough with the “what if” questions, though, go on and see the video.

Diddy Kong Barrel Trouble“, released the day before New Year’s Eve 2010 with over half a million hits, visualizes the only way for Donkey Kong to open a barrel in the world of Donkey Kong Country: the wrong way. The way where—oh, sorry, this is the part where you watch the video.

Link to the Past with a Portal Gun“, released near the end of Nov 2011 with almost 80,000 hits, visualizes how A Link to the Past could’ve played out with a Portal gun. As the description states, “When life gives you the Tri-force, make Tri-force grenades.” Link gets creative in many different ways to take down his opponents or save himself from impending doom, but I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you this: Portals + chickens + final boss = ….

Street Fighter Meter Maid“, released near the start of Jan 2011  with almost 700,000 hits, shows what Street Fighter‘s ferociously adorable Blanka would be like as a “meter maid” and how he would cope with parking violations: destroying cars from the outside in. He won’t listen to your complaints, he won’t listen to your story, he just wants you to teach you a lesson from all the car-destroying he did in the Street Fighter series.


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