Hey guys it’s Sam, and if you’re from my background, you have to be therefore African. And it’s pretty darn amazing that one game of kicking a ball around and shooting it into a goal can turn into Africa’s main sport. Nonetheless, that sport is soccer, also known as [association] football, footy, “the world game”, or even “the beautiful game.” And being the most popular sport on the face of the planet (literally, I’m not bluffing) with over 3.5 billion fans (see?), you may know the highest governing body of this great sport: FIFA. The first video game of FIFA’s great big saga releasing back in summer 1993 (FIFA International Soccer, aka FIFA ’94), almost 2 decades would pass and FIFA would slowly work its way up the fame ladder, improving in mechanics and physics. Today, FIFA stands as the eighth-most bestselling video game franchise, beating Need for Speed but falling behind Final Fantasy. Enough talk, let’s get to the good stuff. In 2005, FIFA took to the streets for the first time in the sixth-generation of consoles. And as generations have passed on and new consoles have formed new generations, FIFA‘s been getting better and better. Along with last year’s release of the acclaimed FIFA 12, next month we’re getting another trip into the world of simulated soccer we love so very much. The last time FIFA took to the streets, it was 2008, and it didn’t do great. But now it looks like critics will be dropping to their knees and begging for mercy, because the streets we knew and loved are gone.

That’s right. This is not a joke anymore. When the new FIFA Street (aka FIFA Street 4 or FIFA Street 2012) shoots a goal next month, it’s gonna be a complete reboot, whether you like it or not. This is the first game in the series for four years ever since FIFA Street 3 arrived in 2008 (and it will rightfully be E-rated). EA Canada and EA Sports (the same companies behind the upcoming SSX) will promote full devotion to the game, and a chunk of the people that gave us FIFA 12 will also be chipping into this. The two games will share the same visual engine, the Impact Engine. The FIFA Street line producer, Sid Misra, promises “the first true quality street football experience.” Well, say that to the people who worked so hard on the original FIFA Street and FIFA Street 2. First announced back in late summer 2011 at Germany’s Gamescom event, the new FIFA Street (among other EA Sports titles) will be available exclusively early to buyers of the EA Sports Season Ticket. What that is, I have no idea. What it does, I know now. If you’ve got a PS3 or Xbox 360, make sure to mark your calendars, because FIFA Street‘s demo will arrive to the PSN and Xbox Live atmospheres on the 28th this month.

That picture that I just showed you is the official cover art for FIFA Street. The soccer superstar on it is none other than the Argentina national team’s grand captain (as well as a veteran FC Barcelona player) Lio Messi. And, according to Electronic Arts’ announcement back in November, Lio even signed to a deal to become the new face of FIFA. And just in case you don’t know, that’s a big honor. Soccer fans, mark your calendars, since March 13 is when this game will slide tackle into markets. The officially announced national teams of the game are:

In an effort to make the game more “authentic”, the stylised cartoon-like visuals of previous games in the series has been dropped in favor of a more realistic look, though there will still be the same emphasis on skill moves and tricks. The focus is once again on fast-paced games involving small teams of 5-6 players per side, one-on-one, and game modes based on panna and futsal also included. As with the previous games in the series, skill moves are an important element of gameplay. FIFA Street will feature twice as many tricks as are possible in FIFA 12, with much greater variety, and over fifty more than its predecessor FIFA Street 3. Talk about “show-off.”

Jumping with the ball between your legs is one of the most classic tricks in the book.

FIFA Street‘s soundtrack hasn’t been fully revealed quite yet, but some songs have been officially announced in the meantime:

So make sure you mark your calendars for March 13th, because FIFA Street‘s bicycle kicking into retail stores that very day. I was gonna make these letters bigger so you wouldn’t forget, but…Also rate, comment, like, and kick the subscribe button in the shins and give it a yellow card! As of today, this is Samuel Mwak, 11 years old, whom believes that silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.

– Sam