Hey guys it’s Sam once again (now 11!), and it’s time to flashback for a bit. There was a time back around before 2010, so about 2007-2009-ish, where the iPhone was hitting its dawn of fame and iPhone apps were 99 cents on a regular basis. Ah, the good ole days. But there’s probably one game from that era that we’ve loved from here to now that’s skyrocketed into levels of fame no other app has been even close to reaching. One game created from a developer that doesn’t even come from our country. That game is Angry Birds. Along with its three sequels, Angry Birds RioSeasons, and the less-known Magic, the game has been dubbed “one of the most mainstream games out right now”, “one of the great runaway hits of 2010”, and “the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far”. And that’s definitely saying something. So are you ready for the fourth chapter in everyone’s favorite bird-flinging franchise? Because it’s closer than you think (in March, to be exact). If you think it can’t get any better, wait until you see their upcoming adventures in space.

One small fling for a bird? One quantum leap for birdkind? This only means one thing: Angry Birds is going to outer space. This assault of aviary has conquered smartphones and social networks alike, and their next great big adventure is only the final frontier. A greatly anticipated game that I only found out about a while ago, Space will indeed feature new birds, and due to launching in gaming, animation, retail, and publishing, Rovio Mobile themselves thinks of this as “the biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds“, which has put up some staggering numbers over the years. Angry Birds is legitimately one of the most lucrative game properties at over 700 million times downloaded across all devices. And if wasn’t for this game, Google Plus wouldn’t have had just as much help launching their official gaming channel, and the game has also reached Facebook as well. And in the end—yes, all that Angry Birds merch was only the beginning. Moonbase, anyone?

I never quite thought that these Birds could get crazier than they’ve been in the past couple of months, but I was wrong. Angry Birds Space is a departure in more ways than one. The hook? You’ll be flinging birds on new planets while dealing with zero gravity, leading to new gameplay elements like slow-mo puzzles and “lightspeed” demolition. And just like with other games, hope that those intergalactic physics are dead-on. Though the specifics of the game are under wraps as of now, Rovio has announced that the game will debut new birds as well as ole feathered favorites, now having new super powers, it being outer space that they’re in. The game’s classic 3-star performance rating system will return as well.

Who--or what---is this?

Angry Birds has also been an influence in real life, besides its great success in the App Store. Once on Google+ back in January, they held a “National Bird Day” to “get angry” about extinction and assist to endangered birds. And Space is now apparently associated with NASA as well, all for game promotion, as announced from the “pleasantly ridiculous” NASA trailer. To me, it seems like Angry Birds Space seems more like Apollo 18: Aviary Edition, but I may be wrong. Very wrong. Rovio plans to announce partnerships and more detail soon, including possible platforms it’ll appear on, but for now these teasers are all we can get:

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– Sam 😉

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