Hey guys it’s Sam, and I have something serious to talk about now. There aren’t any fun games or songs or stuff like that, I am now in deadpan mode. Okay, so I’m not sure if some of you have heard about this already, but I’ve deleted my Christmas special from the home page. I know, I know, it’s not what it looks like. Apparently, on every Google Chrome I’ve been on since I first uploaded the special, it’s been saying that the post is blocked by Chrome due to a malware alert. Content from allthingsxbox.net seeped into my post, and visiting the post was going to infect any vulnerable computer with malware. I am terribly sorry from this, and I have begun renovation on my special and promise to put it back up as soon as possible. I mainly plan to change up my new-year games section, because all this has made me glare in its direction. Anyway, don’t worry about the edits–I’ll have a brand-new fresh-from-the-blogger message to put up before the special even begins. I hope all you Chrome users aren’t mad and have started to boycott my blog–it’s just that the special has once again gone idle. Thank you for reading, and have an ice day. Get it, because it’s December and it’s snow–I know, I’m bad at staying serious.

Stay calm America,

~S~ 😎

Video of the Week: Alright, I’m really bad at staying serious. Anyway, this week’s featured video is from an old friend of mine, nigahiga. I haven’t seen much from Ryan Higa for I don’t know how many years, but I was astonished to find out that upon reuniting with him he’d gotten 6.4 million subscribers, over one billion video views, over 200 million channel views, and had actually become the third highest-subscribed YouTube channel of all time! And our channel onebyonetv isn’t even at 2,000 subs! Anyway, this video deals with something that I think has gone too far. Something that has turned into one of the Internet’s most widely recognized and discussed memes. Yep, mankind’s “first world problems”, or FWPs. Too much chips for your dip, needing the thermostat a degree warmer, starving with nothing but leftovers, those are FWPs. Rape, cancer, murder, homelessness, those are real world problems. Anyway, if you want these FWPs to end check this out; it has 5.9 million views since uploading back in October.