Update status: Complicated.

I’m not on WordPress 24/7; I have a life off the Internet, you know. But for the days when you don’t see any fresh-new-piping-hot posts on either of my blogs, you can always find me at these places.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/107806220064520884807/posts

Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/b/115544144783765882926/115544144783765882926/posts

  • If you play Green Farm on G+, my farmer’s name is Samuel. If you know any other farmers named Samuel, let’s get real. I have these animals:
  • Four turkeys: Gobbler, Gobbler Jr., Big Bird, and Hindi (Y’see, Hindi is Turkish for “turkey”)
  • Three sheep: Big Boy (formerly Junior), Baabaa, and Wiley
  • Two goats: Ebony (formerly Baaaahb Jr.) and Bambi
  • Two bunnies: Bugs and Babe
  • Two dogs: Captain and Sidekick
  • Two pigs: Hambone (formerly Hello) and Hamstring
  • Two chickens: Michaelangelo and Leonardo
  • One cow: Sherbert
  • One duck: Daffy
  • One cat: Nyan Cat

If you play Pico World/Ameba Pico on G+, you can find me as SamMwak, like my G+ name.


And I think that’s it. Well, stay classy, America.

~S~ 😎

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