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Hey it’s Sam! And I just love food. I love food and everything that’s associated with it. So it’s come to the point where I want to tell YOU what I love…through this word scramble! I scrambled a few of my best foods, and so I want you guys to find out what they are.


1. The ability to read

If you can’t then…wait WHY ARE YOU HERE ANYWAY?!?! Anyways, this is a scoreboard of how much time you can take to unscramble these foods:

10-19 sec. – CHAMPION

20-29 sec. – FANTASTIC

30-39 sec. – OK

40-49 sec. – KINDA PITIFUL

50-59 sec. – EVEN MORE PITIFUL

60 sec. or more  РHUH?!?!

So if you ever get these times or at least in those areas, respond in your comments. So here are the foods (I’ll also give you hints. Sorry If they’re too obvious):

1. UCEBRBAE BISR (Hint: It’s a type of chicken)

2. NECRFH RFISE (Hint: This can be served with ketchup; the way I like it!)

3. EGVGEI CIER (You probably aren’t familiar with this food)

4. TOALEMA w/ SNIARSI (Hint: It can be used as a breakfast)

5.  HICNKEC EDNRELNIOT LPAET (Hint: I ate this at a restaurant)

These are the answers. And don’t cheat. If you are stumped, it is totally understandable.





5. CHICKEN TENDERLOIN PLATE (I had this at Cracker Barrel)

So check the scoreboard and tell me how u did in your comments!


Hey guys It’s Samuel! And I’m gonna make this a short blog because guess WHAT?! I found out that there’s such thing as a site called quizyourfriends.com and it lets you make quizzes and share them with friends and stuff it’s just awesome! I have made a few book quizzes on that site (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam) and this is gonna be one. See why I called this blog “The Quiz Blog”? So copy the link at the bottom of the blog, paste it into that skinny site box thing and take the quiz! Oh, and if you want to go to the site, just type in:


Please respond! And don’t give me dirty comments! I did my best :-[

L8tr, Sam

Here’s the link: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1006121753292619&a=1&