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Hey guys, it’s Sam with another video game to chat over! My brother actually has this game on his laptop, and in my case, I’m getting pretty good at it. It’s not even that bad anyways. Amazing visuals run with a quality engine, easy-to-grasp controls, and all this turns into the lovably acclaimed…

FIFA 11, or as we North Americans must call it, FIFA Soccer 11, is the eighteenth and most recent main entry of EA Sports’ soccer game series for FIFA, or the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, released in late September 2010. It is also the final PS2 game, sadly. 😦

You have the power to play as all of your favorite national teams: Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, you name it, you play it. There are also new features added to this game, such as:

(PC) FIFA World: Allows players to customize avatars, and compete with others from around the globe in the battle for a place on the leaderboard.

(PS3, X360, PC) Pro Passing: A new passing system where the player’s own accuracy through the control pad, as well as the situation and skills of the gamers on the pitch, determine the accuracy of your passes.

(PS3, X360, PC) 360° Dribbling: True 360° dribbling system that provides finer control, enabling players to find the space between defenders that wasn’t possible before.

But here’s the thing that’s COOL…you can get FIFA 11 for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and 3rd and 4th generation of iPod Touches. And did I mention that a recent iPad version came out? NOT SO MAJESTO!*

The game’s critical reception was also overwhelmingly positive, such as a 9.0/10 on GameSpot, an 8.5/10 on IGN, an 89% on Metacritic, and even a perfect 10/10 on the Official PlayStation Magazine of the UK! How big can soccer/football GET?

FIFA 11 is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, the PC, the DS, the Wii, AND Apple iOS devices. You can even stop by GameStop and hitch up…:

The pre owned X360 version for $42.99, or the new version for $59.99.

The new PS3 version for $59.99, or the pre owned version for $42.99.

The pre owned Wii version for $34.99, or the new version for $49.99.

The pre owned PSP version for $32.99, or the new version for $39.99.

The pre owned DS version for $22.99, or the new version for $29.99.

The pre owned PS2 version for $27.99, or the new version for $39.99.

The PC version for $39.99.


Also take the time to listen to some EPIC tunes that are on the FIFA 11 OST!

“Rhinestone Eyes” by Gorillaz, from Plastic Beach

“Splitting the Atom” by Massive Attack, from Heligoland

Hey guys it’s Sam. And do you know Snowboard Supercross, or more simply and commonly referred as, SSX? The greatest snowboarding game series of all time? Consisting of SSX, Tricky, 3, On Tour, and Blur? Perhaps these videos will help tickle your peach if it isn’t tickled already:

Is that better?

If you’re still baffled, SSX is simply one of EA Sports BIG’s greatest creations, with arcade-styled larger-than-life adrenaline lying in your snowboard (or skis, in that matter). And I have some good, if not great, news associated with that series. At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, it was announced that a sixth installment will be added to SSX very, very soon. Being developed by EA Canada, and published by EA Sports, the new game has a more realistic turn on real-life snowboarding and vice versa…but in a much, much DARKER tone. A trailer is already out, and from the looks of it, it seems like it is to reach…DEADLY DESCENTS.

See the much more morbid sights of this new game? It’s even been described by websites as looking akin to Call of Duty. And believe me, you can’t NOT know how THAT looks like. But, seriously, this game is called SSX: Deadly Descents, and according to Wikipedia, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are available for this game. If you also enjoy avalanches and wingsuit flying, think about picking this game up.

And I don’t know about you, but it’s becoming a frozen wasteland here in Michigan…well, if you call a wind chill of -13 COLD…

– Sam

Everyone can’t forget last night’s Super Bowl XLV. It was bit more outstanding than expected (especially to me), but it was still just a football game. The Packers are now the champions of the 2010 season, while the Steelers sit in the corner and eat their Pops. We don’t all have similar tastes (or do we?…), so how was the Bowl in your opinion?

Didn’t everybody love the HALFTIME SHOW now? Even though my dad was constantly ranting on the Black Eyed Peas’ performance, saying stuff like Fergie can’t sing, it wasn’t too bad after all. But then SLASH had to pop out of the ground and start playing “Sweet Child o’ Mine” (if you’ve played GH2, you’d know that song). And then Fergie just has to start singing. Not to be snarky, Stacy, but I think Axl should stick to his recording.

And then everyone can’t get enough of the Super Bowl commercials for some reason. Hey if you want to go and vote for the best one, you can…

But enough mishmash, let’s rate their performance!

I hope this was a good party, sporty fans! Now, check back for more sporty posts about sporty events like the next Olympics or the 2014 World Cup!

Sincerely yours,


After a long, long time of waiting, it’s time to buy that plasma, slip on your foam finger, and root, root, root for the home team. Yes, it’s the first Sunday of February, which means the Super Bowl is up! And for all you people who don’t watch football, nor do they have tastes/interests in them, but have dads who nonetheless do (like me) the the only root, root, roots you’ll be thinking about are the roots of plants.

This Super Bowl is the forty-fifth annual edition, and the stadium will be held in Cowboys Stadium of Arlington, Texas, the largest domed stadium the world has ever known at 110,000 capacity. Christina Aguilera will apparently be singing the national anthem, and the Black Eyed Peas will take over the half-time show. Walt Anderson referees, and the game is to be broadcasted at FOX, at 6:00, announced by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.

Now, here’s the thing that I HAVEN’T told you yet…the teams duking it out for the grand title of champion of the 2010 season. The teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are the favorite team by 2 and one half. Oh, and here’s the logo!

Some people go to Super Bowls to see the game, watch the movie previews, or just laugh at those hilarious Super Bowl commercials. For instance, here’s a funny one from Super Bowl XLII:

I’ll even put up a poll for votes cast in on who’s rooting for who:

Happy Super Bowl, football and futbol fans!

Sincerely yours,


When I get older, I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom, just like a waving flag…

Recognize that tune? It’s the anthem to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, “Wavin’ Flag” by Somali-Canadian singer K’naan. I already posted up a World Cup post right when it began, smack on June 11. But we all know that the man of the match, Andrés Iniesta, scored Spain’s winning goal. But now since the trees are shedding in autumn, everyone’s “gotten over” the World Cup, and now everybody’s returning to their usual errands.

But to Spanish Internet-surfers, especially Iniesta (if Spain has Internet), this may get you jogged up from the World Cup. It’s a video game review, but featuring the 2010 World Cup’s companion video game, which was released in April…2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Now, since we have a 360, we’re “renting” this game for the week from the Portage District Library (link to their site will be below) because some buds are coming tomorrow, and we thought they’ll dig a sports game. And I have a few GOOD reasons how this game is fun:

GROUNDBREAKING GRAPHICS! – My brother says that this game included FIFA 11‘s engine, which runs the graphics/visuals. He may/may not be right. But the visuals are so good, from a distance, it looks as if the real World Cup is going on. From a close-up look, it still looks like the ordinary graphics from FIFA 11 or 10.

And believe me, good graphics is only the first step in a successful game, sports or not. But srsly. A game may have epic gameplay, and good partnership, but the most junky graphics. I mean seriously, it looks more like a pixelated heap of nothingness for visualization.

GOOD DETAIL! I never knew EA Sports was so detailed! I mean, while u are creating ur player, you can change such things about him that no one would notice, such as your ear protrusion, your cheekbones, heck even your nose length! Some peeps would never even notice them! A player can go off with a nose too curved to the right, or ears that stick too out or in. Good thing EA Sports caught those details red-handed, and led them back to jail, where they should easily be “noticed.”

ONLINE EXPANSION! Not getting enough World Cup fever? Sneeze and sniffle when you take your experience and ur player online for more epic sports battles! Compete against peoples, and even see if you got what it takes to overcome the online 2010 World Cup!

EPIC CELEBRATIONS! When you score a goal, don’t just stand there while the spectators roar and applaud on their feet. You have to celebrate, too! And, thanks to Coca-Cola, we have the most epic celebrations. You can do a backflip, you can do the Robot, heck, you can even do the unlockable African Dance! Because a soccer game isn’t right when the players just stand there absentminded when their teammates jump for joy.


So, the G&B:


The most jaw-dropping visuals…Good online expansion…wonderful detail.


Come on you stupid ball, go into the net!


Final consensus: The World Cup companion rises to as much success as the championship, with those groundbreaking visuals, swell online expansions, and jaw-dropping detail that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

With a final score of 9.6 (superb), this has been a Sammwak vid game review.

Thx for watching, please like it and subscribe plz.

– Sam

p.s. Here’s the link to the Portage District Library’s site:




Yep. I just witnessed it a few minutes ago, along with Tumpale, Erick, Chris, Dad, Mom, and my friends Benny and Jerry’s parents. Guess what happened? It was just a game between Ghana and Australia. I think a Ghanan  guy tried to score from like a foot away, and guess what? Some Australian bozo showed up out of nowhere and stuck out his hand and blocked the ball. Well not really his hand, because that was balled up into a fist. Well let’s just say it hit his wrist and bounced off. That was the worst thing you could ever do in soccer. And it totally deplies of one of the major soccer rules: NO…HANDS…ALLOWED. Well whatev, it could have bounced off of any part of his arm, getting him a dreaded…RED CARD. He probably should’ve gotten 2 yellow cards already cuz 2 yellows = 1 red. 1 red = off the field for poor playing.


Oh and p.s. Have u seen any soccer downfalls? Respond in your comments!

That’s right…today’s the first day of the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP!!! It’s being held in South Africa, and it’s going from today till July 11. And guess what? SNSD is participating in World Cup FEVER!!! No, they’re not in the World Cup itself. I guess they’re rooting for South Korea or somethin’. And another K-pop group I’m familiar with released the single for Asia. Not just for South Korea, but for Asia. And since this is such a big sporting event, let me tell you some facts on the World Cup:

This is the nineteenth World Cup.

The World Cup was founded in 1930.

Italy is the current World Cup champion, with four titles won, and Germany is next with three. Argentina has won two titles, and England and France with one. Uruguay is the winner of the inaugural tournament.

Brazil is the most successful World Cup team, having won the World Cup five times, and the only team to have played in every World Cup tournament.

The World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world; about 715.1 million people watched the 2006 World Cup finale held in Germany.

The 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil.

There is actually a World Cup for women, entitled the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Here are some facts on THAT:

This World Cup was founded in 1991, a good 61 years after the FIFA World Cup was founded.

The current champions are Germany, also the most successful team alongside the U.S.A., having won 2 titles each.

There are 16 Women’s World Cup teams, and there are 32 in the FIFA World Cup, so the World Cup has 16 more teams than the women’s edition.

1991 Women’s World Cup:

China (host) – U.S. (Champion) – Norway (2nd place) – Sweden (third place) – Germany (fourth place)

1995 Women’s World Cup:

Sweden (host) – Norway (Champion) – Germany (2nd place) – U.S. (third place) – China PR, women’s national football team (fourth place)

1999 Women’s World Cup:

U.S. (host) – U.S. (champion) – China PR, women’s national football team (second place) – Brazil (third place) – Norway (fourth place)

2003 Women’s World Cup:

U.S. (host) – Germany (champion) – Sweden (second place) – U.S. (third place) – Canada (fourth place)

2007 Women’s World Cup:

China (host) – Germany (champion) – Brazil (second place) – U.S. (third place) – Norway (fourth place)

2011 Women’s World Cup:

Germany (host)

So if you’re a lady, you may be looking forward to the 2011 Women’s World Cup next year. If you’re a man, well…GET TO YOUR TV! THE WORLD CUP STARTED TODAY!!! And look forward to the next World Cup…which will be coming in, er, 4 years 😛

Well, that’s all I have to say on the World Cup. Men, get to the TV. And women, well get to the TV next year.



Oh and p.s. This is the link to the 2AM World Cup song I was talking about. You know, the one for Asia etc. It’s called “No. 1”. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZaxE-sm6mQ