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Hey guys it’s Sam, and it’s been some time since we dug up our last YouTube treasure (click here if you don’t remember!) back ten days ago. Well, now, since I’ve found a couple especially cool videos, I’ve decided that I’d decided to have them next up on the show! First up is from a YouTuber named bgirldeedee. I saw this video last night, and I’ve been hooked ever since. You know your fingers. You know your friends’ fingers. You can do shadow puppetry with your fingers. You can perform sign language with your fingers. But did you know  you can breakdance with your fingers? No, seriously, I can prove it!

Now this video reached only 2.5 million views since its launch in May 2010 with over 10,000 likes and almost 1,000 dislikes. Whether it was shot in a Barbie doll house or not, how can you not appreciate that David sculpture? I mean, how can you get a tiny sculpture like that? Anyways, it got comments like “I own those shoes full sized XD”, “You should be a hand model Lol”, and “I wanna see a finger JabbaWockeez crew one day”. But from her first video of finger breakdancing in 2005, she’s made so much more from there. Here are some of my favorites!

“Fingers Soccer” – Only at half a thousand views since June 21. 65 likes and just 7 dislikes.

“Israeli Fingers” – Only at half a million views since September 2008. Almost 1.5 thousand likes, and almost 500 dislikes.

“Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini TV Commercial” – Only at 390,000 views. Almost 400 likes, and 16 dislikes.

If you like these videos, not only should you subscribe,  but you should like her channel for more finger footwork! ;)


Want more finger talent? Check out these videos from pecari1988! He doesn’t have fingers that can breakdance, but they have their own cool tricks. His fingers have marker or pen or whatnot drawn all over them, actually having the lyrics to Daft Punk songs written in. And they show you the lyrics to some of their most repetitive songs by…oh, just watch. (But I can tell you that it probably took lots of hand washing…unless they used a Sharpie permanent, of course.)

Now, this video only passed the 2.5 million-view marker, with over 10,000 likes and 1.5 thousand dislikes since August 2007. It got some criticism for putting up the middle finger to the audience to go with the lyrics “make it”, which some commenters captured, and got the video flagged as spam, unfortunately, by YouTuber AlicexJuliusxx :( Here are some of the comments it got:

“chuck norris can do that with one hand” – KiiDHYpez1

“no … chuck norris can do that with one finger!” – KiiDHYpez1

“Chuck Norris does this 10x speed while sleeping” – logifb1

“what an amazin hand-eye coordination !!!RESPECT!!!” – Kowalski622

“FREAKIN SWEET!! why are there ANy dislikes??” – fantasticfish96

And just at the end of the month (the above video having been released on the 6th), they released another Daft Hands video with the song “Technologic”. It’s almost at 10 million views to date, with 26 thousand likes, and 3,330 dislikes. Wow. We are a very disliking people. :(

And then, obviously, people have made their own “tributes” to Daft Hands, even changing it up to “Kanye Hands”. Wow. And you can’t sue YouTubers for copyright infringement. :(

Anyway, time’s ticking on my watch, so I better finish up! Goodbye from Sammwak, and I have a very important thing to tell you…I probably won’t be releasing many posts tomorrow or the days around it since I’ll be off to Atlanta for the 4th of July! :( :D Yeah, I know, complain all you want, but as soon as I get back, I’ll whip up a batch of makeup posts, 87% guaranteed!

– Sam

p.s. What are you gonna be doing on the 4th? ;)

Hey it’s Sam and I have terrible news…my family is going on another trip again. Why it’s terrible news? I don’t like trips. It’s all just gimmicky to meet “relatives” I barely even recognize. And that’s just phase 1. Phase 2…we’re going to COLOMBUS, OHIO!!!! Not only is that another state but I’ve never been to Ohio before!

And phase 3…school. Last time I was absent on a SCHOOL day, I was in Indiana. My friend, Nick, totally spazzed and went crazy. He can’t do a thing without me…except go cuckoo. So you’re gonna have to go for it again, pal.

See y’all on Tuesday.


So, I just got back from Indiana; I left with a fed stomach. Where my stomach was fed you ask? Well, Cracker Barrel, of course! In fact, Cracker Barrel is the main subject of this weblog.

So me, Tumpale (my sister), Ma, Pa, and Candace (a relative?) were at Bloomington, and we were supposed to go to Bob Evans. We couldn’t find it, so we went to Cracker Barrel instead. As soon as we got inside, I realized why they called it Old Country Store! We took a seat, and looked over the menus. Me and Tumpale ordered Sprite.  Mom and Candace recalled water with a lemon, and Dad, I believe, was water. I ordered chicken tenderloin plate with steak fries, and Tumpale ordered a bacon cheeseburger (leave right now if you’re hungry enough to eat). The chicken tenderloin was AMAZING—rough on the outside, mealy on the inside!! And the steak fries were just like Ma cooked for dinner—crispy, and appetizing. But you will not BELIEVE how big Tumpale’s bacon cheeseburger turned out to be…I believe it was bigger than my head!! It reminded me of a Baconator you could get at Wendy’s.

Yep, this was most likely of the Bacon Cheeseburger Sis ate. And if you are watering at the mouth, get away from your computer and eat something NOW!! I don’t want you drooling all over my weblog!

As I was saying, you can actually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Cracker Barrel, no questions asked. I’m not so surprised, but am I supposed to be?

So the meal was amazing, and guess what? You could buy stuff in Cracker Barrel rather than eat there! It’s a store AND a restaurant combined! So it could be a storestaurant, or a restore! I know they suck right? :( I got a Ring Pop, and we got the heck outta there!

Wait…now I’m hungry again.

Well, talk to you guys later! I gotta get a bite!



Oh, and P.S. Cracker Barrel has 594 locations, no lie!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL :O


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