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Hey guys it’s Sam and do you remember my Super Mario Crossover post?(Super Mario Bros.¬†Crossover!?)

Well, you know how I mentioned that ninja Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden? Well, guess what? When the game told me I was playing an outdated version, it told me that I could go to the updated version (as in 1.1)! I obviously said yes and said ‘okay’, and guess where it led me to? Exploding Rabbit.com, where the 1.1 version was! Since Ryu debuted in that version, I was so stoked to play him. And I got to say, he’s GOOD. Why?:

HE CAN WALL CLIMB! – Yeah, I said the ninja can WALL CLIMB. All you have to do is jump onto a wall, and he instantly clings on. I gotta say, that’s pretty handy for those situations where you’re climbing up a 12-story building, you know what I’m saying?

SHURIKEN POWER! – You can throw shurikens after you receive a mushroom of firepower. They’re like boomerangs; they come back to you after you throw them. And I got 2 say, EPIC.

There’s no real difference, except when you select Mario, he jumps and hits a ? block rather than jumping in the air oh so randomly.

Here’s the link to the 1.0 game at Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/534416

Here’s the link to the 1.1 game at Exploding Rabbit: http://www.explodingrabbit.com/games/super-mario-bros-crossover

So, enjoy them.


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– Sam

p.s. I found out that we’ve hit almost 910 hits! We’ve DEFINITELY gone past the 850 mark! If we make it to 950 hits, I’ll just thank you. But if we hit 1,000…