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Hey guys it’s Sam, and apparently it’s a fun tradition to keep track of what you’re doing in a specific year, on a specific day, at a specific time. What do these all have in common?…The same basic number. YouTuber JLC released a video asking what we were doing on September 9, 2009 (9/9/09) at 9:09 pm. So now, what will you be doing on November 11, 2011?

These two movies will be hitting theaters today, on 11/11/11. At the time of 11:11, I’m not so sure. The first movie is a biographical dramatic kind called J. Edgar, based on the real J. Edgar Hoover, the first-ever director of the FBI. (Leonardo DiCaprio is starring as Hoover, the first time he’s portrayed a real-life person since 2004’s The Aviator.) The movie focuses on Hoover’s career onward since the Palmer Raids of 1919-1920, including an examination of his private life. Sadly, most critics have been turning their thumbs down to this movie, saying that it lacked coherence.

The next movie is Immortals. Did you think Clash of the Titans was too cheesy? Try this. Years after the 10-year battle of the Titanomachy, King Hyperion declares war against humanity. He searches for the Epirus Bow, a legendary weapon created by the war god Ares (you’d know him if you read Percy Jackson more often) which allows Hyperion to free the remaining Titans from Tartarus and take revenge on the Olympians who brought their downfall. But the thing is, ancient laws prohibit gods siding in war between Hyperion and humanity, so it’s up to only Theseus to save the gods and the day.

Here’s a list of things I did today:

  • Finish my hot-off-the-presses Captain Rubber superhero comic prequel.
  • Sit out in the hall while everyone inside watched Soul Surfer. Hey, with a couple books and some drawing supplies, you can kill time way more beneficially than watching a cheesy based-on-a-true-story movie!
  • Check out these specific books at the school library: The Loser List, Bone: The Great Cow Race, The Curse of the Campfire Weenies, and The Mysterious Cheese Thief.
  • Start working on my book-0′-drawings, Sam’s Epic Book of Drawings!!!: A Book of Epic Proportions. When I finish it, I ode to give a copy to each bearing heart who reads this!
  • Go outside at school for the first snowy recess of the 2011-2012 school year. And surprisingly, the snow just vanished just like *that*!
  • …And many other epic things!

Anyway, I predict that I’ll be cruising in our family room like every usual Friday night at 11:11 pm tonight. Anyway, what will you be doing today, on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 pm? Post your comments below! Check out this sweet new Nintendo Power I’ll probably be bringing with me at 11:11 pm!


Wanna take a sneak peek at it so you won’t be entirely jealous? Not only did this version of Star Power focus on Pikmin‘s Captain Olimar, but this issue’s version of The Score, stated the following facts:

  • 78% of people (56% more than all the other percentages COMBINED) agreed that Dr. Mario (released in July 1990) is the doctor they would trust to treat them. Other competitive doctor nominees were Dr. Light (Mega Man), Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Dr. Crygor (Wario).
  • 8 out of 10 of people have stabbed their friend in the back during co-op. What mean people!
  • 36% of people believe that the Robotic Operating Buddy of the NES (R.O.B.) would be chosen to help out around their homes. Impressive, but very lazy.
  • 54% more people believe that sequels (77%) are better than prequels (23%).
  • People believe that Mario Kart‘s style of racing should be turned into real life.
  • More people prefer fully orchestrated video game music, instead of 8-bit bleeps and bloops, rock music, and electronic dance beats.
  • People believe that Star Fox‘s Falco Lombardi wouldn’t be such of a grump if he dated Sonic‘s Amy Rose. Sorry, Birdo (Mario), Candy Kong (Donkey Kong), and Splash Woman (Mega Man 9), your man is taken.
  • 58% more people believe that players should set their game difficulty (79%) instead of being measured against the same one (21%).

Later, peeps.

– Sam M.

Hey guys it’s Sam. Remember how last year, I gave you all the deets on the 2010 Haverhill Book Fair? Well, now I’m gonna give you more deets on the 2011 Moorsbridge Book Fair! This seems more epic than usual, with horrifying celebrity books, overpriced children’s picture books, you name it! Even the brand-new upcoming sixth Wimpy Kid is involved! (as always. You see, it’s literally a book fair tradition to include the latest upcoming Wimpy Kid) And from the 14th to the 18th of this month, you can splurge your money into all kinds of goods! This year’s fair theme is an intergalactic style, stating that “Reading Is Out of This World!” Hey, at least it’s better than one book fair’s motto: “Reading Can Make You A Star!”

This fair still has all the other traditions: books labeled with RC (Reading Counts) or AR (Accelerated Reader) labels, specific places to find them, even the expensive prices! I’ll show you some interesting examples.

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 by Lauren Tarshis ($4.99)

First, the famed surprise military attack bombarded the Pearl Harbor just as 1941 was nearing an end. Then the Pearl Harbor movie bombed cinemas a solid sixty years later in May 2001. Now this? This follow-up to installments like I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic (actually mentioned last book fair post) and I Survived the Shark Attacks, this book is about 11-year old Danny Crane fighting for a route home in the action of bombs, smoke, and demolition when World War 2 officially attacks the United States? Will this young boy find a way home, or is he gonna go shaka-laka…boom? (Numbered #328914, with a LEX of 620L. Find it in the B1 Historical Fiction section.)

Will this book be on my list?: No way! I don’t like historical fiction books anyway, and the last time I read one [with my class], I vowed that I’d never read another historical fiction-related book ever again…

How I Survived Middle School by Donna Gephart ($5.99, other places $6.99)

Don’t be fooled by the cover and actually click on this “video”, because you won’t get anything close to it. This book is about yet another 11-year old whose name starts with D, but this boy isn’t fighting for his life through bombs and destruction. He’s fighting for a way to survive middle school with a dream of becoming a TV personality. With a little hand–or paw, I guess–from his pet hamster, David creates a series of videos called Talk Time which he uploads onto YouTube. Is this little boy ready to be a big star? Or will the chances shrink as small as his hamster? (Labeled under RC and AR, numbered #329813, with a LEX of 660L. Find it in the G1 Advanced Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: It’s an official yes, because it’s cheap, it seems funny, and I really like these real-life-reflecting kind of books of fame attempt. In other words, it seems legit.

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel ($4.99)

“This time Kitty’s met her match…”…or has she? In the latest and fifth installment in this clawed canine rival’s series, Kitty isn’t in for much of a treat when her owners come home with…you guessed it…a baby. Will Kitty use her naughty skill to prevail? Or has Kitty met her babbling, crawling match? (Numbered #329603, with a LEX of 720L. Find it in the Y2 Chapter Books section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Sadly, it won’t be, because it doesn’t seem like a very good book.

Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways by “Thea Stilton” ($7.99)

If you’ve already read my other Jolly Good Bookie posts, plus the ones on 2Sam2Mwak, you already know my passion for Thea and her books. So you wouldn’t believe my excitement when I saw this book in the flyer. The Sisters have battled through earth, wind, and fire (literally) but have they battled through space? Because this time, they’re having an adventure off their own planet to the Moon. But when they arrive at their lunar destination, they stumble upon spaceship wrecks, rebellious robotic beings, and more! Can these feisty five save the day, or is Apollo 18 not the only reason to stay off the Moon? (Labeled under AR, numbered #329904, with a LEX of 780L. Look for it on the Bestsellers Table.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’m on the fence about it, because I can just get it from the library after the book fair, but then again, it is Thea this book was “written by.” So I’m very skeptical about it.

Big Nate On a Roll by Lincoln Peirce ($7.99, exclusive paperback)

I’ve already expressed my anger towards Lincoln and his series in my Big Nate Strikes Again page flip, reviewing one of the worst books ever made. It’s sitting in my bookshelf right now, glaring at me. I want to glare back, but I have to tell you about their third and final shot at impressing me. Nate’s always sick of being in 2nd place compared to Mr. Perfect, also known as Artur. So when Artur joins Nate’s scout troop, poor Nate gets bumped down a spot like usual. From chess to relationships with Nate’s crush Jenny, Artur always wins. But can this Ben Franklin of the modern times (read Strikes Again to learn what I’m talking about. On second thought, you wouldn’t want to!) come back with a vengeance? And as always, funny drawings and comics emblazon every page. (Numbered as #329292. Look for it in the R1 Humor section.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’m thinking about it, because I do need to see if Lincoln has finally learned to impress me, but I’m afraid that it’ll be terrible and I just wasted 8 dollars. For now, I’m on the fence.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2012 by…well, lots of people. ($12.99, other places $16.99. Thank God.)

If you remember my last book fair juicy detail post, I got some covered footage of the Special Edition 2011 version of Believe It Or Not! Well, I’ve decided to continue my “traditions” by giving some detail on 2012’s special edition! Prepare to be amazed by the most absurd facts, acts, and oddities ever reported! As Ripley said, and as I’ll say again, there’s nothing—NOTHING—stranger than the truth! (Numbered as #329564. Look for it on the Reference Table.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’ll have to pass this experience, because after seeing the 2011 special edition, I seriously don’t need to be disgusted 2 years in a row. And besides, since when was I interested in Ripley’s?

Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book by Tom Angleberger ($5.99)

First, green and brown paper combined into a thorough series of folding to make Origami Yoda. Now, black and red paper have combined into a thorough series of folding to make Darth Paper. 53% of people actually believed that the “Yoda sequel” was actually going to be revolved around Darth anyways, so they got their wish. This book is about Harvey’s success in getting Dwight suspended. But as O. Yoda pleads to rescue him, Harvey and his accomplice “Darth Paper” plan evilly to make Dwight’s suspension permanent! Will their plans go through? (Numbered as #329944. Look for it in the B1 Mystery section.)

Will this book be on my list?: No. Why? I’ve never been interested in Star Wars, let alone Star Wars parodies, and after the negative advice one of my super best friends gave me, I’m afraid it won’t be worth the splurge of cash.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney ($8.49, exclusive paperback)

I already covered this book in August, but I guess I’ll cover it again: the Heffleys are finally getting a blanket of snow for the winter. But the sky spirits must think big, because they brought a blanket so big, the Surrey Street family gets snowed in! Can Greg survive being stuck inside with family? Or is he going to go stir crazy? (Numbered as #331658. On sale November 15, day 2 of the Book Fair. Look for it in the R1 Humor section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Heck yeah! Whenever a new Wimpy Kid makes for the fair in its debut, I’m always riding its cattails for it.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Attack of the Zombies! by an anonymous writer ($3.99)

Zombies have been very famous in horror media, starting off way back in 1968 when Night of the Living Dead staggered into cinemas as an independent black-and-white cult movie. Just the phrase of the Dead has been included in several movie titles, like Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and even Diary of the Dead. But for the first time in porous undersea history, Nickelodeon’s spongy hero and his starfish friend are pitting themselves against “the dead!” Just like in one of the show’s episodes, Gary’s the one that starts the rave when he suddenly begins biting every Bikini Bottomite in town. The snail bite panic spreads, ending up in zombie-like behavior from everyone, and then Gary and his zombified brethren start an underwater manhunt. Can SpongeBob and Patrick escape the infection? Or will they really be left for dead? (Numbered as #328596, with an LEX of 410L. Look for it in the Y2 Easy Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: I love the little guy so deeply, but then again, I’m not 6.

Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter by Tedd Arnold ($5.99 here, other places $6.99, hardcover)

Fly Guy used to be one of my children’s book hypes, and now that he’s gotten a second mentioning (last time was for his collaboration with Buzz Boy) he better be lucky. Warning: The puns you are about to hear are very insect-related, and unbeelievably bad. You’ve been warned.

It’s bad newzz when Fly Guy picks the wrong day to visit Buzzzzz’s school and participates in a field trip with him. But the destination they’re headed to is unbeelievably horrific: the flyswatter factory! Will he escape the Super Swatter and return with his 2 wings? Or is this fly doomed to be roadkill? (Numbered as #328943 with a LEX of 430L. Look for it in the Y2 Easy Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Fly Guy’s a cute little pest, but his books are usually around 18 pages long, and besides, this installment in Fly’s adventures doesn’t seem as much of a buzz. I warned you about those insect puns! (*please insert rimshot*)


So that’s some pretty good biz to get hyped up for. Sneak a peek by Moorsbridge Elementary School on November 14-18 from 8 am to 4 pm each day in the Community/Spanish Room across from the gym to get your share of books out of this world! And also check by Sammwak and 2Sam2Mwak (7 hits? Dude, come on) for more epic junk and stuff. This is Sam, sssssssigning out. See, I warned you about those bad insect puns.

With all due respect,


p.s. Want some more entertaining peeks? Here are a couple more to get you going:

  • Everyone’s afraid of something. If you are, try reading The School of Fear #2: Class Is Not Dismissed by Gitty Daneshvari, the second novel in the frightful foursome’s series. Labeled under RC and AR, available at the B1 Adventure section for $5.99.
  • Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark too creepy for you? Try Attack of the Vampire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales by David Lubar, a continuing installment of his series of warped and creepy tales. Available at the B1 Fantasy section for $5.99 as an exclusive paperback. If you don’t want to stop there, try other installments like The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies and The Curse of the Campfire Weenies.
  • For some reason, book fairs always include books about rising new celebs, and this year, they’re packed with Willow Smith: Pop’s Newest Princess, and Big Time Rush: Big Time Audition. Both go for $3.99, and they’re both available at the Y2 Easy Readers section.
  • Whoever wants to spend Christmas with the baddest kitty of them all, raise your hand. ****** Well you got your wish, because A Bad Kitty Christmas is one of the included books. If you want to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the world’s most naughty kitty, just pay $15.99 under a hardcover, and scope for it at the Holiday Table.
  • If Big Nate copied off of Wimpy Kid, surely someone can copy off of Big Nate. What’s that? There is someone? Sweet! Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is available for $15.99 (hardcover) at the S1 New Releases section.
  • Guys, cover your ears and open a new tab instantly. If you want to hear about some girly new books coming out, here they are: they include, but aren’t limited to, Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door ($8.99 at the GL Books & Stuff section), Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise ($3.99 at the Easy Readers section), you know what I mean.

I had nothing better to do. And if Adventure Time is one of the top animated shows on Cartoon Network, why resist the chance? This may be the most sheepish award show I’ve done, but welcome to the 2011 Adventure Time Awards! (or the ATA’s, for short) Another one of my award show ditties where the votes really do count!

If we know Cartoon Network, we know Adventure Time. It’s the top show, chronicling the lives of the strongest boy-dog relationship there is: Finn the Human Boy, and Jake the Dog, as they embark on mathematical adventures, algebraic quests, and one mystery after another, even if it doesn’t finally revolve around the princess-kidnapping Ice King. Almost nearing its fourth birthday (counting the Animated Short) this Christmas with the Holly Jolly Secrets two-part series, I’ve decided that it should get an award show directly in its honor.

Today’s subject is the best title card, since there are a lot of whopping good title cards for each episode, mandatory almost like SpongeBob‘s. Each card is treated with serious care, and it does make a good reference onto the episode. I’ve decided to delve into these cards’ depths and pick out the best three. A final winner will go through with votes, and wins an incredibly cute baby Finn dance!

Enough talk, let’s get to our nominees!

Sky Writing WIN: “The Real You”

This one actually has one of my tokens for winning the dance! The card for an episode released this Valentine’s Day, I definitely felt the love, because there is no other title card built with this level of essence. Finn in the sky, built of the dust that surrounds the stars? I could drift into the most peaceful sleep ever looking at that…end of story. Picture Finn’s face up in the clouds…you would never believe the good that would happen that day, especially scoring that dance…

Beautiful Nightmare: “Mortal Folly”

An impressive illustration that actually happens in the first half of a two-part season finale. If you ask me, it looks like a humongous explosion of souls, that was actually the signal that it was officially “too late.” Another impressive illustration that captures every needed perspective required to pull this one off. Nice job, but nice enough to win the baby dance? That’s up to you…

Digital Dream Come True: “Guardians of Sunshine”

Finn and Jake had to take the trip into the video game world one day. And a couple days after my birthday, they finally did, but I can’t spoil whether or not they beat the virtually impossible frog, Sleepy Sam. Anyways, the title card just gives you that 8-bit feel, even with ‘PRESS START’ at the bottom of the card. Although I have no skeptically put idea who that dude is, it still adds to the experience, and a little bit to the game.

Ultimate Philosophy – “What Is Life?”

A last-second entry that released to the world in the starting month of summer 2010, although it seemingly has nothing to do with the episode, it has that sudden peaceful flow that almost relates to “The Real You” in terms of essence. Finn looks almost like he is meditating in prosperity, and some nice sky backgrounds, such as a plane and a V of birds heading south, really sets the tone.

Inception of Essence – “Memory of a Memory”

Another last-minute entry, this essence-filled title card just screams it at us. As my big token to win, we feel like we’re delving deep into the mind of one, filled with rainbows, clouds…and cows with PHIL FACE udders? I can always trust Adventure Time when I want a good-looking, detailed title card. Props to the artists, and props to this title card for the victory chances…


I’m not saying I think all the other title cards can be compared with a stomach virus, and I’ll actually be nominating them later on, but for now, good night, and party forever! Please subscribe so you can always have an eye on the award show, and if you blog here at WordPress, please click that like button to save a life….

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, starting a new segment on my blog…BKZoo! An abbreviation of Breaking KZoo or Kalamazoo, this segment gives you the ultimate scoop on what’s happening at my house without all of it. This first issue is a very juicy one at most. I’m excited out of my wits for it. I have gotten my hands, for the first time, on a Nintendo Power magazine! (A monthly magazine about the juice Nintendo is squeezing out.)

The first-ever Nintendo Power magazine, just as the 80s were about to become the 90s.

Nintendo Power is one of the longest-running magazines of the American and the Canadian lands at over 20 years of age, and is the famous corporation’s official magazine. Spilling the beans about upcoming Nintendo recommendations ranging from Ocarina of Time 3D, to Dead or Alive: Dimensions, this magazine is one of the hottest funky junk I’ve read. I don’t even care leafing through pages and pages of microscopic print, but it pays off with its flamboyant styles and captivating perspectives.

The issue I have...the March 2011 subscriber edition magazine!

There, I learned lots of stuff that may be a little dated, but gives me some good recommendations whenever I get a 3DS. (courtesy of the Raise Money So Sam Mwakasisi Can Get a 3DS Fund) With the Nintendo power in your hands, Thor will look like an action figure. Check out a peek at some of March’s most anticipated games!

Some info behind some of the Street Fighter IV series newcomers.

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters – No sporting franchise has been as consistently successful on the Wii as Tiger Woods PGA Tour. But this new installment may be his biggest tee-up opportunity…in the Masters tournament! A first for the series, players can show off their skills at the famous Augusta National Golf Club. (I don’t know it, either) Can Woods make a comeback this season? Hey; at least his game never looked better.

The back cover of my issue, depicting SSF4 in a way you'd never think possible.

  •  Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition – Wasn’t this picture just asking for it? Anyways, my issue revolved around a lot of games, but SSF4 3D Edition was its main premise. March being the month the 3DS was launched in America, (Japan almost got a 4-week boost!) Nintendo fans must’ve screamed with joy when this game was announced. “…the biggest name in fighting games shoryukens its way into the Nintendo 3DS launch-window lineup” the magazine said. Think it’s going to be impossible executing Zangief’s first ultra? (circle motion twice + all 3 punches = Ultimate Atomic Buster) The new, and head-smackingly easy, Lite Controls think otherwise. The magazine was so revolved around this game, they had to interview several Capcom masterminds to get the full scoop! (Seth Killian, the man behind our final boss’s name, gave us some tips to fight like a boss. Alongside, the producer that made it all happen, Yoshinori Ono answering six questions.)
  • Put pedal to the metal like you never have before in Asphalt 3D. (Yes, it is related with the Asphalt app series.) Predictably the most accessible racing game coming to the handheld, this game boasts an easy power-slide system and an abundance of extra modes and vehicles, providing a lot to offer for both casual and hardcore racers.

A look at the two Ocarina of Time editions, among others: the original, from 1998, and the most recent, this year.

  • Ocarina of Time 3D – You know it. You love it.  61% want to have his ears, 54% want to play as a female lead, it is The Legend of Zelda. One of Nintendo’s most timeless series starting just around the time this magazine did, it currently ranks as the fourteenth on the chart of best-selling game series at sales paying off at 60 million. This epic has never looked better than its transition into 3D. A sensationally visual enhance of the original by far, it also graces interface improvements such as touch-screen. Whether you’re a longtime Zelda super-fan, or you’ve never played a Zelda game before, this is one adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

A snapshot of a game of Ridge Racer 3D in mid-race.

  • “It’s Riiiiidge Racerrr! If you imagined the voice of a cheesy announcer when you read that, then you’ve probably played enough Ridge Racer to know the long-running series has such a loyal following…” begins Nintendo Power. Long-running it is at 18 years of age, besides setting off the craze of arcade sensation Pac-Man, one of Namco’s biggest hit series must be Ridge Racer. Is Need for Speed too old for you? Try Ridge Racer especially after its conversion onto the 3DS in Ridge Racer 3D. Cool cars, gorgeous tracks, and racing that takes us back to the golden-aged arcade days. All that magic in your own pocket and where you go, this stellar feller goes.
  • After Ubisoft’s stumble with their Michael Jackson experience, they should be able to get back on their feet with another conversion of an old-schooled game created before 2000 was even known. It is Rayman 3D, the 3DS transition of 1999’s Rayman 2: The Great Escape. One of the most influential games of the N64 era, Ubisoft has taken the most highly regarded version of the game (the Dreamcast edition) and re-released it. Just with 3D graphics and analog controls and gentler difficulty curves, and better camera systems! In the end…not so different.

A player navigates themselves through a meadow of flowers and bananas.

  • Wow…talk about balls of steel. After a decade of Sega’s hit series titles all sharing the main premise of a bunch of simians that went “bananas” and transported around in balls to get more…kind of regular. And in Super Monkey Ball 3D, it’s kind of the same thing, except in 3D.  There are two types of ways to get things “rolling”: the circle pad, or the motion controls. But this game is a bit of new while still a bunch of old. Two new mini-games are being featured: Monkey Race, and Monkey Fight. Monkey Race is a little Mario Kart-esque, as the whole yearning for first place occurs. Monkey Fight is a little more Super Smash Bros. Either way, critics may not have had positive hearts, but they’re critics; they’re not supposed to.
  • And to believe this was the 3DS’s bestselling game, and first platinum title. Pet-raising simulation? Pet-raising? Seriously? Were all the people who bought this game girls? Nintendogs + Cats was the leading game at not too far from 2 million copies, beating out Ocarina of Time 3D at 0.63 copies! Making a 6-year return after Nintendogs hit the DS, even my magazine revolved around this for at least one half of a page, explaining its use of 3D graphics, and cute stuff like dogs jumping at the screen to lick you, or throwing a boomerang for your pal to fetch. (Note: This game launched exactly the day the 3DS did.)


Like what you’re seeing? Then maybe you should subscribe to Nintendo Power on Amazon to get a year’s worth of this juice! Anyways, keep checking back for more breaking Kalamazoo, and more on Sammwak! (Make sure you subscribe, or like this post if you blog here at WordPress.)

This is Sam breaking KZoo, signing out.

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, and do you know how there are those animated movies no matter how hard you try, you just can’t forget? Let’s take The Lion King as an example. A drop-dead Disney classic, a critic’s love at first sight, and an award-winning score from Hans Zimmer. Let’s go with an example a little more recent. For instance, another Disney success, Up. A down-to-earth heartwarming adventure that had critics on their feet. But now, in 2011, another revision of a classic animated movie is coming this month. Here are some hints: It’s black, white, and AWESOME all over!

Ska2oosh! From the success of 2008’s martial arts action comedy Kung Fu Panda, comes the return of awesomeness in 2011: Kung Fu Panda 2. Picking up where the original left off, Po is now a kung-fu master fighting to protect the Valley of Peace alongside Master Shifu and the Furious 5. When a new shadow of evil arrives in the form of an emperor albino peacock named Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), here to take over China with a treacherous weapon so powerful it threatens the art of kung fu itself, Po and the Furious Five set out to vanquish Shen with the help of four other masters in kung fu. But first, he must confront his own mysterious past in order to find the succeeding strength.

Jack Black returns as Master Po, and Angelina Jolie revises her role as the Master Tigress. Jackie Chan is back as Master Monkey, and Charlie’s angel Lucy Liu returns as Master Viper. Seth Rogen, the BOB Blob, is back as Master Mantis. David Cross and James Hong revise roles as Master Crane and Mr. Ping. Some newbies in the cast are Michelle Yeoh as the Soothsayer goat, Victor Garber as Master Thundering Rhino (the second Javan Rhino behind Kung Fu Panda‘s Commander Vachir), Dennis Haybert as Master Storming Ox, and Danny McBride as Wolf Boss.

Kung Fu Panda 2 is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (I’m actually not joking on that “Yuh”), produced by Melissa Cobb (who grows movies, not corn), and written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger (they’re just waiting for you to take a bite out of the movie). With music from the returning team of the legendary Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception, Rango, etc.) and the not-that-legendary John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon), this kick-butt action comedy is set to release tomorrow in Real D 3D and digital 3D! 😀 But before you get all wound up, check out a few promotions:

“Adventure Gets Freakin’ Awesome” trailer in HD

“Kung Fu Staring Contest” trailer in HD

“Super Bowl Spot”/”We Will Wok You” trailer in HD

So, I guess pandemonium begins tomorrow. The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it. If you shall complete your training, use your Zen skills to claim some tickets for some good seats of the premiere. If you shall watch it, and cast a negative or positive vote in thee’s poll, some Blogger Points lie ahead.

Ticket Take – Get tickets for the premiere, and watch the movie. Bathroom breaks or refills do not count, because thee is so nice. (15 BP)

Negative Nancy – Some fans have hearts of gold, while others have hearts of cold. Cast a negative vote in thee’s poll, and this demerit shall lay ahead on thee’s path. (20 BP)

Positive Patty – Some fans have hearts of cold, while others have hearts of gold. Cast a positive vote in thee’s poll, and this shall replenish you on your path. (22 BP)

Average Abby – Some fans have hearts of cold, hearts of gold, and hearts that are just in between. Cast an average vote in thee’s poll, and this thumb to thee side, and this shall give you a clearer image on thee’s path.

Well, I’m gonna stop talking Zen talk and display this poll after you’ve had a tummy full of popcorn.

Wait…am I forward in time? The movie hasn’t come out yet, and I’m asking you how’d you like it! Well, I guess today is Thursday instead of Wednesday, and it’s the 26th, not the 25th. So I’ll see you guys next time on Sammwak yesterday, which of course will be today.

– Sam

p.s. Here are some fighting facts:

Did you know that the concept for a “kung fu panda” was around since at least 1993, although work on the film didn’t begin till 2004?

Did you know that Kung Fu Panda was originally going to be a parody?

Probably for inspiration for his Kung Fu Panda film score, did you know that Hans Zimmer even traveled to China to “absorb the culture” and get to know the China National Symphony Orchestra as part of his preparation?

😀 😉

Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’m back with another juicy post from a not-that-long hiatus! And, yes, it talks about video games! 😉 You probably thought that from the striking kickoff of the 2003 shooter, Call of Duty, you thought that no one could beat the slam-bang Black Ops. Hah! You’re wrong, bub! No one is underestimated by 2011 in video gaming. Because this November (or in three days), the next COD will open fire. It’s already in co-development by past COD developer Infinity Ward, soon to be published by past publisher Activision. I know it’s going to be your favorite. We all do. Here goes…are you tired of turkey for a Thanksgiving treat?…How about some more Modern Warfare?

That’s right. Call of Duty: MW3 is the next installment in the trigger-happy COD series. The storyline is unknown for me. Maybe if you tag onto online retailers, you might know. It might be possible to continue the oh-so-stale World War theme. It might continue the Cold War era from Black Ops. I don’t know, it might even get a little Revolutionary! Or it can start a new trend all on its own, which is what I mostly suspect. All that fans know from the upcoming MW3 are four teaser trailers released on Friday the 13th, each named after different countries: “America”, “England”, “France”, and “Germany”. Gaming website Kotaku (also on the same day) spilled various info tidbits about the game, stating that it would be a direct sequel to 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, also regarding the weapons, levels, modes, and vice versa about MW3. Activision confirms that it will be revealed on May 20, but at the same time Wikipedia states that it would be a November publication. Let’s see which one wins in 3 days, shall we? 😉

Here are the teaser trailers that were released on Friday the 13th by CALLOFDUTY:






So if you’re a trigger-happy fan of Call of Duty, save your money for the big moment that MW3 will release! Also keep track of what platforms it will release for!

With all du3 r3spect,


There are lots of people out there that love shooters. Some are used to the brutal bloodbaths of Call of Duty or Halo, while others like to take it easy with games like Kane & Lynch or Crysis. But there are those other games that mix it up. Speaking of those games, one is coming out soon, but not very soon. Actually May 10, to be exact. This a treat from Splash Damage, whom specialize in shooters, as well as Valve Corp, famous for series like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress. The revolution begins with the new third-person shooter, Brink.

The main story of the game takes place in the utopian city of The Ark, a floating city surrounded by the waters from a flooded Earth. The Ark is where two factions named “Resistance” and “Security” fight to the death, either fighting for the Ark or uniting/defending The Ark. Up to sixteen can play this online. My own brother described Brink as a mixture of Mass Effect, Monday Night Combat, and Mirror’s Edge. How it resembles Mass Effect is that it’s some weird crazy sci-fi shooter, and you can play as bots and weirdos like that. Monday Night Combat is resembled since you can actually pick a CHARACTER CLASS to be for the game: the operative, whose job is to sabotage the other team, hacking turrets and such, the medic, whose job is to heal, revive, and buff teammates, the soldier, whose job is to specialize in warfare and weaponry, and the engineer, whose job is to defend tactical zones, improve weapons, and more. How it looks like Mirror’s Edge is the heavy use of parkour, which they smartly conceal by passing it as the system of SMART: Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain.

People are saying that Brink is the shooter that we have been waiting for. But is it really worth its puffed-up proud price of nearly $60 at GameStop? Let’s find out.

So, personally, now, do you think that Brink is worth your hard-earned cash…SH, caSH?

Check out YouTube or your local surroundings for more about Brink, and I’ll join you next time here on Sammwak!! 😉


p.s. Did you know that the release dates of Brink kept getting bumped up and down? It went in this order: fall 2010, bumped up to May 13, 2011, bumped back to May 10, 2011. 😀