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Hey guys it’s Sam, and 2011 has gone by excruciatingly fast. It’s already the final quarter of the year! So, as my gaming senses are tingling (as well as my snotty nostrils), I’ve decided to give out a list of games that the final quarter is so very proud to present. From the fighters to the strategies and everything in between, here are Q4 2011’s most anticipated games.

Street Fighter IV was a game-changer on its own. But bigger is better, so it got a rebalanced update we now know as Super Street Fighter IV. I guess the same thing happened with Marvel vs Capcom 3, because now it’s Ultimate MvC3. And despite Marvel being involved in the crossover, the game was entirely made by Capcom during and after the earthquake and tsunami that shook and stirred Japan, as well as this game’s DLC schedules before morphing into a standalone title.

Gameplay: This game, it being a mere update, has gameplay almost identical to that of its predecessor. The mechanics still utilize the tag-team effort of MvC3 where a player could switch between their 3 fighters at will even during a fight. During a match, a fighter can call for an assist, or a selected special move, at their will. One of the returning mechanics are the exchange button, allowing players to switch fighters in the midst of an air combo. The game has an 8-way directional system that allows jumping, crouching, and moving towards or away from the opponent. The X-factor returns, but has a shorter duration and less strength boost comparing to its previous installment, but it can now be enabled airborne.

Visuals: The game features 3-dimensional character models and backgrounds, but gameplay is solely restricted to a 2D plane.

Fun fact: Did you know that this game will be a launch title for the PlayStation Vita?

Without Bethesda Softworks, series like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout probably wouldn’t exist. And after its stumble this May with Brink, hopefully their first-person shooters can come back strong this October with Rage. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world following the impact of the 2029 Apophis, an asteroid. The player realizes he is the only survivor of the impact after an Ark malfunction. You may think its main premise is a bath of bullets, but players can actually race on dune buggies, get money, and upgrade their cars! For a shooter, I don’t think that’s going to work out well.

Engine: The game is the first of two to run under id Software’s new OpenGL 4.2-based id Tech 5 engine (the other being Doom 4).

Gameplay: At Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3), id Software’s creative director Tim Willits, stated that the core of Rage was to be a first-person shooter with the addition of vehicular combat (check please) without it being the premise of the game. The game also has RPG elements, alongside the world being populated with mutants, the main enemies of the game for at least the first half.

Multiplayer: Rage has 2 multiplayer modes: Combat Rally and Legends of the Wasteland. In Combat Rally, up to six players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of the vehicles. The objective is to collect rally points that appear around the arena while killing your opponents and stealing their points. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of two-player bonus co-op missions based on stories that you hear about as you play the single player campaign.

Fun fact: Did you know that Rage got a spinoff for the iPhone?

Strap on your headbands, and get your tennis shoes on. If there’s one game to slam-dunk into markets this October, it’s NBA 2K12. The game will release to almost 10 platforms, but the X360 and PS3 are the only two to render the 3D presentation.

Gameplay: For the first time, gamers will be able to control some of NBA’s most iconic players, such as Magic Johnson, Michael “Air Jordan”, and Kareem “Cap” Abdul-Jabbar, and pit them up against other teams to make dream match ups. These basketball legends have been recreated with an unnecessary amount of detail. Says Wikipedia, “Gamers will now tap into the legacy of these legendary athletes by utilizing their signature moves, such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s unstoppable skyhook, to rule the virtual hardwood in NBA 2K12.” Another mode is the My Player mode, a close look at a basketball athlete’s career, even with the ability to get inducted into the B-Ball Hall of Fame. Due to the 2011 lockout, this game is unable to use rookies for the ’11-’12 season. Rookies can still be used if they are created yourself.

Soundtrack: 2K Sports and Duck Down Records hosted a competition for a song placement on the official soundtrack. After cutting thousands of entries down to ten, by popular vote producer Alex Kresovich (of New York) and rap group D.J.I.G. (of New Jersey) were the winners. Other artists on the soundtrack include Eminem & Royce da 5’9″, Freddie Gibbs, and James Pants.

Fun fact: This game is the first in the whole series with motion controls via the PlayStation Move.

Kaka bounds down the field with the ball.

It is history’s biggest franchise in soccer simulation. One of EA Sports’ most proudest accomplishments, it ranks as the seventh-most bestselling video game series in history. It is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or most commonly known as FIFA, introducing its nineteenth installment, FIFA 12, at the end of this month. A demo of this game has already been released since last Tuesday, the game heading for platforms as early as the PS2 to some that haven’t even been released yet, like the PlayStation Vita.

Gameplay: This game has several new features and improvements over its preceding installments. For the first time in years the game’s presenting and front end has been remodeled with familiar vertical menus being replaced by a side-scrolling system. Says Wikipedia, “A “trinity” of major gameplay changes have been implemented in FIFA 12; these are the Impact Engine, Tactical Defending, and Precision Dribbling.”

Soundtrack: The game’s OST features 39 established and breakthrough artists from almost 20 countries, covering a large amount of music genres. Some include Alex Metric (who has also been on the FIFA 10 soundtrack with “Head Straight”), The Strokes, and The Ting Tings.

I don’t usually think about overalls, but when I do, I’m thinking about Mario. Probably the most famous plumber across the country from America to Sweden. He always has an excuse to save Princess Peach (does he get tired of it?) with a smart premise for backup. When Mario’s not going on platforming adventures, he likes to tip in his hat and catch in his chest for a game of golf (Mario Golf), or travel with his friend Yoshi (Super Mario World), but he mostly enjoys putting the pedal to the metal in Mario Kart. And this is a way that Mario’s pedal has never been put to metal before…in 3D, as the ultimate Christmas present.

Gameplay: While replenishing some old Mario Kart traditions, Mario Kart 3DS (Mario Kart 7 is too, well…) does bring some new things in its package; vehicles can now be customized, with the decision of frames that range the weight, tires that affect a kart’s handling on certain surfaces, but the biggest new gadget Nintendo has announced is the hang-glider (not a kite, folks!) that allows racers to glide in midair. It can also be played in a 1st-person POV (point of view) utilizing gyroscopic controls. The game will also feature an arsenal of new weapons including the Fire Flower, also enabling underwater driving and earning boost by performing airborne tricks.(check please! )

Fun fact: Did you know that this game is the penultimate (second-last) game of 2011 alone? The final game of the year is BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend for the PS3 and X360, due to release the 17th.


I don’t want to go too long, because like they say, “Push yourself as hard enough so you can feel the burn—not to make it hurt.” This has been Sammwak, please subscribe and if you blog here, like this post. If you want more upcoming games, check Wikipedia’s “2011 in video gaming” for the whole year broken down into segments.

– Sam

p.s. Wish me luck on my first book report ever in the history of my life!

Hey guys it’s Sam, starting a new segment on my blog…BKZoo! An abbreviation of Breaking KZoo or Kalamazoo, this segment gives you the ultimate scoop on what’s happening at my house without all of it. This first issue is a very juicy one at most. I’m excited out of my wits for it. I have gotten my hands, for the first time, on a Nintendo Power magazine! (A monthly magazine about the juice Nintendo is squeezing out.)

The first-ever Nintendo Power magazine, just as the 80s were about to become the 90s.

Nintendo Power is one of the longest-running magazines of the American and the Canadian lands at over 20 years of age, and is the famous corporation’s official magazine. Spilling the beans about upcoming Nintendo recommendations ranging from Ocarina of Time 3D, to Dead or Alive: Dimensions, this magazine is one of the hottest funky junk I’ve read. I don’t even care leafing through pages and pages of microscopic print, but it pays off with its flamboyant styles and captivating perspectives.

The issue I have...the March 2011 subscriber edition magazine!

There, I learned lots of stuff that may be a little dated, but gives me some good recommendations whenever I get a 3DS. (courtesy of the Raise Money So Sam Mwakasisi Can Get a 3DS Fund) With the Nintendo power in your hands, Thor will look like an action figure. Check out a peek at some of March’s most anticipated games!

Some info behind some of the Street Fighter IV series newcomers.

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters – No sporting franchise has been as consistently successful on the Wii as Tiger Woods PGA Tour. But this new installment may be his biggest tee-up opportunity…in the Masters tournament! A first for the series, players can show off their skills at the famous Augusta National Golf Club. (I don’t know it, either) Can Woods make a comeback this season? Hey; at least his game never looked better.

The back cover of my issue, depicting SSF4 in a way you'd never think possible.

  •  Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition – Wasn’t this picture just asking for it? Anyways, my issue revolved around a lot of games, but SSF4 3D Edition was its main premise. March being the month the 3DS was launched in America, (Japan almost got a 4-week boost!) Nintendo fans must’ve screamed with joy when this game was announced. “…the biggest name in fighting games shoryukens its way into the Nintendo 3DS launch-window lineup” the magazine said. Think it’s going to be impossible executing Zangief’s first ultra? (circle motion twice + all 3 punches = Ultimate Atomic Buster) The new, and head-smackingly easy, Lite Controls think otherwise. The magazine was so revolved around this game, they had to interview several Capcom masterminds to get the full scoop! (Seth Killian, the man behind our final boss’s name, gave us some tips to fight like a boss. Alongside, the producer that made it all happen, Yoshinori Ono answering six questions.)
  • Put pedal to the metal like you never have before in Asphalt 3D. (Yes, it is related with the Asphalt app series.) Predictably the most accessible racing game coming to the handheld, this game boasts an easy power-slide system and an abundance of extra modes and vehicles, providing a lot to offer for both casual and hardcore racers.

A look at the two Ocarina of Time editions, among others: the original, from 1998, and the most recent, this year.

  • Ocarina of Time 3D – You know it. You love it.  61% want to have his ears, 54% want to play as a female lead, it is The Legend of Zelda. One of Nintendo’s most timeless series starting just around the time this magazine did, it currently ranks as the fourteenth on the chart of best-selling game series at sales paying off at 60 million. This epic has never looked better than its transition into 3D. A sensationally visual enhance of the original by far, it also graces interface improvements such as touch-screen. Whether you’re a longtime Zelda super-fan, or you’ve never played a Zelda game before, this is one adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

A snapshot of a game of Ridge Racer 3D in mid-race.

  • “It’s Riiiiidge Racerrr! If you imagined the voice of a cheesy announcer when you read that, then you’ve probably played enough Ridge Racer to know the long-running series has such a loyal following…” begins Nintendo Power. Long-running it is at 18 years of age, besides setting off the craze of arcade sensation Pac-Man, one of Namco’s biggest hit series must be Ridge Racer. Is Need for Speed too old for you? Try Ridge Racer especially after its conversion onto the 3DS in Ridge Racer 3D. Cool cars, gorgeous tracks, and racing that takes us back to the golden-aged arcade days. All that magic in your own pocket and where you go, this stellar feller goes.
  • After Ubisoft’s stumble with their Michael Jackson experience, they should be able to get back on their feet with another conversion of an old-schooled game created before 2000 was even known. It is Rayman 3D, the 3DS transition of 1999’s Rayman 2: The Great Escape. One of the most influential games of the N64 era, Ubisoft has taken the most highly regarded version of the game (the Dreamcast edition) and re-released it. Just with 3D graphics and analog controls and gentler difficulty curves, and better camera systems! In the end…not so different.

A player navigates themselves through a meadow of flowers and bananas.

  • Wow…talk about balls of steel. After a decade of Sega’s hit series titles all sharing the main premise of a bunch of simians that went “bananas” and transported around in balls to get more…kind of regular. And in Super Monkey Ball 3D, it’s kind of the same thing, except in 3D.  There are two types of ways to get things “rolling”: the circle pad, or the motion controls. But this game is a bit of new while still a bunch of old. Two new mini-games are being featured: Monkey Race, and Monkey Fight. Monkey Race is a little Mario Kart-esque, as the whole yearning for first place occurs. Monkey Fight is a little more Super Smash Bros. Either way, critics may not have had positive hearts, but they’re critics; they’re not supposed to.
  • And to believe this was the 3DS’s bestselling game, and first platinum title. Pet-raising simulation? Pet-raising? Seriously? Were all the people who bought this game girls? Nintendogs + Cats was the leading game at not too far from 2 million copies, beating out Ocarina of Time 3D at 0.63 copies! Making a 6-year return after Nintendogs hit the DS, even my magazine revolved around this for at least one half of a page, explaining its use of 3D graphics, and cute stuff like dogs jumping at the screen to lick you, or throwing a boomerang for your pal to fetch. (Note: This game launched exactly the day the 3DS did.)


Like what you’re seeing? Then maybe you should subscribe to Nintendo Power on Amazon to get a year’s worth of this juice! Anyways, keep checking back for more breaking Kalamazoo, and more on Sammwak! (Make sure you subscribe, or like this post if you blog here at WordPress.)

This is Sam breaking KZoo, signing out.

– Sam

That’s right. Hey guys, and for any of you who have actually checked out me and my brother’s channel , you’d know that we haven’t been up to date ever since our most recent video back in February 2011 (released five days before yours truly’s birthday), which only mustered seven thousand views, which is not even a fifth of the amount of views our most viral video get.]

Well, now over half a year later, we’ve finally released a new video in a beautifully brand-new format (just today)! Only seventy people have seen this greatness, and since the thousands start here at Sammwak, I thought that this would be the best way to spread the word. See it and replay it and replay it and replay it and replay it and replay it in awe! My brother is officially an After Effects master for doing this. Software takes people places, doesn’t it?

See, I told you it would be beautiful. And if you think you’ve woken up from this best dream ever, we’ll be releasing new videos all week under this format!…Okay, now you can wake up. 😉

Our fresh logo, and hopefully our fresh YouTube icon.

I’ve been cooking up tag-team ideas ever since we got this whole format thing down. I’ve got some pretty good ones down, and hopefully they’ll go from my WordPad to your computer screen. I’ve already told my friends on GMail’s Buzz about it, and maybe they’ll continue the buzz too…pun intended?

Anyways, keep checking back to OneByOne for slick new videos under this format. Speaking of slick videos, wanna check out our most viral video? (breaking the record at over 200,000 views)

I guess that’s all here from Sammwak. Just a quick shout-out to spread the news.

p.s. For my bonehead mistake of procrastinating on blogging times, I’ll be giving you a short span of posts every Monday, Friday, and Wednesday! That’s right, for just 2 weeks, Sammwak will be triweekly…starting, now!

p.p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for SSF4 charge character tutorials! (Anyone named Benny must be very happy right now.)

Hey guys it’s Sam. And it’s that time of year again. The year reminiscing the day when the thirteen colonies declared independence. The day of our country, when we all share a hotdog under the fireworks, go on a celebratory trip, have a special breakfast–who am I kidding, it’s Independence Day, the 4th of July!

See, these guys have hearts. And to celebrate this celebratory day, I’m giving you a Sammwak collectible to save and boast about to your friends: a hotdog from the bottom of my heart (it’s digitally delicious)!This hotdog is representative of this awesome day, something you’d share under the fireworks, of course! To celebrate, people almost blow themselves up with awesome fireworks shows, nom every nom they can nom at picnics, ROFL as you dunk a victim at a fair, meet long-lost cousins at a family reunion, the list goes on. This federal holiday has ranked as the national day of the U.S. (take that, Flag Day) And check out some cool feats from this day in history!

1810 – The French occupy Amsterdam.

1959 – With the declaring of Alaska as the forty-ninth state earlier in the year, the 49-star U.S. flag debuts in Philadelphia.

1960 – From the post-4th of July declaration of Hawaii as the fiftieth state, our 50-star U.S. flag debuts in Philadelphia almost 10 1/2 months afterward.

1987 – In France, former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie (funniest last name ever (^o^) is convicted of crimes against humanity and is sentenced to life in prison. 😦 Sad punishment for the funny-last-name man…

1997 – NASA’s Pathfinder space probe lands on Mars’s surface.

1997 (this one might not the 4th of July, but hey–it’s a 4th) – Jeanne Calment from France dies in August at 122 years and 164 days old, ranking as the oldest supercentenarian to live. Now, that’s an old grandma!

1961 – Walt Disney is one of the two major speakers in the Rebuild Hills at Denmark.

1968 – Jack Frost is born and has a menacing duel against Santa Claus–JK, he founds a heavy metal band called Seven Witches and also becomes a part of the Bronx Casket Company. Sorry, but if you wanna see duels, go watch The Santa Clause 3.

2009 – The Statue of Liberty’s crown is reopened to the public after eight years due to security reasons!! 😀

So this world has a lot more behind it than you thought. And check out this cool video from FlippyCat building and collapsing an American flag out of what seems to be dominoes?

I guess this guy lives for dominoes, he got this video up to almost 1 million views since July 2009. I know, another big surprise. But for more mind-blowing domino awesomeness, FlippyCat is definitely your man. And just before the launch of his blog (sorry for the hiatus of writer’s block), Fick sent out this message on Facebrook, a site for everyone at his town in Brookfield Grove: “Happy birthday, America. What kind of cake will you eat today? My guess is that it’ll be revolutionary!” Oh, Fick. 😉

So you heard it from Sammwak: happy 4th of July to all, and to all a revolutionary week! 😀

– Sam

p.s. Want another cool FlippyCat domino video? Furious feathers will fly in FlippyCat’s real-life Angry Birds walkthrough! (It’s almost at half a million views as we speak, with over 4,000 likes and 40 dislikes.)

More? This video has passed the one-million-view milestone, with over 5,000 likes and 100 dislikes. :/ Have you done your searching on Google Chrome….inos?

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Hey guys it’s Sam, and as you know, I’ve already expressed my interests in the Street Fighter series. And just yesterday, my brother found these videos, and displayed them for us. And I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. So impressed, I actually got MAD when the last video ended. They were from Thousand Pounds Action Company (whoops. Thought it was Action Comedy.), a pretty darn good stage fighting team that released a handful of stage fighting videos that actually looked like the real thing (Pfff. That’s what stage fighting’s SUPPOSED to do.) So today, I’m sharing with you, the videos that I marveled at and loved, and guarantee that you will too. The series features a first video, a second (“Femme Fatales”), and a third (“Final Round”). “Femme Fatales” scooped up the most views with over 1,000,000 of them. Video one would go second at over 800,000, and ‘Final Round” last with over a poor 400,000. Remember…no gore intended. 😉

WARNING: Rated  T for Teen for kinda-inappropriate content, language, alcohol reference, and violence.

And since we FINALLY made it to over 27,000 hits, I’ll throw in an extra to give you thanks for your commitments…

So, how are those flying fists, corrupt kicks, and superior smackdowns to you?

Well, as the French say: see you later on Sammwak! Stay in school, don’t do drugs, scream at the sky, and shampoo a squirrel.

– Sam

p.s. Locate the company at ThousandPoundsTeam@gmail.com.

p.p.s. Look forward to my Super Street Fighter IV review coming soon!

p.p.s.s. Why are you still looking at my postscripts? The post’s over!

That’s right. Capcom has gotten a whole new look on itself. They were a little unsure of Street Fighter IV at first. It was like a glob of wet clay with plenty of cracks. Then the fan nature called, and Super Street Fighter IV answered, filling in all the drab cracks that made it a masterpiece. I guess the Dimps-Capcom team thought that it just wasn’t enough. So now they’ve put their innovation to the test…and the Arcade Edition was born.

Some old-school Hongkongese fighters from SF3, Yun (left) and Yang, rebooted for the Arcade Edition.

The SSF4 series is still at its best in rebooting, like doing so for the pictured Yun and Yang. Think of this that sets them apart besides their couture: Yun’s a skater, but Yang’s more of a rollerblader. Back in April 2010, producer Yoshinori Ono announced that there would be an arcade version. Currently, Evil Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 2) and the brand-new Oni have been announced as playable bad guys. A couple of play tests were handled in numerous arcades as well as during the SF4 finals at Tougeki Super Battle Opera. Shortly after the release, pictures showing debug 360 achievements with various AE characters were leaked, implying a console release in the future. Evil Ryu was officially announced as playable on March 25, 2011, and Oni was released two weeks later on April 8. It’s planned for a June 7 release for the 360, and the PS3 as online DLC and media 4 weeks later, on June 28. The Replay Channel from SSF4 is getting bumped up a notch. Now players can distribute their replays, follow others’ recent games, and view a special channel featuring proficient players. It has also been announced that a PC version is due for release in July, including a benchmark computer test, and making use of Games for Windows Live.

Oni (left) and Evil Ryu...AE's villainous hidden bosses.

Check out a taste of what to expect from Arcade Edition if you don’t know of it already:

“Yun and Yang’s Ultras”

“Yun and Yang Trailer”


So if you want to unleash your inner warrior (and you own a PS3 or Xbox 360), invest in the Arcade Edition for just $39.99 when it hits stores July 28! And to me, that’s cheaper than most titles GameStop sell.

Goodbye for now, and if you still check out our channel‏, we plan to update as soon as possible when we get AE! 😉

– Sam 😀

Hey guys. Now, you know there is that extremely gruesome fighting tournament, Mortal Kombat. Well, guess what? There’s ANOTHER tournament that is pretty gruesome, but not so gruesome blood spatters out of every punch. I mean it’s just gruesome, 5 out of 10 gruesome. This series has been alive since late summer 1987. It is a tournament to determine the greatest fighter of the world in a battle of sweat, tears, but no blood. Fans…are you the Street Fighter?

You may not be desiring to become the greatest fighter on the face of Earth, but these ambitious dreamers are. Meet Ryu (pronounced ryoo, ry-yoo, rie-yoo, etc.), the Japanese hero who is the main character of the entire series, possibly along with American rival friend Ken. Meet Vega, the Spanish ninjitsu bullfighter who refuses to be blemished. Or Chun-Li, the Chinese girl who has superhuman legs. At 23 years old, Street Fighter is still in search of the perfect fighter…and they have a new game out to prove it.

Super Street Fighter IV is the most recent installment in the series, the updated edition of 2008’s Street Fighter IV. If there’s one thing SSF4 has, it’s new/recurring characters. Those who were lost amidst SSF2, Alpha, and SF3 return in this game, as well as two new Final Fight men from their Alpha iterations.

But there’s also the lady that’s actually making a DEBUT (first appearance) in this game from fan requests. Fans and fanatics, meet Juri Han, the nasty and evil new villainess working for Seth at S.I.N., Shadaloo’s weapon division. She is the first South Korean character, as well as the first true villainess, of Street Fighter alone. That’s a first.

The second new character is the Turkish Yagli gures wrestler, Hakan. Yagli gures basically means oil wrestling, which is wrestling while drenched in olive oil. Yeah, it’s that bizarre. If you want specific looks of this guy, you can either look him up on Street Fighter Wiki, OR…

An arcade version has also been announced, with some extra tweaks, along with the appearances of Hongkongese twins Yun and Yang. Evil Ryu and Oni are also secret bosses. Also, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is soon to release for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. And WHO CAN SAY NO TO THAT?

Super Street Fighter IV is available for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 otherwise. You can even stop by GameStop and pick up the pre-owned version for $25, or if you’re a real cheeky one, you’ll hitch on the new version for $30. Hey, if the critics say it’s EPIC, it’s EPIC!

Later, gators. In a while, crocodiles. See you soon, raccoons.

p.s. I can’t let you go NOW! Take the time to listen to some EPIC tunes from the OST!