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Hey guys, it’s me again, Sam. I know that I haven’t given you a chance to delve deep inside the iPhone lately (my most recent time to delve was the kitchen carnage), and now that I’ve gotten my hands on a certain app, I can be able to tell you about it. Over 3.1 million copies of this game have been downloaded to date! And it also features a 1.1.1 version! This will change the life of IQ forever. The app is none other than the brain-teasing Glow Puzzle.

The tenth level provides a challenge that isn't too fair and "square."

No need to take an IQ test now! A brain-stretcher from Nexx Studios, Glow Puzzle requires super keen intelligence, as you try and make your way through a neon shape continuously, without reusing any paths you already took. It may look like a simple premise, but the gameplay is awfully hard and complicated even for the top-notch puzzlers. I got my brain cracking around the third level, and even for a smart guy like me, this game is nothing close to that of GD Swarm. They might share the same blackened environment and be illuminated with bright color, but their premises tear them apart at the seams. However, it does have Solutions for stumped players, and it’s iOS 4-supported. Here are some forthcoming features for the game:
– ‘Retina Display’ graphics – Completed
– iPod music support – Completed
– Universal app (iPhone 4, iPad) – 40% completed
– OpenFeint and Game Center Achievement – 80% completed
– Puzzle theme option – Completed
– Improved animation effect
– Level editor – In development

While all of those sum up for a thorough and enticing app, there is also a huge downside. This game is heartbreakingly cheeky from its head-spinning puzzles, and would not be a recommendation to anyone who lacks some strong intelligence. And I love a good challenge, but Glow Puzzle took it way too far. And to date, I remain baffled of how it received positive feedback. >:/ And how it got on peoples’ Androids? And Windows 7? Lies, I tell you! They’re ALL lies!

Someone trying their hand at Glow Puzzle.

Although it does boast some pretty good features, Glow Puzzle‘s final verdict is a 3 out of 5. And on the chart, that’s a Bad. 😦 No one wants a Bad app. So if they ever do release these new gadgets, or even a sequel to follow, maybe Nexx Studios can pick up their pace, slap themselves a few times, and start impressing us.

Well, that’s all from Sam today! (Awwww…) Hey, calm down, guys! I’ll be releasing them every other day, starting today! (Yay?…) Which means I won’t be that lazy anymore! (YAY! :D) Hah! Don’t you just love scheduling posts?

Yours truly,


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p.p.s. Ha, you fell for it again! Heh heh…:D (If you don’t get the joke, then go back a post!)

Hey guys, it’s me Sam. And do you know the Annoying Orange? The Caesar of Citrus? The Atomic Annoyance? The Prince of the Puns? The fruit whose channel has more than 500 million total upload views and more than 1 million subscribers? Yeah, that’s him. Isn’t there a person like that in life for you: They won’t bother to listen, they’re extremely annoying, but at the same time can be awfully lovable? I know I do. 😀

Now, not to be offensive to any Annoying Orange fans, but I haven’t actually been up-to-date on Orange’s channel. But I have been finding out juice on his Facebook status, and a lot of it’s about a game. Not a Saw-type game. A fun game. Annoying Orange‘s first-ever game, to be exact. Have you ever wanted to be the KILLER of the kitchen? Now you CAN, in Orange’s first-ever game…Kitchen Carnage!!!

Now, I really found out about this game on the Annoying Orange site, annoyingorange.com, and I got SO pumped about it. And I believe it just might sound like a slaughterhouse of fun. Now, it takes up the usual fruit-killer action of Fruit Ninja, but you’d find actual characters from the web series. You’d zing them into blenders to get blended. You’d launch them onto cutting boards to be knifed. But, if available, you can sling them into the cupboards, where you’d find characters like Pear or Marshmallow. People are already erupting on this game literally ever since Annoying Orange’s episode of the same name came out.

YouTubers are already reviewing this game with positive reviews. IpodAppsEverywhere zinged a 4.5 out of 5 at Kitchen Carnage. Jojopet blended a perfect 5 out of 5 out of the game. Studiospaz even called it better than Bieber.

Now, to get REALLY inside the iPhone.

What makes the game efficient is that it really consumes the real basis of Annoying Orange: the KILL. And now, people even want celebrity fruits (i.e. Lady Pasta?) and more fruits to kill. It is the nicest game on the block, although the most strategic. It may instantly throw bonus time, mega bonuses, and level-ups at your feet in a successful sling in the cupboard (and vice versa), but it also conducts the most cheekiest strategy ever for a game: AIM. You could zip it into the perfect direction, but let it fall right behind the blender, or off to the side. Now, I haven’t played the game myself, but here are some tips otherwise:

Think before the zing. Thought literally comes before EVERYTHING, and in this, it’s pretty vital. Like I said, the cheekiest strategy of this game is aim, and you got to keep some good aim. Aim is earned through thought. How to do this? ACTUALLY THINK! Should I zing it at the board for a nice, juicy knife-down? Or should I maybe pop it into the blender for a spinning, squishy death? And should I push it so high it reaches the cupboard? Or so low it bounces off the table?

When the time comes to consume that opportunity, CONSUME IT! Or else you may not get the mega bonus or bonus time that will help save your five seconds left of slicing and dicing. Even DaneBoe (creator of AO) consumes the opportunity. And if you won’t consume it, talk to the Boedigheimer, girlfriend.

People are saying that Kitchen Carnage is actually putting up a pretty good fight with Angry Birds, especially since AB has released its second app, Angry Birds Rio based on the new movie Rio. Who are YOU rooting for? Answer in your comment/email!

My final consensus (my time zone is yelling at me that I’m running out of time) is that: “Though its real gameplay is predictable and frustrating, Kitchen Carnage is a whimsical addition to Dane’s blossoming series with acceptably witty gaming.”

So, Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage knifes up a juicy 4.5 out of 5. Different thoughts? Vote in the poll below.

I guess that’s all for now…Oh, wait! I almost forgot. Sorry I forgot to smash this into my post, but check out DaneBoe actually playing Kitchen Carnage with 71,750 points! Feel the power of the

– Sam

p.s. Are you interested in stopping by the App Store to slice up Kitchen Carnage? You can for a killer 99 cents! A cold-blooded steal! Also, if you don’t want to stop there, stop by to blend up the Annoying Orange soundboard app for free!

Hey guys, it’s Sam, and this is the fourth Game n Vote post! You should definitely know this game by now. If you don’t, then I am very shocked. Let’s just say it involves grenades…

That’s right, my fine friendly fans. It is the best-selling shoot-em-up game, Fragger. Now, in Fragger, you basically are this guy who has am amount of grenades. Your job is to bomb some pretty creepy figures with your grenades before they run out. The less grenades it takes you, the more points you get via “grenade bonus”. You can control the range of the grenade. Will it fire up in the sky like a flare gun and land next to a figure? Also, you don’t want grenades to go out of bounds. If you run out of them, the level instantly restarts. Speaking of restarts, you can retry by hitting R if you get stumped. This is another recent Miniclip game I’ve played, and it can be found elsewhere such as Armor Games or Kongregate. So, check out this game at Miniclip:


As an extra bonus, you can also check out the sequels, Fragger: Bonus and Fragger: Lost City. And, yes, this IS an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for only $0.99! Fragger himself also wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…so do I!

L8trs, Sam

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Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? I FINALLY have another app review! No, I’m not fibbing. I rly have a fresh, juicy new review ready! It’s for one of my favorite iPhone 4 apps to play…Cut the Rope.

Like Fruit Ninja, it’s a puzzle game. Except there’s no slicing fruit, and there’s no Sensei. You just got a “pet” that we’d call…Om Nom. Now, Om Nom apparently must be fed with candy, and it’s your job to “cut the rope” so the candy can safely enter the monster’s mouth. But it’s not as easy as it seems. More obstacles get in your way level after level, and pretty soon spiders will be getting in your way. Ugh, those spiders…

To get a bonus of points, try aiming for the 3 stars in each level. It’ll give you a big boost in points, and you’ll be able to reflect on it selecting your level, like, “Hey, I got 3 stars in this level.”

Anyways, here’s some things you can do to improve your chance of 3-starring a level:

Think before you cut. The knife is mightier than the rope, but the knife must be wise in cutting the rope. Maybe you could cut 3 ropes, but maybe you’d be likely to cut 2 instead. If the rope overtake the knife, there no be 3 stars, there no be Om Nom nom nom candy, there be sad Om Nom.

If you’re stumped, use a walk-through online. For instance, everyone just goes online to find out how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Maybe someone else knows how to solve a level and get all 3 stars, and you don’t. So what? Don’t get envious. Just be glad they know. End of story.


This game is fun, and it only charges 99 cents. It’s definitely worth the payment and the time.

I’d have to give this game, at least at 8.2. Different thoughts? Check the poll:

L8trs, Sam

Oh, and p.s. If u want, you can comment/email me an app to review, and you could be responsible for the next iNSiDE iPhone! 🙂

Hey guys it’s Sam at Sammwak. No it’s not another iNSiDE iPhone episode. It’s something even better (I hope). It’s…Zombigotchi?

If you have a Tamagotchi, you have a pretty good image of what this app’s all about. Except your Tamagotchi is a zombie. You can poke him, pet or stroke him. Don’t forget to feed him BTW. This app features 5 unlockable zombie-licious characters, 2 sub-games, and 25 zombie collectable cards. Great for Halloween, or any holiday. The great choice for kids and their discerning parents. For only $1.99, Zombigotchi can be bought for family fun, or for holiday occasions. Here are a few screenshots:

It would be surprising if you actually got the game. I have no experience of it whatsoever, and maybe I’ll gaze at it in the future to come.

– Sam

Hey guys it’s another episode of iNSiDE iPhone at Sammwak, with your host, Sam (me). Now, today’s app is the best of the best…the juiciest of the juiciest…the fruitiest of the fruitiest…it’s Fruit Ninja.

Now, obviously, you should know what Fruit Ninja is by now. If u don’t then…:/…Fruit Ninja is this freakishly fun and famous app where you swipe your finger across the screen. Why? In the game, your finger is a blade, and since ninjas loathe fruit, it’s your job to put these fruits popping up onscreen to a juicy end to their journey. I like this game because it’s really enjoyable how you can literally “be a ninja” without traveling to Japan. It literally explains to you how to be a ninja victimizing juicy fruit.

Here are some tips to keep up and slicin’:

Don’t go berserk, and swipe your finger all over the screen. Well, DUH! It never works. When you swipe your finger all over, a bomb might show up and you’re too busy going bonkers to notice. You might slice the bomb, and it’ll be the end of the line for you. Trust me…even I’ve done it.

If u r unable to get a combo, keep your cool. It’s not the end of the world, kid. Combos in fighting games must take practice for the experts who were once clueless beginners. You’re just pushing yourself too hard. Relax. Calm down. EAT A COOKIE!

See what I mean?

Don’t slice for fun, slice for them opportunities. Like always, a person must have something to live for. Me? I live for reading, writing, and (obviously) blogging. I’m that computer whizzy author bookworm-type of person. Even fruit flies. They live for fruit. Even fruit NINJAS. They live for slicing fruit. And speaking of fruit ninjas, don’t just slice for fun. Think of all the opportunities as a fruit ninja. Blazing hot blades, beautiful backgrounds…it’s all yours if you slice for that opportunity. Don’t hold back. Don’t back down. Don’t you want that funky blade that changes color swipe by swipe? Or that hot new blade that literally burns those fruit to ashes? Don’t you want that slick new background dedicated to Sensei? Don’t you? Huh? Huh? Don’t you? Don’t cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me? Don’t cha wish your boyfriend was a freak like me? Don’t cha? Don’t cha?

Anyways, before I start thinking about the Pussycat Dolls, let’s go back to our review.

One last tip btw…Never…give…up. Quitting ninjas? That just makes 0% sense to me. They would have to be kicked out of every dojo known to Japan. Afraid to use a board breaker, afraid to chop, afraid to do anything and everything…yeah, they’d be banned from every dojo known to Japan.

So, here’s a final consensus: Literally your guide to be a ninja with juicy executions up the sleeve, Fruit Ninja is freakishly fun, freakishly famous, and freakishly fruity, and has been since the peak of April 21. (9.5, Nine and a half out of ten)

Different thoughts? Here, use the Poll:

Fruit Ninja‘s only 99 cents, so it’s worth the payment and worth the hours. L8trs, everybody. See u next time on iNSiDE iPhone, and on Sammwak…the blog of spine-chilling, heart-racing, mouthwatering awesomeness d^_^b

Hey guys it’s Sam and I’m starting yet another segment on Sammwak! It’s called iNSiDE iPhone, and it’s where I post up app reviews of apps I supposedly like and have played on Chris’s jailbroken iPhone 4. And today, I’m reviewing Angry Birds.

You should already know what Angry Birds is by now. If you don’t, then…*sigh*…it’s a game where some evil green pigs steal some birds’ eggs, and it’s up to the birds to strike back with a vengeance. They are flung through a slingshot, and have to smash their way through wood and glass (as far as I’ve been) to get to the pigs for them precious 5000 points. For each bird you DON’T have to fire when you have already killed both pigs, you receive 10,000 points.

Do u get it now?


I enjoy the game from its wacky-packed puzzle action. It seems so legitimate how the pigs are hiding beneath wood and glass, and it’s your job to break through and get the pigs. The clever pigs put up yet another match for their feathered foes, but with as many birds as required, the game always puts up a fun, feathered adventure difficult to overpass. I enjoy the birds greatly:

The red birds are simply flung, and the bird’s reliable source is its momentum.

Blue birds split into three smaller birds, and can have different targets on their pigs.

Yellow birds speed up and dash directly into targets.

Black birds explode on command or shortly before contact with an object.

White birds drop egg-shaped bombs.

Green birds, after being flung, fly back like boomerangs.

Big Brother birds are like red birds, but are bigger and cause more damage.

Despite the fact that I have only been up to blue birds for usage, it is still a fun game no matter how you slice it.



Nominated for “Best Casual Game” @ the 6th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards at Barcelona

Top selling paid app at UK App Store of Feb. 2010

Limited version downloaded over 11 million times for iOS

Full-featured version downloaded over 7 million times of Sept. 2010

Android version downloaded more than 1 million times within first 24 hrs. of release, over 2 million downloads in 1st weekend

Final consensus: Like the critics said, Angry Birds is successful with its quirky puzzled action. (8.5%, eight and a half out of ten)

Vote for yourself:

Angry Birds is just 99 cents, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to get it. See you next time on iNSiDE iPhone, everybody. Sammwak signing out. 🙂