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And let that be known. I already told you all about the news, and what I found next was even more than I had blogged about. A surprise beyond surprises. A surprise good enough to land the cover story of the latest Nintendo Power! Lemme recap from my previous post about the news: “Back in the years of the twentieth century, there was a craze that I’d like to call the “animation invasion” or the “cartoon boom”. This was a time where cartoons literally came into our world and ran wild, changing rules and righting wrongs. This era still echoes in our minds today, but there are some mass-media businesses that brought us the echo, most of them being stuff like Nickelodeon or Disney. Nickelodeon jumped into action in about the early to late 90s, and perhaps the early 2000s as well, introducing timeless classics like DougRocko’s Modern LifeCatDog, and, of course, SpongeBob (most likely the only creation during the cartoon boom that still runs today). But don’t forget about Disney and all they’ve done with bringing memorable characters to our time. Especially Mickey Mouse, and this brings up a new point. If you were a Wii owner headed in the right direction as of ’10, you might have picked up the M. Mouse game Epic Mickey. And, like usual, it triggered a swarm of rumors about a possible sequel. Well, everything you’ve heard is true.”

I already informed you about information like Epic Mickey officially receiving a sequel, and the tons of debuts the new sequel was gonna have: Oswald making his playable debut, the series making its debut on console and computer alike, the new modes in the game, its plot and list of tentative titles, and even its possible date: holiday 2012. Well, you’re about to add more to what you already know, because Epic Mickey and company are coming back later this year, but not in just one sequel, but two! The NP cover story issue isn’t hitting the markets until tomorrow, so be lucky I’ve got this exclusive info for you. The two sequels will be The Power of Two for the Wii, and The Power of Illusion for the 3DS. Get your paint and thinner ready, folks—you’re getting more opportunity than you even bargained for.

Although I showed you four possible covers for the game that were competing for the ultimate and official title, they basically all lost to another cover that I honestly believe doesn’t parallel as much, but is still kinda cool.

But, hey—what the creators must announce is what the fans must anticipate. Anyway, let’s talk a bit about The Power of Two, the more-known-about sequel of the two, the one that actually has a Wikipedia article. The platform range for this game have branched out tremendously, abandoning the concept of being just a Wii-exclusive title. It is now available for the Mac OS X, the PC, and the three rivals of the seventh generation of gaming: the PS3, Wii, and X360. Now that’s a severe case of irony. The excitement first kindled thanks to Destructoid when they put up an article last summer speculating the sequel and its possible covers. The rumors inched closer to reality when the French division of Disney as well as game designer Warren Spector invited the French to an “epic project”  comencing in late March 2012. The rumors came even closer when Nintendo Power announced, at the end of their March ’12 issue, that their next issue in April would have a “top-secret” preview, and this is what that would look like if you actually read the last page:

Can you tell what those things at the bottom are?…

GameTrailers also stated that their March 22, 2012 episode would involve a “world-exclusive preview of Warren Spector’s new epic adventure”, and it would be “notably significant.” Tons of clues and mind-boggles later, Warren finally confirmed that the rumors were true on the 21st, and that the title of the game would be Power of Two, and would feature new parts of the city as well as old ones ruined by earthquakes and other natural disasters. But luckily, for us, I confirmed this information even earlier. Not to be a showoff. Warren said that over 700 people would be part of the sequel’s crew, and that over a thousand alters were made to the camera issues that were criticized in the first game. Now, about the plot.

Taking place some time after the original title, the Mad Doctor (whom Mickey had defeated in the original), mysteriously returns to the Wasteland, despite being presumably blown up in the original game. [This reminds me about a metaphor you could always use in these peculiar situations: when Kenny dies in South Park, he almost always comes back for the next episode he appears in.] Claiming to have realized the error of his ways, ironically enough, he offers to work alongside Oswald and other Wasteland residents to mend the damage caused by earthquakes in order to make a few amends.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Oswald accepts the Mad Doctor’s helpful plan for the city. However, not long after this, the Wasteland suffers even more wear-and-tear than before, and suspicion rises that the Mad Doctor is not keeping to his own truth. Gus the Gremlin, Oswald’s buddy advisor, and his girlfriend Ortensia (confirming that rabbits can actually have love lives), all come to a conclusion: “When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who we gonna call? MICKEY MOUSE!” And apparently this is the best possible plan since Mickey had saved Wasteland in 2010. Mickey climbs through the same mirror that he did in 2010, retrieves his magical paint-and-thinner brush from Yen Sid’s workshop, after having it taken away at the end of–gee, this game has a lot of tie-ins to its predecessor, doesn’t it? With the help of Gus, Mickey returns to the corrupted Wasteland to uncover the truth behind the Mad Doctor’s “little white lie”, with Oswald as a sidekick along the way.

And indeed, they discover that the Mad Doctor had tricked them, using his helpful offer as an excuse to create and release his new works known as “Blotworx” into the already troubled districts, hybrids of the original game’s Blotlings and Beetleworx. Realizing his mistake that could cost him the life of the city, Oswald becomes Mickey’s assist in taking down the Mad Doctor once again to fix a mess he himself had started.


For Wii users, your game will be developed by Junction Point Studios, but for PS3 and X360 users, yours will be from Blitz Games. For everyone, it will be published by Disney and distributed by Buena Vista, running under the Gamebryo engine, used by companies like 2K Games, Ubisoft, and Sony. Instead of coming out in the holidays of the year, it will instead come around the fall season in September. Waiting 5 months isn’t all that bad, is it? If you can’t wait, you can always hitch up the Nintendo Power April issue and get your fix before the primetime release.

Yep, this is the final cover art. Not some fake that I made to be show-y…POST APRIL FOOLS! You totally fell for that, didn’t you? Yeah, this is just a fake I made, but at least it looks cool. And, Disney, if you’re coming up with a cover for Power of Illusion, you could always use mine under my 100% permission, but only with 5% of the game’s financial revenues. Anyway, Power of Illusion will be an apparent 3DS-exclusive Epic Mickey sequel, and it will probably be the second of the two sequels, as its date is not yet determined. So, the game is basically a sequel’s sequel. This time, a company named Dreamrift will be grabbing the reins of development, and Peter Ong will be designing, but Disney and Buena Vista still have their jobs. It is not yet known what engine it will run on, but it has been spreading that the sequel will possibly be running under hand-drawn sprites and scrolling backgrounds, which Spector has confirmed as true.

The plot for this game is completely irrelevant with that of The Power of Two, but still takes place after the original game. In this, the evil witch Mizrable (good name), and her Castle of Illusion, have accidentally been transported to the Wasteland thanks to the wizard Yen Sid, the same guy with the workshop Mickey got his brush back from in Power of Two. Oswald tells Mickey the news, but also adds that Minnie Mouse has been detected inside. So now, for his second sequel, the two are on a mission to save not only Minnie, but the “Illusions” of other trapped Disney characters inside the castle.

The 3DS mechanics of the game basically resemble the game Scribblenauts; where you must write out words to convert them into real objects. In this game, you must trace out those objects to bring them to existence. And for people who aren’t the best illustrators, that’s a bad thing, since the quality of your drawings reflect on the quality of the drawn object. Nintendo Power used a cannon as an example. A well-traced cannon will only inflict harm on enemies, but a badly traced cannon can inflict harm on everyone else, even Mickey! Each stage of the game will resemble a different Disney animated feature. Some announced ones include Peter PanSleeping Beauty, and even Tangled.


So are you excited for these sequels? I know I’ll be checking the ratings in September this year to see if I should pick it up! Anyway, I’ll give you one last thing to participate in before you leave. Mwak out.

– Sam

p.s. Time for our Would You Rather o’ the Week! Would you rather…every time you go #1 in the bathroom, it lights on fire, or every time you go #2, it blows up?

Hey guys it’s Sam and I’ve dug up yet another valuable YouTube treasure, matey! This is a post fueled of excitement and happiness, so don’t be surprised if I go too crazy. Well, anyway, in the wee ending days of October, my dad and I ordered 5 TechDecks on eBay for about 6 dollars. They would be shipped to our home from November 16th-30th. But what day is it now? And I already have my beautiful TechDecks!

A full examination of the elements of a TechDeck (from left to right): the wheels, the trucks, and the board.

A specifically-described TechDeck would be a miniature skateboard, or a “fingerboard.” It may seem like a boring bare minimum, but almost all the boys in my class used to be addicted to these things. They would trade boards with one another, or even trucks and wheels. But who knew that there were actual fingerboard championships this year, in this country, for a $5,000 cash prize? And who else to announce the grand winner but skating legend Tony Hawk? I tell you, TechDecks are serious stuff. Here are three videos of that championship in their chronological order: the Minneapolis qualifier (almost 30,000 views), the Denver qualifier (almost 25,000 views), and the finals (100,000+ views, which were held just last month in the big NYC!).

Now geeks will definitely be remembered in skateboarding history. But anyway, you can find these all over Walmart, eBay, you name it, TechDecks are there…well, maybe not everywhere. And they go for serious prices, like Walmart forcing it online for over forty big ones! There are actually even park sets like half-pipes and rails available for sale along with TechDecks.


eBay – There are many different prices (the “Buy It Now + Free Shipping” kinds recommended), but the highest ones usually reach peaks of up to sixty dollars.

Walmart – One 4-pack of boards costed 10 dollars, but there are only 14 items in stock when you search up “tech deck”, but they’re all mostly half-pipes and other sets.

Amazon – One 96MM 4-pack of boards costed 15 dollars, but again it’s mostly park sets, with the exclusion of some head-smackingly expensive boards compared to normal.


Check out the site of all finger-skating sites at techdeck.com, and also, if you already own a TechDeck or just want some sourcing guided help, check out these tutorial videos of how to perform tricks like kickflips (almost 253,000 views) or even simple ollies (almost 12,000 views).

So anyway, subscribe, like, comment, oh my! And make sure to get your share of Tech-Decking, and tell me about your finger-boarding history in a comment! Also check by every Friday on 2Sam2Mwak for…ah, you get the point.

Later, gator. After a while, crocodile. See you soon, raccoon.

– Sam


Hey guys it’s Sam, and apparently it’s a fun tradition to keep track of what you’re doing in a specific year, on a specific day, at a specific time. What do these all have in common?…The same basic number. YouTuber JLC released a video asking what we were doing on September 9, 2009 (9/9/09) at 9:09 pm. So now, what will you be doing on November 11, 2011?

These two movies will be hitting theaters today, on 11/11/11. At the time of 11:11, I’m not so sure. The first movie is a biographical dramatic kind called J. Edgar, based on the real J. Edgar Hoover, the first-ever director of the FBI. (Leonardo DiCaprio is starring as Hoover, the first time he’s portrayed a real-life person since 2004’s The Aviator.) The movie focuses on Hoover’s career onward since the Palmer Raids of 1919-1920, including an examination of his private life. Sadly, most critics have been turning their thumbs down to this movie, saying that it lacked coherence.

The next movie is Immortals. Did you think Clash of the Titans was too cheesy? Try this. Years after the 10-year battle of the Titanomachy, King Hyperion declares war against humanity. He searches for the Epirus Bow, a legendary weapon created by the war god Ares (you’d know him if you read Percy Jackson more often) which allows Hyperion to free the remaining Titans from Tartarus and take revenge on the Olympians who brought their downfall. But the thing is, ancient laws prohibit gods siding in war between Hyperion and humanity, so it’s up to only Theseus to save the gods and the day.

Here’s a list of things I did today:

  • Finish my hot-off-the-presses Captain Rubber superhero comic prequel.
  • Sit out in the hall while everyone inside watched Soul Surfer. Hey, with a couple books and some drawing supplies, you can kill time way more beneficially than watching a cheesy based-on-a-true-story movie!
  • Check out these specific books at the school library: The Loser List, Bone: The Great Cow Race, The Curse of the Campfire Weenies, and The Mysterious Cheese Thief.
  • Start working on my book-0′-drawings, Sam’s Epic Book of Drawings!!!: A Book of Epic Proportions. When I finish it, I ode to give a copy to each bearing heart who reads this!
  • Go outside at school for the first snowy recess of the 2011-2012 school year. And surprisingly, the snow just vanished just like *that*!
  • …And many other epic things!

Anyway, I predict that I’ll be cruising in our family room like every usual Friday night at 11:11 pm tonight. Anyway, what will you be doing today, on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 pm? Post your comments below! Check out this sweet new Nintendo Power I’ll probably be bringing with me at 11:11 pm!


Wanna take a sneak peek at it so you won’t be entirely jealous? Not only did this version of Star Power focus on Pikmin‘s Captain Olimar, but this issue’s version of The Score, stated the following facts:

  • 78% of people (56% more than all the other percentages COMBINED) agreed that Dr. Mario (released in July 1990) is the doctor they would trust to treat them. Other competitive doctor nominees were Dr. Light (Mega Man), Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Dr. Crygor (Wario).
  • 8 out of 10 of people have stabbed their friend in the back during co-op. What mean people!
  • 36% of people believe that the Robotic Operating Buddy of the NES (R.O.B.) would be chosen to help out around their homes. Impressive, but very lazy.
  • 54% more people believe that sequels (77%) are better than prequels (23%).
  • People believe that Mario Kart‘s style of racing should be turned into real life.
  • More people prefer fully orchestrated video game music, instead of 8-bit bleeps and bloops, rock music, and electronic dance beats.
  • People believe that Star Fox‘s Falco Lombardi wouldn’t be such of a grump if he dated Sonic‘s Amy Rose. Sorry, Birdo (Mario), Candy Kong (Donkey Kong), and Splash Woman (Mega Man 9), your man is taken.
  • 58% more people believe that players should set their game difficulty (79%) instead of being measured against the same one (21%).

Later, peeps.

– Sam M.

Hey it’s Sam with another great YouTube treasure, mateys! (Why do I keep saying that?) And if you are a modern-day person, don’t watch TV, and/or might not have a life, you may not know Looney Tunes. Be as it may, it may be the most timeless cartoon the networks have ever seen. And now that it’s gotten a 2011 rejuvenation, we now know it with The Looney Tunes Show, bringing every old-school character and possibly converting them into the most new-school people I’ve seen. And that’s what today is about. While we may not be focusing on the show in general, we’re focusing on one of my favorite aspects of the show: “Merrie Melodies”.

This is the title card of the first Merrie Melody from the thirties.

Merrie Melodies are songs (usually 2 min. at most) featuring classic Looney Tunes characters singing original songs. If you don’t ROFL at these videos, then you have no emotion. Hands down. There are actually lots of YouTubers that release TLTS melodies. And I actually give you extra points if you have some of these on iTunes or Windows Media Player (at least a music player in general). Some videos have gotten over 100,000 views while others haven’t, but it’s the song that counts.

This first song is about Chickenhawk, a hawk who loves chicken. Crispy, glazed, baked, fried…come on, he eats chicken cake for his birthday. (130,000 views since May 2011.)

The next song is about Elmer Fudd’s love for grilled cheese sandwiches. I do criticize him, because he rejects a burger, a shake, a cake, and a steak for that cheese! (Now that’s what I call true love.) >:-( 100,000 views since May 2011. )-:<

Another song stars Marvin the Martian, and he sings about how he’s really a good guy despite being from Mars. He shares cheese pizza and lemonade, and–oh, this is the best part–he’s the ultimate host of puppies; he makes them in his lab. (20,000 views since June 2011. And yes…this is Cartoon Network’s channel.)

The final song is a love song. But not any love song. It stars Lola. Yeah, that crazy psycho stalker bunny after Bugs. She tries to tell him he’s in love, but he tries to get out of it in every way possible…even if he has to go tooth-and-nail on her. (Almost 100,000 views since July 2011.)


So for any of you who don’t watch this show yet, I have four reasons why you should. In fact, you just saw them. So catch The Looney Tunes Show Tuesdays at 8:00 on Cartoon Network! It’s actually better than you think…;)

Your blogger,


p.s. This post is dedicated to my friends, Benny and Jerry Kagumba. Why? Because they were the first to witness this awesomeness…and they’ve been with me for years now. So, if you’re reading this, this is in your honor.

That’s right. Hey guys it’s Sam, at Sammwak, where…u know what, forget the joke 😡

Now, as of the title, u can see that I will list the top five songs that are stuck in my head, and will remain there for all eternity(?)

Now u may or may not know these songs, and if u don’t there r links to the music videos :D:

#6: “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba, from Tubthumper


I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down, I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…

Ugh. I just listened to the first 38 seconds of the music video, and before that I listened to the whole song (via Chris’s iTunes 10) and it’s still stuck in my head. Babies and their smiles…


#5: “This Way” by Saturday Night at the Apollo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf0Cb4Nm1cI (Sorry but this isn’t actually the real MV I couldn’t find one :()

[Um…I don’t really have an album cover either :(]

Ugh. Ever since I played it on Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, it is stuck in my head as well. I only played the demo, and I can memorize the whole demo 4 u, if you’d like.


#4: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot


Ugh. Ever since my friends introduced me to a 1:31 version of this song from Stick Page (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6KXfE_7CwA), the music video only got even uglier. I mean, who would write a song about liking big butts? I mean, isn’t that kind of…you know, explicit? But NOOOO, Burger King just HAD to make their own version for SpongeBob. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5X4TSbGreA)

Not only is this inappropriate, but it’s stuck in my head, for crying out loud. I mean, not to be offensive or anything, but I don’t really feel like shaking my “healthy butt” right now.


#3: “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” by Weezer

Music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDIzMGh94vo

The audio version that I like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkLgIHFzm74


This may be the most epic-est win in music evar 😀 I mean, who wouldn’t like flying dogs? And besides, I got over my cynophobia (fear of dogs) anyways. *Sigh* Weezer and their album covers…


2: “Beat in Love” by Clazziquai


I mean, don’t get me wrong, that music video is MESSED UP…in a good way. There are guys who have turning TV heads, guys with skulls for heads, that pop up to the beat, a naked guy with sunglasses and some weird hairdo, and then Jackie Chan just HAS to chip in to the dance party at the end. I mean, that’s just wrong/right. 😀


And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the #1 song stuck in my head…is…

“Cobrastyle” by Teddybears!!! (There r two albums this song is on, so I’ll just put up both of dem)

This going to be the audio, because I swear, the video is so explicit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBTSG_Tryhc&feature=fvw

But if you want 2 see the video anyways, *Gulp*….: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYn7rr4yZ9U


So anyways, “Cobrastyle” is the number one song that’s stuck in my head. Now, thanks for reading this post. Please like it, and if u want 2, subscribe so that you can get notifications for new posts and stuff. So uh thanks again.

Oh, and 4 the commenter question: Do u have any song(s) that are stuck in ur head? 😀

Please leave ur creative and/or interesting responses in the comments section above (I accidentally said “down there” this whole time sorry heh heh :D)

So, um..bye.

This has been Sammwak. Signing out (d^_^b)