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Hey it’s Sam back from a pandemonium-filled week! Scoring the power of polite by getting the school Green Team all year long, getting my second consecutive gold medal in our comprehensive reading test program (a.k.a. Accelerated Reader), the list goes on. But now I’m especially looking forward to something. This is something we’ve all being dying–well, crying–for. It’s actually releasing at the end of next month, June 28. Told you it was closer than you think. If you’re a fan of the potty humor heroes of Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants, Super Diaper Baby), here comes a big, small, and special sequel to one of Dav’s hit bestsellers. Fans…open your mind to the world of the Potty Snatchers.

The follower of 2002’s Super Diaper Baby, this year’s Invasion of the Potty Snatchers is the 3rd graphic novel by “George Beard and Harold Hutchins” (in case you’re confused, the first two were Super Diaper Baby and Ook and Gluk), but the first to be referred to as an “epic novel” from the duo instead of a “graphic novel”, the only epic novels being Dav’s Captain Underpants series. Since nasty Principal Krupp has demanded the boys to stop making any comics associated with poop, they change to a whole different subject: pee. Speaking of pee, the new villain of Invasion of the Potty Snatchers is Rip Van Tinkle, a diabolical genius/inventor/bank robber that awakens to find himself a walking, talking puddle of pee. From this, his determination sprouts to demolish every toilet in town. And for a diabolical, ruthless, devious plan, that’s not too evil.

Could the terrifying Van Tinkle ruin bathrooms with his smart-alecky cat, Petey? Or is this a job for the amazing Super Diaper Baby? Well, duh! Of course it is! Will Billy meet a match when he encounters toilet-taking intruders and even the enormous SUPA KING MECHA-KITTY 3000 (it’s obvious from the ‘Supa’ that it’s gonna be the most hood villain ever)? Perhaps with a hand–well, PAW–from his mighty canine friend, Diaper Dog, our pint-sized hero might put an end to the reign of Van Tinkle terror, and make the planet safe for toilet-lovers everywhere!

As another “treat”/excuse from the release of the ninth Captain Underpants novel, if you’re in for some action, you’re in for some laughs, and you’re in for some more potty humor, “urine” for an awesome treat! Calling all Pilkey fans for the grand sequel to the hit novel that had readers wetting their pants with joy!

Featuring the return of Deputy Dangerous/Doo-Doo’s dynamic doggie, a special guest appearance of Principal Krupp himself, and more of the hit “cheesy animation technology” that had Pilkey fans on their feet! Coming soon to Dav Pilkey’s website: learn how-to-draw all the gallant heroes and diabolical villains from this adventure, and be on the lookout for artwork, videos, and updates from the book! As I said, this novel comes out on June 28, 2011…but start bugging your parents NOW! I mean, seriously; even the cover art’s out!

Speaking of the cover art, it looks like Captain Underpants lent some of his powers to Dav! Watch Dav whip up the cover art in two and a half minutes! Talk about pre-shrunk and cottony!

So, remember, lavatory lovers: if you’re only going to read one book in 2011 about an evil puddle of pee, make sure it’s Super Diaper Baby 2: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers! Amazon says they’re allowing pre-order for just $9.99, but Barnes & Noble pre-orders for cheaper at $9.49! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Well, that’s all for now! Remember, my friends: When you need some potty humor to make your day, you know what book will come to stay: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers!

With all due respect,

Sam 😉