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…And, yes, I’m somewhat excited for it. Hey guys it’s Sam, and you might ask yourself, “Why is Sam releasing a post on Sunday when he’s usually an every-Monday kind of blogger?” And I might answer, “That’s a real good question. But the real sitch (slang shortening for “situation”. Have you even seen Kim Possible?) is that it might comprehend more, since a certain sporting event is on the same day this post came out. And what is that grand event? Well, none other but the Super Bowl XLVI (46), my friend. Since the day hasn’t come yet, lots of spots on the form have been left blank, if you know what I mean, and not even the teams have been yet announced. But the Super Bowl’s going from near the heart of Texas in Arlington to the heart of Indiana in Indianapolis, there’s probably something to remember with this Bowl.

The logo for the latest Bowl is literally identical to last year in 2011. Even 2010's Bowl logo was more original than this!

The teams that are officially playing in the Bowl (winners of the NFC and AFC championships) are the New York Giants and the New England Patriots (the fan-favorite by 3.5), the exact same teams that went neck-‘n’-neck in 2008’s Super Bowl XLII, with the Giants rising above the rubble 17-14. Can the Pats be able to avenge their loss against the G-Men (these nicknames are the tiniest bit odd) next Sunday? If anyone reading this in the East Coast wants to tune in for the kickoff on time, set your clocks to a scheduled timing of 6:25 pm.

The Super Bowl XLVI will take place at the Lucas Oil Stadium of Indianapolis, the first Bowl ever to do so, as well as the 4th Bowl to be played in a cold-weathered city, after Detroit (XVI & XL) and Minneapolis (XXVI). John Parry (a ref since the 2000 season) will be refereeing for this event, and one of the confirmed halftime show performers will be Madonna, with a possible appearance of M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj as well. Also, be on the lookout for Nicki’s latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, in April. The singer of the national anthem (“Star-Spangled Banner” if you forgot) will be Kelly Clarkson, who hopefully won’t screw up and become a meme sensation like Christina Aguilera did last year. Kelly Clarkson’s confirmation to sing the anthem has been the fourth time in the past five years someone who participated in a season of American Idol has done so, following Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Jordin Sparks. The husband-and-wife country musicians Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may also be unofficially performing “America the Beautiful”. NBC is hosting the Bowl for the first time since the Super Bowl XLIII in 2009. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth will be announcing, and the Indiana University Marching Hundred will “tackle” the pregame show.

This is the only-revealed poster of ACT OF VALOR, a movie Relativity Media is to advertise during the Bowl.

The only movie companies that have purchased slots for this years’ Bowl have been Relativity Media, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Universal Studios. Act of Valor (shown above) is one of Relativity Media’s official to-be-advertised movies, the only one announced yet, a war film starring legit active-duty U.S. Navy Seals as well as a small ensemble of actors, forming a squad that goes on a Yugoslavian covert operation to rescue a kidnapped officer of the CIA, while also handling terrorists who plan to attack America. If you like war movies, be sure to renew your tickets for February 24. But seriously…I thank God that I didn’t have a war movie come out on my 11th birthday.

30-second commercial ads have reached new highs of money at $3.5 million apiece (except for one that commanded a $4 million price), the highest rate for advertisement in Super Bowl history. Other confirmed advertisements include Doritos, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Toyota, and Dannon Yogurt. Can any of them become as famous and viral and…well, adorable as last year’s Volkswagen commercial (see above)?

If you want to learn more about the Super Bowl XLVI, click here, por favor.


If we remember last year on NBC in April when the interactive reality talent show The Voice debuted and ended at the end of June with Javier Colon (Adam’s team) taking the crown, the $100,000 cash prize, and the Universal Republic recording contract. But do you think that The Voice just dissolved from NBC’s world of competition for good, true or false? If you guessed true, you are…wrong. The correct answer is false, since The Voice‘s second season will be premiering right after the Super Bowl. Christina, Adam, Cee Lo, and Blake are all returning, and Carson Haly is still hosting, but the only change is that Alison Haislip (the social media correspondent) will be replaced by Christina Milian, a triple threat (singer, actress, and dancer) as well as a model. The surprising thing is that The Voice has also been branched into versions of Dutch, British, Albanian, and even Israeli! What’s next, The Voice of Bikini Bottom?…Actually, that would be awesome.

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Hey guys it’s Sam and I’ve dug up yet another valuable YouTube treasure, matey!┬áThis is a post fueled of excitement and happiness, so don’t be surprised if I go too crazy. Well, anyway, in the wee ending days of October, my dad and I ordered 5 TechDecks on eBay for about 6 dollars. They would be shipped to our home from November 16th-30th. But what day is it now? And I already have my beautiful TechDecks!

A full examination of the elements of a TechDeck (from left to right): the wheels, the trucks, and the board.

A specifically-described TechDeck would be a miniature skateboard, or a “fingerboard.” It may seem like a boring bare minimum, but almost all the boys in my class used to be addicted to these things. They would trade boards with one another, or even trucks and wheels. But who knew that there were actual fingerboard championships this year, in this country, for a $5,000 cash prize? And who else to announce the grand winner but skating legend Tony Hawk? I tell you, TechDecks are serious stuff. Here are three videos of that championship in their chronological order: the Minneapolis qualifier (almost 30,000 views), the Denver qualifier (almost 25,000 views), and the finals (100,000+ views, which were held just last month in the big NYC!).

Now geeks will definitely be remembered in skateboarding history. But anyway, you can find these all over Walmart, eBay, you name it, TechDecks are there…well, maybe not everywhere. And they go for serious prices, like Walmart forcing it online for over forty big ones! There are actually even park sets like half-pipes and rails available for sale along with TechDecks.


eBay – There are many different prices (the “Buy It Now + Free Shipping” kinds recommended), but the highest ones usually reach peaks of up to sixty dollars.

Walmart – One 4-pack of boards costed 10 dollars, but there are only 14 items in stock when you search up “tech deck”, but they’re all mostly half-pipes and other sets.

Amazon – One 96MM 4-pack of boards costed 15 dollars, but again it’s mostly park sets, with the exclusion of some head-smackingly expensive boards compared to normal.


Check out the site of all finger-skating sites at techdeck.com, and also, if you already own a TechDeck or just want some sourcing guided help, check out these tutorial videos of how to perform tricks like kickflips (almost 253,000 views) or even simple ollies (almost 12,000 views).

So anyway, subscribe, like, comment, oh my! And make sure to get your share of Tech-Decking, and tell me about your finger-boarding history in a comment! Also check by every Friday on 2Sam2Mwak for…ah, you get the point.

Later, gator. After a while, crocodile. See you soon, raccoon.

– Sam