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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve decided to take a break from all of this game talk. I have a lot of segments I do here, and every day a new post idea pops into my head. Anyways, there was one idea I got from a night-and-day evaluation, and that is known online as Jolly Good Bookie. I’ve decided to bring it back, especially with a book tribute to that ghoulish day of the month. Today’s book is, as seen above, is the fifth of R.L. Stine’s (Goosebumps, Fear Street, etc.) Mostly Ghostly series, Ghouls Gone Wild. (April 2005)


Max’s parents are planning to sell their house and move the family far, far away. Max has to stop them! He can’t leave Nicky and Tara, the two ghosts who live with him. They need him. He’s the only one who can help them become real kids again! But Max has another problem right now–a figure dressed in black, with a face hidden in shadow. It’s a boy–or is it? That’s what Max needs to know, because this shadowy figure is following Max. Watching him. Waiting for him…


If you haven’t read the MG series (which is surprisingly good, hands down), this is what you need to know about it: there’s an 11-year old kid (by book 6, he turns 12) named Max E. Doyle. He’s an amateur magician with a buff meat link and a scrawny bird of a dad and mom, and Colin the buff brother who literally eats child abuse for breakfast. Apparently starting from book 1, he becomes haunted by two young “orphaned” ghosts, Nicky and Tara. They say they have no idea how they became ghosts, and they have no idea where their parents are. Max is the only one that can see them, which proves for a lot of mislead antics in the series. Why is Max the only one? That is revealed in book 3, but for now I must keep it under wraps.

He’s also haunted by another much more unfriendly ghost, named Phears (assuming that it’s pronounced “fears”). Apparently he knows how to get his hands on a Berserker ghoul (courtesy of book 2) and cannot quench his limitless thirst of destroying Max, Nicky, Tara, and parents once and for all. Even if he has to turn his dog inside out and drill his teeth in!

Anyway, this book may be the fifth, but it’s the fourth book I’ve read. It’s surprisingly good, on the bottom line, but some of Nicky and Tara’s antics do anger me. You see, when someone would laugh at a lame joke, I would anger myself over it. That’s why some of the worst books I’ve read are some of the worst books I’ve read. End of story.

1 out of 5 – Educational value – Max is known at school as “Brainimon”, being a good-brained, straight A student. Otherwise, there’s not really aspects worth giving points to even in school scenes.

0 out of 5 – Positive messages – Not really much.

0 out of 5 – Positive role models – Max does stand up against himself in problems even if he does it in a shade of fear.

4 out of 5 – Ease of readGhouls Gone Wild proves itself as an impressive age ranger for almost all ages. Its scares can revolve around jokes from a mile away, and besides being scary, it’s also impressively funny.

2 1/2 out of 5 – Violence – A mayor gets hit in the head with a trophy, and some rancid steaks do come to life and almost destroy Max.

1 out of 5 – Inappropriate Content – Max has a crush on the school’s prettiest and coolest student, Traci Wayne.

1 out of 5 – Language – Colin fires all sorts of mean names at Max, including “stupid klutz”.

1 out of 5 – Product PlacementMostly Ghostly is one of R.L.’s many successful horror series.

0 out of 5 – Drinking, Drugs, and/or Smoking – This aspect is not featured.

CONSENSUS: Ghouls Gone Wild may anger the sensitive readers with its endless list of antics, but when it progresses, the skin of slow-downs unravels to find a terrific scream at its core.

Entertainment: A (5 points)

Fun: A (5 points)

Smarts: A- (4 points)

Style: B+ (4 points)

Read-Again Ratio: A (5 points)

Humor: A- (4 points)

Final score: 27 out of 30 (SO CLOSE!), 4 1/2 stars out of 5


Best part: The best scene for me. Slap my rear and call me Paul Revere, was it funny! It started near the beginning of the book, the scene we all know as “Mayor takes the plunge”. This not only wins my award of “FUNNIEST SCENE IN A HORROR BOOK“, but it also wins the “MAYOR WITH THE FUNNIEST NAME” award (Mayor Stank). Max is chosen to give a speech to the mayor upon giving him a trophy, but Nicky and Tara sabotage his attempt and Tara clonks the mayor on the head with the trophy, sending him into the pool. The thing is, he can’t entirely swim, which makes it that more funny. In Max’s attempt to try and get him out, he accidentally takes off his pants! Har har har.

But I also give it points for its aftermath. You would expect Max to snap and yell at Nicky and Tara right? Well, that’s exactly what happened. This totally testified that part of the book, and not only was it justified, it was the truth.

RENT, BUY, OR SKIP?: Buy, buy, buy! If you like this, you should read the entire series, which is sadly eight chronicles long. You can fly over to Amazon and get it for, er, $7.00, or get it at Barnes & Noble for, er, $7.00.

This has been a shout out from the jolly good bookie, yours truly, and make sure to return two weeks from now, on Monday, October 31 at 1:00 pm, to witness Sammwak’s second annual Halloween special! Why didn’t the skeleton go to the prom?…He had no body to go with!



Hey guys it’s Sam and I have a new second-favorite show on Cartoon Network. It is hands down almost the funniest Cartoon Network show I’ve seen since Adventure Time. Honestly. But if you like the MAD magazine, an extreme makeover of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the faces of Mount Rushmore becoming the phenomenal Big Time Rushmore, and Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner getting caught on the Kiss Cam, then you’ll love…

MAD is one of Cartoon Network’s new animated comedies introduced in late September 2010. MAD is a sketch comedy, which means it contains brief comedic scenes that are dubbed “sketches” that last approximately between 1 or 10 minutes long. They usually parody movies, TV shows, celebs, vice versa, or what I’d like to call….POP CULTURE. I’ve seen 6 episodes of MAD so far, and each episode holds two sketches. So if six times two equals twelve, I’ve seen twelve sketches overall. As an addition, segments of Spy vs Spy (one of the magazine’s comic strips, in wordless black-and-white) are also featured on the show, like they were in the magazine. If you’ve seen this face…

Be lucky. Because that face belongs to none other than Alfred E. Neuman, the cover boy/mascot for MAD. Period. That easy, breezy, handsome cover boy.

MAD has only aired twelve episodes, so don’t be disappoint. They haven’t even renewed a second season…YET. But here’s a list of all the episodes in the downtime (the ones emboldened are the ones I’ve seen):

“Avaturd, CSiCarly” – September 6, 2010
Jake Smelly goes off to learn the ways of the Na’vi. The CSI: Miami gang and the iCarly gang solve the case of a dead man at a TGIFridays.

Trans-Bore-Mores, Groan Wars” – September 13, 2010
The Transboremores search for the Rock of No-Talent-Tron…while going on vacation. The Republic tries to stop the evil Count Poo-Poo.

“2012 Dalmatians, Grey’s in Anime” – September 20, 2010
Dalmatian puppies of all sizes are behind the rampant disasters said to happen in the year 2012. The doctors try to prevent a patient from dying…in an anime style.

Star Blecch, uGlee” – September 27, 2010
The Star Blecch crew tries to stop Captain Zero from destroying Schlock’s homeworld. The Glee club prove that they can bring in the crowds — by admitting that their premise of teens “singing in high school” is no different than the premises for High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Victorious, JONAS, and Fame.

Wall-E-Nator, Extreme Renovation: House Edition – Superman’s Fortress of Solitude” – October 4, 2010
The WALL*E-Nator tries to prevent the world from being covered in trash. The Extreme Renovation crew tries to change Superman’s Fortress of Solitude so he can get intact with social life.

Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit’s End, Batman Family Feud” – October 11, 2010
Captain Jack Sparrow tries to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan. The Batman family tries to get on the Family Feud to capture the Riddler.

“Cliffordfield, Big Time Rushmore”     October 18, 2010
Clifford the Big Red Dog attacks New York City. A big record producer recruits George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln as singers for his new rock band.

“Fantastic Megan Fox, Mad vs. Wild”     October 25, 2010
Megan Fox goes to prove out she is the most fantastic fox ever by stealing the best features from Hollywood’s hottest actresses. Bear Grylls shows the various ways of surviving the wild with disastrous results.

“I Love You, Iron Man, Ben 10 Franklin”     November 1, 2010
Iron Man goes in search of a guy friend through various other superheroes. Benjamin Franklin obtains a strange device that can change him into different aliens, prompting him to take revenge on the British and a high school bully.

Class of the Titans; Zeke and Lex Luthor” – November 8, 2010
Curseus enrolls in a mortal high school and takes on the gods in a football game. Zeke is forced to team-up with Lex Luthor for a skateboarding competition.

“S’up, Mouse M.D.” – November 15, 2010
When Carl Fredricksen takes his house to the sky, he winds up meeting the obnoxious cast members from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Dr. Mouse tries to solve three medical cases involving Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder, and Miley Cyrus.

The DaGrinchy Code, Duck” – November 22, 2010
Something is wrong in the city by the Grinch. Chuck is parodied with a duck as the title character.


If you want the intro, btw…:


Check out more sketchy, silly, parodying episodes in January that are guaranteed to drive you…MAD! Oh, and yes, this is TV-PG so it won’t get sucked into the morbid world of Adult Swim.

L8trs, Sam

P.S. Here are the airings of episodes ahead of time:

January 03
8:30 PM
Wall-E-Nator/Extreme Renovation: House Edition – Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

January 04
4:45 PM
2012 Dalmatians, Grey’s in Anime

January 06
8:30 PM
Avaturds, CSiCarly/Fantastic Megan Fox, Mad Vs. Wild

January 07
4:45 PM
Star Blecch/uGlee

January 10
8:30 PM
Cliffordfield, Big Time Rushmore

January 11
4:45 PM
Pirates of Neverland: At Wit’s End/Batman Family Feud

January 13
8:30 PM
S’up/Mouse MD/Trans-Bore-Mores, Groan Wars

January 14
4:45 PM
I Love You, Iron Man/Ben 10 Franklin