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Do you love action? Do you love Cartoon Network? Do you love watching action ON Cartoon Network? Congratulations. Your night has come. That’s right; calling all action-lovers, brace yourselves for tomorrow night…it’s a whole night of slam-bang actions on Cartoon Network! 4 shows will be aired, which I know isn’t a lot. But those titles are…

Generator Rex

A creation of “Man of Action”, this animated action stars an amnesiac hero voiced by Spy Kid Daryl Sabara (Juni, anyone?).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The sci-fi action TV series still running off of the 2008 CGI movie of the same name, which critics are still saying was pretty suckish.

Young Justice

A new action series on Cartoon Network adapted from the actual DC Comics superhero team of the same name. Sixteen teenager heroes are noted to be part of the group, counting the mentors.

Ben 10: Alien Force

Another unforgettable creation of “Man of Action” (see Generator Rex) that is the 3rd incarnation of Ben 10 so far. You have heard of Ben, right? The kid that can turn into different alien forms? Yeah, that’s him.

Fasten your seatbelts, action-hoarders! Because you have a whole night to hoard that’s full of what you love. Oh, me? I’ll probably skip the show (I’m not an action-hoarder; no offense) and do other more important stuff. Not that the show’s not important, it’s just…oh, you see my point.

So, action night begins Friday at 8/7c (I think)! If the time is different, don’t blame me. Oh, well. I guess that’s all I have to tell you about. Oh, wait! Stay tuned for a big surprise coming to Sammwak. I’m sure it’ll blow you away…

– Sam


Hey guys it’s Sam. Sorry I haven’t been putting up new posts lately, ugh, my computer does not have Internet 😡 So I have to borrow my sister’s MacBook Pro to make this post for you!

As you can see of the title, I’m wishing you all a happy Black Friday here from Sammwak. Even I didn’t know what Black Friday was at first. But Wikipedia had them answers 😀

Turns out Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving in which apparently people shop…HARD. The “Black” comes from the period when retailers turn profits, aka “in the black.” :DDDD

Anyways, my sisters (Tumpale and Eneke) already hit Forever 21. Me? What, you think I shop?

But anyways, when this day ends, like, tell me how your Black Friday was! I don’t rly care if u shopped or not. All that matters is that it’s Black Friday. Gots it?

Okay, I gots to go. But happy Black Friday errbody 😀

– Sam