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Hey guys.

(insert unnecessarily long paragraph about the essence of game music)

  • Leaving Earth” from Mass Effect 3 – After having Jack Wall as composer for the first two Mass Effect games,  for the third game an entirely new composing team led by Clint Mansell (who’s done scoring work on Black Swan, among others) was introduced. The majority of people were polarized, thinking that Mansell’s work would be inferior to Wall’s legacy. Then came this. A brass-knuckled wallop of raw emotion right into the haters’ faces. Or their ears, I suppose.

  • Adventure” from Fez – This game was one of the biggest indie hits since Minecraft became an overnight cultural phenomenon. Never have I listened to a chiptune song that has made my heart feel so nostalgic and warm. Now I feel like snuggling up in bed with a teddy bear, a turkey sandwich, and a warm glass of milk, while watching the sun set.

  • Mice on Venus” from Minecraft – What a convenient transition. This song actually took me–heck, the prospect of Minecraft having an OST took me by surprise. There’s nothing playing for the majority of the game, so when my friend and I played the Xbox edition, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the tracks. This is probably one of my favorites. It (or something like it) would be playing while the sun rose and it was the most amazing feeling of my life.

  • Simian Segue” from Donkey Kong Country – As I’ve said before, this is my favorite game on the Super Nintendo and one of my favorite games of all time. It’s not just the gameplay and the visuals (even though they’re both stellar), but the soundtrack by Dave Wise is killer. And here we have the absolute most infectious menu music of all time. Sure, compared to the atmospheric qualities of “Jungle Groove” (the iconic de facto theme song for the series) it’s just decent, but this song is bound to get your head bobbing, or your toes tapping, or something.

  • Prince Fleaswallow” from Parappa the Rapper – A quirky rhythm and nonsensical lines like “I’ve been working here since my mama was a baby” add to the surreal charm that this game provided. Probably when I go to a flea market now, this song will be echoing in the back of my head. It also goes without mentioning that it really sounds like this guy’s on…something. What does he sell again?

  • The Concept of Love” from Jet Set Radio Future – All I can say about this song is that it just embodies the feeling of rebellion, and gets stuck in your head really quickly. The grit that you can just feel throughout the song is a perfect accompaniment to the high-speed action within the game.

  • Fiesta de los Muertos” from Rayman Legends – This is one of the greatest games I’ve played in months, considering my gaming schedule went from regular and finely stretched to compressed into little clumps. And I spent one of those little clumps playing this game. Much like Dave Wise as mentioned above, Christophe Heral (who composed this game) knows what he’s doing when it comes to setting the proper music for the proper times. While the music’s awesome on its own, playing the level that it corresponds with and listening to it makes the experience five times better. Still a great song, though.

  • Peril” from Halo 2 – This song’s been with me for a while, despite me having no memory of playing the actual game. When I uploaded this some time ago on my Tumblr, I described it as something along these lines. “This song is playing while I’m smoking a cigar, gunning someone down with one hand and slitting another’s throat with the other. In slow motion. In a burning building.”

  • Sign of the Colossus” from Shadow of the Colossus – Even to this day, this game is highly acclaimed and revered for its powers to bind gameplay and music to create groundbreaking aesthetics never seen before in any prior gaming experiences. From the instruments that jump in and fade out ominously to the excellently jarring piano, this song could probably epitomize the game. That is, if every track didn’t stand out on its own already.

  • Mine, Windbag, and Mine” from Bastion – A highlight off of a critically acclaimed OST. A very vast soundscape that starts out mellow and acoustic but then gets energetic, building up steadily and getting gradually more awesome as the song continues. The appropriate sound effects of metallic clangs in the background add to the atmosphere.


So those were some tracks.

I hope you liked them.

Until next time.

(jumps into unknown abyss)


Mario first reared his mustachioed head in 1981 as the Jumpman in the coin-op clash of “man vs. animal”, Donkey Kong. The game had to go through a whole lot of dog doo to save Nintendo from sinking in quicksands of failure. But it did, and Donkey Kong and “Jumpman”‘s heydays were only beginning. Decades later, Mario’s put up over 700 million sold units in the combination of both Mario and Super Mario, making it easily the bestselling series of all time. Mario’s also not a stranger to sports as he is to platforming. He’s done basketball (also as a guest in NBA Street Vol 3), snowboarding (as a guest in SSX On Tour) baseball, golf, tennis, even joined forces with Sonic for the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. But there’s just one sport that’s being left out. You guessed it. Soccer. The beautiful game. The world game. Football. And Mario’s just as menacing on the pitch as he is on the tracks, or the court, or the field, or the course. And just be ready for a surprise at every nook, cranny, and corner…kick.

North American cover art

Toad sets up what looks to be a menacing bicycle kick against the goalie.

Mario’s first delve into big-league soccer, Super Mario Strikers (known in Europe and Australia as Mario Smash Football) is a GameCube-exclusive good ole five-a-side football game representing the basic rules of football, except referees are ruled out and players give new meaning to the term “offense”. It was released in November 2005 for Europeans, December for Americans, January ’06 for the Japanese, and April for the Australians. (Did that offend anyone in any way?) Revealed as part of E3 ’05, the teams in Strikers compose of a Mario character–the “captain”–with a backup team of “side kicks” (get it?) whom are Toads, Hammer Brothers, Birdos, and Koopas. The game’s goalie (strangely enough, on both sides) is Kritter, a Kremling from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy (except for the robot-composed Super Team, who have a Robo-Kritter). The only playable captains are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Waluigi, Wario, and Donkey Kong. (Bowser also NPCs to obstruct players occasionally.) There are several modes in-game:

  • Grudge Match – The standard single and multiplayer game mode.
  • Cup Battles – 1-4 players are allowed to compete in tournaments against AI opponents to advance through cups for rewards.
  • Super Cup Battles – Dominated the Cup Battles? Super denotes a higher tier of enemy lines, and only the strong survive…no, seriously, that was ripped from the game.
  • Strikers 101 – The game’s tutorial mode, allowing you to learn the basics of the game and then use them in “games” to hone your skills.
  • Spoils – This is for the people who love to gloat their highest milestones to others. This records awards you’ve won like soccer trophies, so you can cherish the moments and brag about them, too.

Both sidekicks and caps have varying attributes with “balanced” and “defensive” ways to play available. Strikers, for the most part, sticks to the rulebook of soccer with abilities to dash, slide tackle, etc. But then there’s the fact that players can land serious hits with or without the ball, resulting in a more arcade-esque game of soccer. The game has six stadiums/stadia that only change aesthetically and do not alter the playing field, even with electric fences to prevent to ball from going out of bounds. And yes, you can knock players into these fences. The further you go into the game, the more “cheats” you an access; these include a weakened goalie and an infinite set of items to use in impeding opponents.

I already said it was first shown in 2005’s E3, where game director Mike Inglehart and marking director Grace Kim expected the game to be more realistic, but after some consultations with Nintendo the creators opted for a more “over-the-top” turnout. The electric fences were added to accentuate the sport’s physicality, and there are no penalties or cards since the power-up system has compensated for this, considering power-ups are given to the team of a player that has been hurt.

Want to learn the basics of the game right now? Hands up, I’ve got you covered. (Do note that Strikers does not have “positions” in their vocabulary.)


Slide Tackle (B) – This is one of the classic defensive tricks that always loses the victim of the ball. You can even perform one tackle after another if you wish, but that just makes you look silly. I recommend doing this if it seems like an opponent is about to take a shot at the goal. (Do note that both the tacklee and tackler will trip and fall.)

Big Hit (Y when not having the ball) – Despite being defensive, this is one of the more pain-dealing tricks on the pitch. The Big Hit is literally a bodyslam into an opponent, whether they possess the ball or not. There’s about a 7/8 out of 10 chance that the victim will fork over the ball, and there’s a 4/5 out of 10 chance it’ll go to another opponent. I recommend doing this also if an opponent is about to shoot.

Power-Ups (X, Z to switch)- A Mario game really isn’t a Mario game without power-ups. And like in Mario Power Tennis, power-ups are a major component in Strikers. You receive power-ups by charging shots or having a hurt player. When the time is right, you can use power-ups to impede opposition, relieve them of the ball, and get one step closer to a point. The power-ups include but aren’t limited to:

  • Banana Peels – They were toughies in Mario Kart, and they’re toughies now. They work by being thrown out and anxiously awaiting a player to slip on them. These peels come alone or have up to 6 of them released at a time.
  • The Normal Shells – These shells come in green, red, spiny, and–most notorious of all–blue. Green shells fly in straight lines, bouncing off walls and damaging victims. Red shells’ specialties are their homing abilities, victimizing the nearest player. But the dreaded blue shell not only apprehends victims, but freezes them in their tracks. Spiny shells do not stop after first hit, and go off until contact with another item or after hitting the wall twice. These shells all come as singles or triplets.
  • The Giant Shells – Just like normal shells, except giant-er! Giant green shells bowl over anything in its path, giant reds keep going after hitting a wall, homing in on a victim, and then acting like a mere giant green shell. Giant blues, however, freeze victims as usual, but now detonate on impact as well. Giant spinies are literal bulldozers on an unstoppable rampage down the pitch. Unlike normals, these shells only come in sets of one. But can you imagine how unstoppable they would be as triplets?
  • Bob-ombs – These living explosives will stand still for a second, and then explode, affecting victims in its range. However, the Giant Bob-ombhas a explosion radius of at least 4x larger, and it sends out a shockwave!
  • Chain Chomp – Everywhere it goes, it’s feared. It’s been considered one of the scariest foes in Super Mario 64. And it’s especially scary in this game. Like Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing can grant you an All-Star Move to get you back in the game, Chain Chomps (along with Stars) can only be obtained by the losing team. The Chomp will blaze down the pitch and damage every hand of the opposition. In fact, it won’t leave until there’s at least one man down.

Deke (Z) – When in possession of the ball, opponents are likely to go for your jugular to rid you of the ball. Now you can go for their jugulars when you deke! With a quick Z press–ahem, blue button press, the player can do a quick one-two. This is useful to get rid of opponents and proceed towards the goal.


  • Turbo Run (R + thumbstick) – Have you ever heard this phrase?: What is a principle when you are venturing in the woods with, I dunno, a friend or two? A plump kid. When you encounter a bear or an equally threatening animal, your first instinct is to hightail it out of there. And with a plump kid, you don’t have to be the fastest–you just don’t want to be the slowest. And that really applies when you’re turbo-running. Sometimes, your fastest trailblaze down the pitch just isn’t enough. So what else to do than run faster? (Tip: Do note that while turbo-running, you can’t free move, deke, or shoot.)
  • Pass (A) – No one likes a ballhog, so with one of the oldest tricks in the book you can relieve yourself of the ball to another teammate. There are also special passes: besides the plain old ground pass, there’s also the lob pass (L+A) which is equally efficient in receiving the ball. If you play your cards right you could also uncover a special-er kind of pass…
  • Simple Shot (B) – The easiest to pull off, but the least likely to score. I suggest charging your shots.
  • Charged Shot (Hold B) – Okay, now we’re talking. Charged shots are more likely to score, and honestly look a lot sweeter. There is, obviously, a limit to the charge of your shot, and the sidekicks’ limit differs from the captains’ limit. Sidekicks can only go as far as–I dunno–a “fire ball”. But captains can go as far as…
  • Super Strike (Hold B for captains only) – …this. This really puts the Strikers in Super Mario Strikers. As a captain, you can hold B to the limit (you will see lightning surrounding you when you reach the limit) and you will then see a bar with two parts marked green. There is a white marker that will wave across the entire bar only once. If you time it right, you can land the marker on both green parts with a B press, and that will ensure your Strike is properly aligned. If not–believe it or not–Kritter actually has a chance of blocking it, although he will be temporarily dazed afterward. A successful Super Strike will count as two goals instead of one, and it will look like this:
  • One-Timer Shot (A + B) – Now this, my friend, is a one-two. The first part of the one-timer is a pass to a teammate. The second part, performed by the final receptor, is the instant shot. You can perform this anywhere, even across the pitch. And a volley shot will bewilder Kritter; just saying.
  • Perfect Pass (A with teammate near goal) – This is the special-er pass I was talking about. This is only performable if you are passing to a teammate near the goal. You will be certified of a perfected pass if the trail behind the ball is green. If you time it right, you can follow up with something even better… (And yes, there are such things are perfect lob passes.)
  • Perfect One-Timer Shot (B directly after Perfect Pass) – The last receptor of this one-timer not only shoots the ball. He gets a few seconds of slo-mo glory before slamming it in! The perfect one-timer is a great opportunity to score and honestly is one of the sweetest-looking moves in the game.


Now to actually talk about the game itself. I really enjoyed Strikers; it had quality GameCube visuals, its arcade soccer had fast-paced, and energetic vibes, the game offered lots of challenge on upper tiers, and the Strikers 101 mode was really helpful. Don’t think I’ve had this much fun on the pitch since FIFA 12. It really hit gold on its addiction factor, and it would have you with the skills of a cartoon version of Ronaldo or Pele in no time. However, the game simply doesn’t feel Mario enough. No honestly, after you’ve heard Luigi says his name at least ten times in his victory celebrations, you’ll be at your wit’s end. And there’s not one chip of properly “Mario” music in the game. And besides, if there was a soccer school, Strikers would be a major dropout. (Unlike FIFA, whom would likely have perfect attendance and finish as the valedictorian. 😉 Um, let’s get back to the flaws.) It simply doesn’t follow the sane rules of soccer, and the rules it does follow have more twists than you can give to those unbreakable 50 Cent headphones. Some noticeable issues in frame rate, as well as a lack of animation and audio variety (hence Luigi) that brings the game down even further from perfection. From the cover, and artwork, you may believe that Strikers is super-hardcore. But it, well, isn’t. And besides, Donkey Kong’s breaking the rules of soccer by hitting the ball with his hands. Now I can’t criticize and praise the game all day….we need a chart for that!

2 out of 5 – Educational value – The game does teach you the basics of soccer, and you may sometimes use logical thinking as an advantage on the pitch.

 2 out of 5 – Positive messagesStrikers puts up a model of being sportmanslike, both on a playing field and off, although red-card antics are the norm of the game. As almost always in the games I review, perseverance is key as well.

0 out of 5 – Positive role models – Not really applicable.

 2 1/2 out of 5 – Ease of play – It may take a while to fully comprehend the controls of the game, but when you do, it gets a lot easier to grasp–although it’s still kinda baffling at times.

3 out of 5 – Violence – In this game, antics that would give you red cards or even worse aren’t punished–they’re rewarded. You can do all sorts of dastardly deeds on the pitch, like knocking opponents into the electric fences, victimizing them with power ups, tackling or big hitting them, or even having Giant Bowser come onto the field and make the forwards’ lives even more miserable. But all of it is cartoon violence meant more for laughs, and when played by the appropriate audiences, this factor of the game can be an uproar.

1 out of 5 – Inappropriate Content – Peach and Daisy are, somewhat but nevertheless, wearing risque and skimpy outfits that show off their stomachs and legs.

0 out of 5 – Language – This aspect is not applicable.

1 out of 5 – Product Placement – Besides being a Mario game, Donkey Kong (cross-advertising?) is likely as far as the game goes in product placement.

0 out of 5 – Drinking, Drugs, and/or Smoking – This aspect is not applicable.


Are you kidding?! Now THIS is art!

Smarts: C- (2 points)

Play-Again Ratio: B+ (3.5 points)

Fun: B (3 points)

Entertainment: A (4 points)

Humor: A+ (5 points)

Style: A- (4 points)

FINAL SCORE: 21.5 out of 30 (YEESH. 80), 71% out of 100%, 4 stars out of 5

CONSENSUS: Super Mario Strikers does mark gold on some factors, like the pace of the game and all the modes–and it truly is a fun game–but serious problems like frame rate, a lack of variety, and some definite rule-bending push Strikers away from its true optimum.


But that’s not all! You’ve heard that this is only part 1 of Game Face Mario Mayhem, right? Well, part 2 is coming soon, and it’s gonna be an even bigger, better Mario game! I can’t say what it is, but let’s just say it’s two-fisted, red-blooded, and all-American. I’ve said too much already.

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Stay classy, America. ~S~ 😎


Random Videos o’ the Week: I got stuck between two videos and just couldn’t decide. Lemme describe the first one: Annoying Orange is one of the comedy moguls of YouTube history. Ever since its first episode in October 2009 (which garnered over 100 mil. views to date), Orange’s official channel has gained over 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion video views, and to add to that Orange and friends have gotten their own show on Cartoon Network! (Catch The Annoying Orange every Monday at 8:30!) Well, they’ve taken a blast to the past, giving the first-ever episode a reanimation–literally! This animated spin has already gotten over 1 mil since late July and has gotten over 20k likes. Witness the fruity goodness–now in glorious animation (and glorious 720p HD!)!

Our next video is probably just as awesome, maybe a bit more awesome even. A regular gummi worm is 10-25 cm of gelatinous, chewy goodness. In the shape of a worm. First introduced by Trolli in July of 1981 (in fact, the 60th anniversary of gummi bears), these worms come in all shapes and sizes. But it doesn’t come close to the world’s largest gummy worm, brought to you by  the makers of the gummi cola bottle and the tablet that turns sour into sweet. Clocking in at over 2 feet, 50 cubic inches, and 3 pounds of sweet, sweet goodness, the world’s largest gummi worm is 128 times of a normal gummi. And it makes a rad dirt cake, too. And it’s actually for sale too (all seven flavors), for the price of $28! The worm’s official video has over 10 million views since its launch in October 2010, and almost 30k likers are craving this monstrosity. Step aside, Epic Meal Time…this epic meal has the oomph for a whole year of fine dine. But this isn’t as far as they can go, so check out and subscribe to their channels! (, )

Movies, like anything, come in all shapes and sizes. Action-packed movies that are literally their own explosives, drama titles that pull at your heartstrings, horror bloodbaths that’ll leave you jolting your boxes of popcorn instead of enjoying them, comedies that’ll have you laughing until you can’t breathe, etc. But there’s one type of movie that’s barely gotten true honor: the video game genre. Yes, that exists. Probably the only existent “inner gamer” movie has to be The Wizard, a Christmas ’89 title that introduced what would become one of the biggest games in history: Super Mario Bros. 3. And speaking of arcade games, that’s where that story ends, and this new story begins.

File:Wreck-It Ralph poster.jpg

(How many video game characters can you spot? :D)

I have never been so excited for a movie. Um, ever. Directed by the former animation director for both The Simpsons and Futarama, Wreck-It Ralph, the 52nd Disney Animated Feature and the first of 2012 (the 51st being last year’s Winnie the Pooh), starts at a typically nostalgic down-the-block arcade. One of the titles in that arcade is Fix-It Felix, Jr., where you play Felix himself and must constantly repair the damages of a building facade while the game’s villain smashes away atop the building. That villain is the 9′-tall, 643-pound Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly), and for three decades he’s been the guy that everyone loved to hate. And Ralph’s tired of that. And to make everyone notice he can be the hero, he literally disappears from the game via power cord and joins the light-gun FPS Hero’s Duty, battling “Cy-Bugs” alongside the game’s own hero, Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch). But he doesn’t spend the whole movie in this game, as he later goes onto a candy-themed kart racer called Sugar Rush, and here he meets one of the game’s main characters, Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman). Vanellope has learned that her game is faced with a threat that could affect the entire arcade. The worst part? Ralph may have started the whole thing.

I was originally gonna come out with a “Top 5 Most Self-Anticipated Movies of the Year” post, but I’ll tell you right here and now, this movie was #1 before the list was even finished. I first came intact with this movie at this year’s Comic-Con, and I’ve been loving it ever since. ❤ This movie promises appearances from some of your favorite game characters: Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Zangief, Chun-Li, Cammy (all Street Fighters), Clyde (one of the Pac Man ghosts), Bowser, Eggman, Kano, Smoke, Q*bert, and it doesn’t even stop there. (This fact about the movie took a page from Roger Rabbit’s 1988 adventure, also from Disney.) There’s a result of over 200 individual models based off these inclusions. Running on a budget of $150 million to possibly make movie history by rejuvenating the game movie genre, this movie luckily had a date shift to November 2 this year, which was originally next March. (Thank goodness!) And to add to that, it also got a major appearance in the latest Game Informer, and Fix-It Felix’s adventure is now available in full-Flash at Ralph’s official site. And–you likely should’ve seen this coming–Wreck-It Ralph will be receiving his own video game on the Wii, DS, and 3DS! This Disney Inter.-Activision project is stated to be a “story extension” to the movie. And to add to that, Ralph will even be featured among the racers in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed! How can you say “game over” to that? Well, Wreck-It Ralphwill premiere November 2 in 3D, but the story’s not quite done yet…and besides, you haven’t seen these Wreck-It Ralph TV spots yet!



File:Paperman (2012) poster.jpg

This is Disney’s new black-and-white short flick, Paperman. Blending traditional and computer animation, you’ll be able to see this movie directly after Wreck-It Ralph, like La Luna was shown right after Brave. The synopsis states that the movie follows a lonely young man in mid-century NYC, whose destiny takes a turn after meeting a ravishing woman during a morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams has slipped through his fingers, he gets a second chance at love when he spots the woman in the window of a skyscraper across the avenue of his office. Armed with love, imagination, and a stack of papers, his efforts show not even close to paralleling his awaiting fates. Hearts will break and papers will fly this fall. Ooh, sounds romantic. Anyway, whether you’re in it or not, you can catch Wreck-It Ralph and Paperman in their premieres this fall, and it’s going to be like watching all those scenes at the end of The Avengers. 😉


Stay cool,

~S~ 😎

p.s. Random Video o’ the Week: In the 90s, Goosebumps was hot, Pogs were a fad, Nickelodeon was on fire, and all girls talked about were bands like Hanson, or the Backstreet Boys, or N*SYNC. Now, Goosebumps HorrorLand is the only existent series, Pogs have vanished from the mainstream, and girls are obsessing over people like Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush. Oh, and Nickelodeon still holds a small flame. But you should’ve seen them back in the day. All That, Kenan & Kel, Legends, Figure It Out, Family Double Dare, Clarissa, the list goes on. 90’s kids had it all, and after more than a decade of being in the shadows (excluding SpongeBob, which is still alive, and Figure It Out, which has been revived) it just had to get re-honored in all its nostalgic glory. So TeenNick made The 90’s Are All That last summer. While it’s on every night from 12-2am, with a 2-4am encore right after, at least you can get a taste of how it feels now. (Ever since last August it’s received almost 30k hits.)

If you remember how Sammwak used to be last year, you might remember my post in May asking you to decide what was the best Xbox Live Arcade game (if it doesn’t ring a bell, click here): the creepy world of Limbo, the plant soiling of Plants vs. Zombies, the arcade aesthetics of Scott Pilgrim, the blood-red ruckus of Super Meat Boy, and the futuristic frenzies of Monday Night Combat. Almost twenty votes came in over those months, and I’ve decided that you’ve waited long enough for 8 months straight. These were the results of the nomination. And the nominees, one more time, were…

Limbo is a creepy puzzle-platformer that got released for the Marketplace last summer, and has been a huge success since. It takes place in an eerie black-and-white monochromatic atmosphere (which is how the game got recognized as a “video game of art” as well as a “trial of death”) heavily resembling an olden horror flick, where you are this unnamed boy searching for his sister. But that’s not the worst thing. You have to fend off against deadly obstacles like giant spiders, worms, and bear traps! And you cannot pass this game once without gruesomely dying your head off a couple times. Pretty fun, huh? It was often blamed for its abrupt ending and minimal storyline, but Limbo brushed that off with plenty of awards for Best Visual Art, Excellence In Visual Art, and categories like that. Can this scream its way over to the Top XBLA Game title?

Plants vs. Zombies got its grand start at the Arcade back in September at the crack of back-to-school. It is a creative and enjoyable tower defense-stylized action game that takes place at the biggest battlefield of all: your house. With only plants with superb abilities, you must defend your house from the waves of pure zombie ferocity coming at you in different styles, like the Conehead Zombie and even the Zombie Bobsled Team. It as well as its soundtrack got a positive reaction from critics and players, being picked by Gamezebo as one of the “Best Games of 2010.” The game also received an app for the iPhone and iPad. Can this game be the one to soil the path to the grand title?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game had a close shave releasing to the XBLA almost at the start of September 2010, but it got a boost a few days before at the end of August and picked up its pace. The game is a side-scrolling beat em’ up based not only on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, but tying in to the release of the 2010 movie of the same name. It picks up the 8-bit feel as you play as Scott, Ramona, Kim, or Stephen Stills, along with characters Nega-Scott as an unlockable and Knives Chau as DLC. The game’s storyline picks up from O’Malley’s classic: defeating Ramona’s seven evil exes. It also adds a touch as you can purchase items to replenish your health and boost stats, as well as the ability to revive knocked-out characters.  The game received mixed to positive reviews, as critics complained of its lack of online co-op, visibility issues, and chaotic 3-player play. But can this game get the coins to win the XBLA title?

The successor, sequel, or adaptation of 2008′s flash game Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy takes it to the next level in October 2010. Actually, over 300 levels. As from the original game, the tiny, skinless, cube-shaped slab of meat we call Meat Boy must save his girlfriend, Band-Aid Girl, from the villainous and diabolical Dr. Fetus. But the quest isn’t just fun and games. Meat Boy’s quest is life-or-death, as he must overcome obstacles like sawblades, salt, etc. Having the required fine timing of series like Mega Man, this guy can run, jump, and stick to walls either to slide off them, jump off them, or as I liked to do, hop your way up them. The game also folds into warp zones and retro-styled bonus levels. Don’t forget to unlock “Teh Internets”! As acclaimed as the game is, can Meat Boy’s blood, sweat, and tears earn it the Top XBLA Game title?

Monday Night Combat is a downloadable third-person shooter from Uber Entertainment, represented as the futuristic Monday Night sport. Available for both the XBLA and Windows (supported by Steam), it pits you up as a Pro in either orange (Hotshot) or blue (Iceman). Its basis is almost like a tower-defense tradition–your job is, with your weapons, fending off against bots (Blitz Mode), opposing teammates, or even BOTH (Crossfire Mode) to destroy the opposing Moneyball (It’s a ball full of money. It’s so simple) while protecting your own. It’s also a good idea to construct turrets/towers in your base that automatically fire by themselves, and upgrade them with loose cash. The Assault is the main Soldier of the game shooting like there’s no tomorrow, while the Support likely resembles a Medic or an Engineer, healing teammates and bots, as well as hacking into built turrets. The Sniper is a good long-ranger with sneaky Flaks and surprising Traps. The Assassin has her own level, cloaking to invisible sights and attacking opposing teammates. And no one forgets the cash-bleeding mascot, Bullseye! Can all this with Mickey Cantor’s silly announcing have a successful fire at the grand title?


And the winner of the title of the B-E-S-T Xbox Live Arcade Game is…

Monday Night Combat! Snagging the lead with seven votes, MNC has literally grabbed the title and held it ever since the polls opened. With 43.75% of the votes for the taking, Monday Night Combat‘s not-so-hard work deserves to earn the award it rightly deserves! Ain’t it a beauty? You could cry just looking at it.

Oh, and the second place runner-up is…

…Limbo! Coming in second at an astonishing five votes, Limbo regardless has been noted as one of the top games of the 2010 year, so it might be a bit of a shocker for XBLA regulars that it fell behind. But as we all know, runner-ups still get awards!

Super Meat Boy covers the third-place title in red, mucky blood, and that’s a lot of what you’re going to shed as Meat Boy in his prime-cut adventure that will hand you your rump on a platter. This game got the bronze title at an astounding two votes, quite disappointing for a highly acclaimed game. No offense to Team Meat, the geniuses behind the game, but our fans just didn’t give your work of art a second thinking.

Scott Pilgrim and Plants vs. Zombies were both tied at one vote. Ouch. Anyway, comment, rate, like, share, and stay tuned for more Sammwak-y goodness! Also, my question of the week for you…if “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” says “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake”, is Santa just a jolly old stalker? Comment below! And thanks for subscribing: I bet you’ll be first place in every top 5!

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, and if there’s one thing 2012 media is going to blow up for, it’s video gaming. Without video games, we’d never have a source of interactive entertainment, and I’ve decided to sneak a couple of spoilers at you for only the best games to expect next year, some of them even on my anticipated list myself. Without further ado, let’s take a look at interactive 2012!

A rider takes an icy trip down a snowy slope.

If you could remember back in the seasons where wind chills were abnormally low, I released a post about the upcoming “SSX: Deadly Descents”. The darkest game of the six (seven, counting the mobile Out of Bounds) has now been renamed to just SSX, and is the first game of the new year, having already slid into stores 6 days ago. The theme has been announced as “race it, trick it, survive it”, with shown footage including helicopters, objectives, a new user interface, graffiti, and much more. EA Canada will have their crafting hands in session for SSX, while EA Sports will be publishing it. Although we have to wait, Europeans have already gotten their own public share! (the game making a European debut two days ago) It’s an outrage.

Deus Ex? Hitman? Dragon Quest? All bestselling creations from Square Enix, resulting in a merge between Enix and Square Co. in 2003. In the eight years they’ve been a part of the interactive world, they’ve already gotten a taste of bestseller’s fame. And they’ve decided to give one of 2009’s lone wolves their pack with Final Fantasy XIII-2. A direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, the storyline revolves around Lightning as she disappears into an unknown world. Her younger sister, Serah, and the boy named Noel attempt to find her in an evolved fighting system compared to the original. The Filipino singer Charice will belt the theme song called “New World”, while Mai Fukui will sing the Japanese version, “Yakusoku no Basho”. The talk of a sequel rose as early as January 2010, but it was officially announced in January 2011 and will head for stores at the end of January 2012. Will this adventure be the best yet, or will it really be Square Enix’s final fantasy?

Kazuya hits Ryu with his own shoryuken that proves he's been in the city of ember.

This is what you’ve been in the streets crying for. Street Fighter had to cross over with something sooner or later. And if there’s a biggest fighting game of 2012, it’s definitely Street Fighter X Tekken. This fully-Capcom-crafted game will take to the 2D streets of Street Fighter, opposed to Tekken. But don’t worry–Namco is making their own to-be-announced (TBA) present known as the confusedly named Tekken X Street Fighter. The game is going to hurricane kick onto the PS3, the Xbox 360, and the soon-to-be-published PlayStation Vita so far. The storyline is about a cubical object that crashes onto Earth, that releases a watery energy when people conflict over it, which makes no sense compared to the game. Anyways, on March 2, put on your fingerless gloves, folks, because we’re taking it to the streets like never before.

from left to right: Thane, Miranda, Commander Shepard, Grunt, and Jack.

BioWare’s only known bestseller series may be the sci-fi RPG Mass Effect, others including Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. They have also worked in Star Wars and Sonic, just for a fact. Their last major success was in 2010 with Mass Effect 2, but they may have a chance to shine again 2 years later with Mass Effect 3. Following from the events of the predecessor’s DLC pack, the game follows Commander Shepard on a mission to save not just the world, but the entire galaxy from the hyper-advanced Reapers, by rallying civilizations galaxy-wide together. But Shepard’s got a second problem on his hands–he’s got to deal with Cerberus, who has instantly decided to turn against him/her (you can gender bend). The third and final chapter in Shepard’s chronicles, over a thousand variables have been strung together in shape to see how the final chapter unravels. The music will be composed by Golden-Globe nominated composer Clint Mansell straight out of England. Get ready, because on March 6, it all ends. (Am I doomed to get sued by Warner Bros now?)

Have you ever had no idea of your past? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an unstoppable shapeshifter that could take the body of anyone who dared to walk in your path? You’re thinking about Alex Mercer from Prototype. He is the main character with the ability to roam around post-diseased Manhattan. You see, a plague called Blacklight has swarmed around Manhattan, turning anyone infected into a monster with an urge to destroy all uninfected. Although it was derivatively compared to Infamous and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, it instantly became a top Steam sale and a Platinum Hit, so it had to get a sequel, which is now Prototype 2. The sequel features a new protagonist, Sgt. James Heller, on a quest to eradicate Blacklight with a vengeance, setting his crosshairs on Alex himself after the death of James’ family. The sequel was announced at the 2010 Spike VGA Awards under the slogan “murder your maker”. Sharpen your claws everybody…retail stores are getting infected April 24.


And that’s the best of all the announced video games. There are tons more that are going to press start sometime in the year, while their dates are unclear. Here are a couple of anonymously-releasing games.

  • In 1998, Mario Party was born as a Nintendo 64 exclusive. Over the 14 years it rang, 10 more installments spawned, counting Mario Party Advance and DS. Now, the ? block is going to open again, and thus will become Mario Party 9. Continuing the criticized-but-traditional board game wrapper from past games, the game is taking a new taste by allowing everyone to transport around the board in cars. Minigames are obviously returning, with more gameplay focus than of Mario Party 8. The only available platform the game is coming to is obviously the Wii.
  • After 2 critically crumbled installments, will the rivalry of Mario & Sonic still thrive with their series? After a dinner of dust in the Olympics, and a faceful of frost in the Winter Olympics, can they stop eating the ground in the London 2012 Olympics? The competing characters are divided into 4 groups: skill, speed, power, and all-around. It’s just been announced that more focus is captivating the events and gameplay, which is no big surprise for 2012. Some sports include badminton, soccer, and equestrian that are headed for Wiis. But do you want to go back to the past while still being present? The Dream Events have your question answered. The 3DS version of the game is scoring retail stores in February 2012, but the Wii version is actually coming out in mid-November 2011. Oops.
  • Halo was known as the reason why people bought the Xbox in 2001, so it become a revolutionary Microsoft breakthrough. Then Halo 2 came out at the end of 2004 and outdid its predecessor as the Xbox’s bestselling game by just 3 million copies. Then Microsoft gave birth to Halo 3 three years later, the third-most bestselling game of the Xbox 360. Then something known as ODST came out in 2009 which is surprisingly a main entry (the fourth, by now), and also the twelfth on the 360’s bestselling list. Then Halo got back into structure with Reach, which is surprisingly the eleventh-most bestselling X360 game. Can they get on the top of the lists for the sixth time with Halo 4? Apparently, this game is the new beginning of the “reclaimer trilogy”, a series of new Halo games. Sadly, Bungie has broken their developing hands and passed them onto 343 Industries. The game continues sometime after Halo 3, and marks the return of Master Chief as a main character. Sadly, you’ll have to wait a long time for the game, as it’s being released in 2012’s final quarter.

So those are some games to expect in the year. And one more final hint of an upcoming game: Vehicular combat with an evil flaming clown. Sony Computer Entertainment’s Twisted Metal is coming back on Valentine’s Day 2012 after 4 years, but I don’t believe I feel their love.

– Sam


This case just needed to be rested. Hey guys, it’s Sam once again, coming back this time for yet another count down for the top ten Nintendo 64 games. I personally own a Nintendo 64, but all we have is Diddy Kong Racing and the somewhat critically-worshiped Super Mario 64. This case just needed to be cracked one way or another, and especially with all these Legend of Zelda games (especially Ocarina of Time being worshiped as the best—and I mean best—game of all time), I needed to put my foot down and take a chance…and I’m looking at my own opinions, not Wikipedia’s most bestselling N64 games. Well, enough talk, let’s go onto #10…

“ClayFighter 63 1/3 goes right back to boring players to tears” – GameSpot, 3.1/10

There really was no other spot bad enough to scratch the bottom of the barrel. Interplay’s ClayFighter 63 1/3 (mocking the fad of N64 games that have 64 as a suffix in their title, like Pilotwings 64) is either one of the funniest N64 games created, or one of the console’s worst letdowns, depending on who you rely on. The third of the ClayFighter series, after the original SNES ClayFighter and its sequel C2 Judgement Clay, it still continues its ancestors’ trend of using stop-motion clay animation (aka claymation) to provide cheesy but hilarious fighting. With parodies at every corner of the game, such as Mortal Kombat-mimicking “claytalities”, and “Let’s get ready to crumble!” based off of “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, this game was too hilarious for its own good. The gameplay nonetheless was terribly derivative, pathetically visualized, and very annoying with sounding. It’s a balance between a mediocre game and a horrible game. It’s not that I don’t recommend it, but it’s just that I don’t recommend it for people who know their fighting games. Now do you know why this is at the bottom of the list?

FUN FACT: Did you know that ClayFighter 63 1/3‘s later rental-only edition, ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cut, is one of the rarest and most expensive N64 games of all time?

“…the kind of game you will spend many sleepless nights with” – GameSpot, 8.3/10

#9 goes to Star Fox 64, also known as (in the PAL region) Lylat Wars. This game actually was not the first Star Fox game, as the real original was released for the NES four years before this. You actually couldn’t classify this game as an “aerial space shooter”, but instead a “rail shooter.” This also became a first of N64 history to include the infamous force-feedback Rumble Pak. The game actually originated indeed from Shigeru “Big Boss” Miyamoto, which evolved finally into the process of controlling Fox McCloud and one of his piloted vehicles, usually his Arwing. That Arwing is also known to deflect enemy fire in the midst of performing a popular and official meme, the “barrel roll.” Fox only has 3 other members of his new Star Fox team (passed down from his father after his passing): Falco Lombardi, Fox’s friendly rival, Slippy Toad, Fox’s youthful friend, and Peppy “Barrel Roll” Hare, Fox’s mentor. It has been praised for its enjoyable gameplay, great soundtrack, nice-enough visuals, and more, but the only bad things people had to say were of its incredibly short duration and lack of rumble support. And the reason this game couldn’t even make the top 5 is since I personally know I’d be horrible at rail shooters. Shooting bad guys while keeping track of your team is a lot of work for a kid.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Star Fox 64‘s voice acting originated from Shigeru Miyamoto’s interest in English puppet dramas? While developing the game’s animation sequences, they had the characters’ mouths open and close like puppets.

Does anyone notice "Nintendo 64" emblazoned on this snowboarder's shirt? I want a snowboarding jacket like that.

“…the best snowboarding game around” – GameSpot, 8.6/10

#8 goes to 1080° Snowboarding (pronounced Ten Eighty), the most praised snowboarding game on the Nintendo 64. The player controls a snowboarder in one of six different modes; it has two trick modes (trick attack and contest), three race modes (race, time attack, and multiplayer), a training mode, and options. The objective of the whole game is to either arrive at a finish line as fast as possible, or to receive as much credit for tricks as you can. These wee goals have resulted in 1,230,000 copies sold just in the U.S., but also a ranking as only not even the thirtieth-most bestselling game. It still has been considered either the best snowboarding game created, or one of the most strenuous created, depending on who you rely on.

FUN FACT: Did you know that 1080‘s graphics were the highest on the N64 at that time (aka 1998)?

Diddy Kong Racing probably wasn’t supposed to see the light of day for months” – GameSpot, 6.6/10

#7 goes to the Rare-Nintendo team’s world record-setting Diddy Kong Racing, with 800,000 copies ordered before Christmas 1997 even arrived. Released 2 months after the N64, this game supported the storyline of a tiger named Timber being left in charge of an island soon to be terrorized by the horrific Wizpig, so Timber recruits his racer-skilled friends to form a team and beat Wizpig once and for all. This game is either one of the best or worst N64 racers, depending on either its amazing soundtrack and smooth gameplay outcome, or its horribly tedious story-mode process. This game is the only N64 racing game I have, and so far, it’s a guilty pleasure, and a perfect example of the N64’s unusually impressive freezing abilities. But hey—racers like these don’t come often, and no one like Mickey Mouse should come along and copy it!…What? He already did? Dang it!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Diddy Kong Racing had an entire course in something like beta that sadly never made it to market? That course was called Horseshoe Gulch, and even if I don’t know what domain it belongs to, you can check out the beta course here… (Are you with or against the fact that this course was unreleased? Comment your response, kay-kay?)

“…anyone who wants a great golf game need look no further” – GameSpot, 8.7/10

#6 goes to the Camelot-Nintendo team’s creation of Mario Golf, the actual second game in the eponymous series, after NES Open Tournament Golf, which actually still starred Mario and Luigi. This game was a critic’s paradise with no review with a score dropping below a limit of 8.0/80%. IGN was even nice enough to cater a perfect score for the game! This game actually is a blast, with its keen and precise golfing engines, like setting power. There are 11 characters in the game overall (with 3 unlockables), who include Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, and even our beloved Baby Mario. The first golfing game our princess-saving plumber has starred in with 3D computer graphics (like Super Mario 64 introducing Mario to 3D graphics), this game was just released in mid-summer 1999, and for the duration of five years, it’s gotten two sequels, plus a mobile golfing simulator. What could be better than such a unique game?

FUN FACT: Did you know that Mario Golf was developed by Camelot, and this was its first Mario game to contribute in?

“…strikes gold on the three points that matter most: value, gameplay, and fun” – GameSpot, 8.2/10

I know, a Mario sports game beat another Mario sports game, big shocker. But Mario Tennis is our first member of the top 5 best N64 games, and the ace they served up is an unbeatable one. An amazingly good game of tennis that may make your hands sweat instead of your brow, this game really does use its material upon real-life tennis to know what they’re talking about, since every type of tennis shot is present and accounted for. “So what,”, you might scoff, “is it fun?” Yes, no doubt. Matches are fast-paced and entertaining, the hilarity increases every second of the game with unnecessary vocal and visual outbursts, and lots, lots more. Now all Nintendo needs to do is to have its people call Camelot’s people and notify it of the idea of the latest Mario sports game: Mario Table Tennis!

FUN FACT: Did you know that the Mario Tennis series is due to continue sometime in 2012 when the series is serving a brand new ace on the 3DS? Look out for it, 3DS owners (or pre-3DS-gonna-get-one-for-Christmas owners)!

“the type of game N64 owners have been waiting for since they finished Mario 64” – GameSpot, 9.8/10

Surprise! Did I not tell you that there were gonna be a couple surprises up my sleeve?…I didn’t? Well, surprise! #4 1/2 goes to the Rare-Nintendo team’s GoldenEye 007. No offense to all you spy junkies, but I don’t really like James Bond, except for his classic phrases that include “The name’s Bond. James Bond.”, and “Shaken, not stirred” that have obviously skyrocketed him. Speaking of skyrocketing, this game got lots of it into the inclusion of being one of the most important first-person shooters created. Released just as summer 1997 was coming to an end, this game is not only famed for being maybe the only acclaimed movie-licensed game of all time (based off of the 1995 movie of the same name), and also for having one of the cheesiest game-over sequences Nintendo could think of—having James’s vision get drenched in red like in the gun-barrel sequence, and watching Bond hopelessly die from different angles like in a movie. What gets cheesier than that? A ranking as the third-most bestselling N64 game?…

FUN FACT: Did you know that GoldenEye 007 sold 8 million copies, and that amount even beat out Ocarina of Time, by just 1 million consumers, to get into the top 3? Yeah, the bestseller’s list is a huge competition.

“…so graphically clean and simple, one instinctively wants to go exploring” – GameSpot, 9.4/10

#4 somewhat goes to the N64’s most bestselling game, Super Mario 64. Released as the launch game of the console, this game featured the control of Mario in a full 3D-graphic-and-polygon free-roaming platforming adventure game that was one of the most anticipated aspects of the Mario series…hopefully. This game was considered a revolutionary classic by millions of [if not] billions of gamers, getting a near-perfect-to-perfect score whenever one dared to review it. Released just as summer 1996 became official, it has to be called one of the most successful Mario games created, with it and its spiffy 11.62 million copies…

FUN FACT: Did you know that upon meeting Yoshi in the game (which requires 120 stars), he adds life after life until you have a total of 100 lives? I better start working on that!

“…a game that can’t be called anything other than flawless” – GameSpot, 10/10

I know, I know. A game you may call the most legendary of all time only got #3 on the best-of-N64 list. I have a feeling you’re probably urged to pick up your pitchforks and torches and come to my house in all-out riot mode. But this is my own opinion! And I’ll give you some reasons why Ocarina of Time fell to just a #3 score. My own best friend owns this game (like for unnecessary mentionings!), but he says he’s got his socks scared off every time he plays the game. Monsters, mostly. This game may be a worldwide sensation for its unbeatable charms, but when you give this game to a kid…their fearful juices will flow. Even if this game was so famous, even a 3DS remake couldn’t shut everyone’s pieholes, this game is a beautiful nightmare, and just like A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ Lemony Snicket says: “I cherished, you perished, the world’s been nightmarished.”

FUN FACT: Did you know that Ocarina of Time sold 7.6 million copies worldwide, and beat out Super Smash Bros. in the process, by just 2.6 million sellers? Now you know!

“…Stadium comes off as bit of a disappointment” – GameSpot, 5.7/10 (Don’t blame me when I sent vicious and fully-evolved Pokemon to this company’s door.)

I do not understand what GameSpot means when they say this, but to me, Pokemon Stadium was fun enough to reach the #2 slot. This game is just a classic revamped 64-bit imagining of your usual Game Boy Pokemon games: full of strategy, stretches your brain to breaking points, and full of hidden support. Speaking of that support, it can be found with the power to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Red, Blue, and even Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, all with the usage of the N64 Transfer Pak, such as how the Rumble Pak provides force feedback. The AI has been toned down to the point where average Pokemon catchers could beat it, as of the Japanese version of the game was actually a sequel, and the original Japan-only game received lots of hate for being so hard. This game is so epic, it doesn’t even need a storyline! The only progress in-game can be made by winning Cups and completing the Gym Leader Castle. People have been looking at it in mixed to positive ways, with one even complimenting it as bringing “a tear of pride to your eye.” All I have to say to that person is three letters: IKR?

FUN FACT: Did you know that the game was released as a cartridge (bet you already knew that), but was originally going to hold use of the Nintendo 64DD. But since the 64DD turned out to be a commercial failure, cartridge format became the transferred, and official, format.

Super Smash Bros. is definitely worth a purchase” – GameSpot, 7.5/10

My, this is just full of surprises, isn’t it? But that announcer is right…something has gone wrong in the happy-go-lucky world of Nintendo, with a paradise of results. Think of being able to duke it out with your favorite Nintendo characters across arenas from your favorite Nintendo games, with music from your favorite Nintendo soundtracks. Mold that all together, and you get Super Smash Bros. at our #2 1/2 slot. This game is just a free world of amazing impression, with cheesy and entertaining violence, heart-stopping enthusiasm from the off-screen audience, and even the most beneficial power-ups I’ve seen in an N64 game since I could pop on my Wing Cap in Super Mario 64 and at least try to fly away. Will you be having fun with a totally boss laser sword, amazingly powerful Bob-ombs, or are you gonna stop and have some Hammer time? You can play as Kirby and always be able to float to safety, Link with the ability to throw his own bombs, Donkey Kong with him and his banana-fueled insanity, Mario (obviously) with his roots that created this game in the first place, Captain Falcon with him and his devastatingly popular (and pioneered) falcon punch, and more! No wonder this game had the 5 million copies that beat out even Diddy Kong Racing!

FUN FACT: Did you know that the Super Smash Bros. series is due to continue with its untitled fourth installment currently announced for the Wii U and 3DS? The date of release is not announced yet, but keep on the lookout for more news!


And here it is. #1. My favorite N64 game to play. I bet you agree with me, too. The winner of Sam’s Totally Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games Created is… (I am now going to upload dramatic music so the suspense can grow with every endearing second.)

“…likely to disappoint you after a week” – GameSpot, 6.4/10

If you know your Mario, there really is no other choice for the top of the barrel. Amazing soundtrack, fun racing, amusing power-up outcomes, this game has it all, but critics just don’t take the time to look at it the right way! This game really does deserve its spot as the second-most bestselling N64 game, and don’t you think otherwise! Kenta Nagata, Shigeru Miyamoto, everyone needs at least a little respect! So I’m giving you some of the best aspects of the game, in a nutshell.

  • Amazing soundtrack. (Some of my favorite songs are Kalimari Desert, Rainbow Road, Toad’s Turnpike, and Banshee Boardwalk (NOT shown above).)
  • Fun racing fueled by easy controls. (And when I say fuel, I mean fuel.)
  • Classic but still fun power-ups. (I will still remember Yoshi’s sacred cry of pain: “Owowowowowowowowowow!”)
  • Good—no, revolutionary—voice acting. (I want to give the person who voiced Toad a passionate rub on the head as well as a dog treat.)

Get the point? If you do, comment, rate, and subscribe, please. If you don’t, try rereading this entire post, alright?

– Sam

p.s. What should I Totally Top 10 next? Comment your opinions, and you could be responsible for our next countdown!

Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve just recently got my hands on another juicy Nintendo Power issue for more buzz from there to here! It talked about upcoming excitements such as the 25th Sonic anniversary reunion with modern and classic, Sonic Generations, the third Olympian battle between speed and style, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and an old 3DS revisit to a classic in-your-face ninja adventure, Shinobi.

Sadly, that’s not what I’m entirely talking about (which doesn’t mean I’m spilling no beans at all). There’s always one page in every NP issue in the “Pulse” section that looks at the fans instead of the games. This page is called “The Score”: what Nintendo fans think, want, and do. Racked with percentages or opinions from fans, this page has some pretty surprising juice on it. Check out this page from last month’s issue:

If you’re not a fan of tiny print, I’ll break it down to you. Did you know that:

  • 40% of people first played Ocarina of Time on the N64?
  • The most people selected gray as their primary N64 controller color?
  • 48% of fans played the original Super Smash Bros. for over 2 days?
  • 32% more of you like Polygonal Mario over Paper Mario?
  • 44% of you know the DK Rap?
  • According to a pie chart, people think the best N64 wrestling game is WWF Wrestlemania 2000?
  • 14% more of you think that repeating days in LoZ (Legend of Zelda): Majora’s Mask was pure genius?
  • 2% more of you (against Super Mario 64‘s percentage and GoldenEye 007‘s percentage combined) think that the original Ocarina of Time made the most lasting impact?

See, I told you it was fascinating. Here are a couple of fan-determined facts from my Score…

  • The best way to fly is by raccoon tail (Super Mario Bros. 3) according to 46% of you.
  • When asked which 3DS virtual console game library was the most anticipated, fans decided that the Game Boy Color‘s library was the most anticipating.
  • 89% more people would be a Koopa, for a Bowser lackey, instead of a Goomba.
  • 58% of gamers hoard RPG items instead of using them frequently.
  • People believe that they could go either way when questioned if Pilotwings‘ Wuhu Island should return in future games.
  • Speaking of Pilotwings, people say the best in-game vehicle is the plane. Duh.
  • A surprisingly tough 53% of you play horror games with the lights off
  • 36% more people think that the power glove Link acquires in A Link To The Past is better than the NES peripheral’s.

And now the beans that you’ve all been wanting me to spill….new upcoming games more exciting than you can shake a tail feather at!

Mario, my dear plumbing friend, I'm not a toiletologist, but I recommend you don't step in that.

Link had his time to shine in 3D this year with Ocarina of Time 3D, so what about Mario? Don’t worry. He has a great new 3DS adventure of his own, now officially entitled Super Mario 3D Land. Flying into stores November 13, this game mixes itself into classic 2D side-scrolling Mario games, and modern free-roam 3D Mario games. Wikipedia describes: “The game offers a number of traditional Mario items, such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman, along with new power-ups that bestow a special suit onto Mario that grants him new abilities. Some revealed power-ups include the Super Leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3 which allows him to turn into Tanooki Mario and attack with his raccoon-like tail and float in the air, and the Propeller Box, which acts similarly to the Propeller Block and the Propeller Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, allowing Mario to reach high places.” Does it sound juicy enough? This game features a 3DS autostereoscopic technology that bestows players with depth gazing at the screen. Although it’s a band fit for one man, look forward to this game as something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Straining yourself choosing between green eyes or potbellies? Traditional platforming or unbridled speed? Well, with the 25th anniversary of Sega’s fast-n’-famous hedgehog, you don’t have to choose. We’re going back in time while still staying in the future with Sonic Generations, where modern and classic speeds of sound reunite. Sonic and company get sucked into a “time hole” during their 25th anniversary celebration, scattering everyone across time. As Sonic begins searching for his pals, he stumbles upon his old 1991 self that made the Genesis so popular, Classic Sonic. The two race through history to find their friends and mend the time stream. But this isn’t just a 3DS-exclusive..it’s also heading for the Xbox 360, PS3, and even the PC. Are you feeling a need for speed across 3 eras in 20 years of adventure (Classic, Dreamcast, and Modern)? Do you want to see your idolized hedgehog skateboard? Do you want to get your money’s worth after 6 months of announcement? Then this is the game changer for you.

If there's one warrior who can make a seriously Chinese entrance, it's Samurai Jack.

And if there’s one game this year that will have you singing a different toon, it’s Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion. Busting up retail stores on the 8th of November (although the 3DS edition was released at the start of June 2011), this game may literally be the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe of the animated kiddie world…except everyone’s from the same company. Crossing over characters from the boss to the confusingly accepted, such as Samurai Jack (pictured above), the Powerpuff Girls, Chowder, Flapjack, Ben “Ben 10” Tennyson, and Dexter from his laboratory. The plot is so ridiculous and confusing, it hurts my brain trying to decipher it all on this post: but to make a long story short, the Announcer decides to watch Cartoon Network on a day off, but he realizes that all these shows are facing utter destruction. When I first saw this game, I was mad out of my wits. I was so angry, I made a bull in a rodeo look gentle. It was because there were no new (and actually important) people that had just started their lives on Cartoon Network. Mordecai, Rigby, Finn, Jake, all off the roster? Son, I wanted to sue Papaya Studio. But discovering that they were actually going to return for the Xbox and PS3 editions, I decided to cool my jets a little. And why does everyone love parodying Super Smash Bros. now? First Super Monkey Ball 3D included Monkey Fight, now this stealing the original format? And there’s still not some sort of interactive law against this…


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